The Absolute Best Omelets In The US, According To Customers

egg and mushroom omelet
egg and mushroom omelet - stockcreations/Shutterstock

Omelets are one of those dishes that can be as easy or as complicated as you'd like to make it. On one hand, there are things like our favorite 2-minute omelet-in-a-mug recipe -- yes, it really is that easy and delicious. On the other hand, chef Kevin O'Leary told us how to make what might be the most amazing, unforgettable omelet that ever came out of your kitchen. And speaking of unforgettable omelets, it turns out that some restaurants are doing some pretty wild ones, too.

Omelets are one of those things that are easy to get wrong. But, when it's done right, a good omelet is cause for celebration, the centerpiece of a perfect brunch, and -- let's be honest — nothing goes better with mimosas.

We wanted to find out where the very best omelets in the U.S. were being served, and customers didn't disappoint. Whether they were raving about the best place they discovered while on vacation or giving kudos to their local hotspot, reviewers haven't held back on recommending their favorite places serving up their favorite omelets. Some are more traditional than others, and some have some out-there ingredients, but customers agree they're all must-try dishes. Never thought an omelet would be on your culinary bucket list? Think again!

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Omelet House - Las Vegas, Nevada

Omelet House corned beef omelet
Omelet House corned beef omelet - The Original Omelet House / Facebook

Omelet House


2160 W Charleston Blvd A

Las Vegas, NV 89102

If you happen to be heading to Las Vegas and you're researching your trip, you probably already know that there are tons of options when it comes to restaurants. One you should definitely check out is the Omelet House, and if that seems like a bit of an odd recommendation amid the sea of Vegas steakhouses, seafood joints, and buffets, consider this: As of this writing, Tripadvisor ranks the Omelet House as number 15 out of 3,049 Vegas restaurants.

Many of the hundreds of reviewers talk about the omelets served here with feelings perhaps most succinctly summed up by the reviewer who wrote, "After a 15 min ride off the strip, arrived here for one of the best omelets I've ever had. An omelet with chili as its ingredient. OMG the best idea ever." Others recommend getting the small version of the omelets because they're pretty huge, while other reviews laud the variety and even the healthy options.

Over on Yelp, it's pretty clear which one is a fan favorite. That's the corned beef hash omelet. We know, you're wondering why you never thought of that at home. Right? The restaurant gets massive kudos for using fresh — not canned — corned beef hash, with one reviewer saying, "Got the HOMEMADE Corn[ed] Beef Hash omelet. Do not sleep on this!"

Heat Da Spot - Washington, D.C.

Heat Da Spot cheese omelet on waffle
Heat Da Spot cheese omelet on waffle - Heat Da Spot Coffee Lounge / Facebook

Heat Da Spot


3213 Georgia Ave NW

Washington, D.C. 20010

Heading to Washington, D.C., and looking for an all-around great breakfast spot that also happens to make some seriously delicious omelets? Look no further than Heat Da Spot, a family-owned, coffee-and-breakfast spot serving up some wildly delicious food. How delicious? This restaurant's Ethiopian specialities have earned it (as of this writing) 5/5 stars on Tripadvisor and 4.8/5 on Yelp. Among the staff's specialities? Welcoming new friends. Reviews consistently mention feeling like family on walking through the door, with one Tripadvisor review saying, "The owner is incredibly friendly. I'm sure he has never met a stranger."

And we absolutely love that — as much as customers love the food, including the vegetarian omelet. Reviews on Yelp say, "Check out the veggie omelette and the secret sauce is to die for!!!!!" while another says, "I was blown away after the first bite... The house special green sauce perfectly compliments the egg and veggies with a fiery yet palatable kick of ethnic flavor." And pictured? That's another favorite, a cheesy omelet on a waffle. Life is too short to say "or." Say, "and!"

Other reviews say they were glad they went there early on in their trip, because it became their go-to breakfast place. Worried about the spice and heat level? Don't: Reviewers say there's no way to be disappointed with the personal, friendly service and staff waiting to welcome you to an entire experience.

Honeybear Cafe - Chicago, Illinois

Honeybear Cafe Greek omelet white plate
Honeybear Cafe Greek omelet white plate - Honeybear Cafe / Facebook

Honeybear Cafe


7036 N Clark St.

Chicago, IL 60626

Should omelets take up most of the plate? Absolutely, especially if they're the quality that Chicago's Honeybear Cafe is plating up. How big are they? According to what was posted on Facebook, the majority of customers end up taking what they can't finish home with them. Customers agree, with one commenting on the Facebook post, "Had this omelette on my last visit and it was delicious!"

Reviews on Tripadvisor consistently praise all of the breakfast offerings here, with one agreeing, "The food portions are large, so be prepared to take some home. Food was delicious, service was great, and the atmosphere was fun," saying it was the "Best breakfast in Chicago!" Other laud this restaurant for the number of choices, and when it comes to omelets, there's some seriously amazing options that include a poblano pepper and portobello omelet, Bacado omelet (with honey bacon), and the Clark St. omelet, with chorizo and jalapenos. Have something else in mind? You can build your own.

Reviewers on Yelp agree, with many chiming in to share their experiences. One reviewer said that they had a straightforward veggie omelet, writing, "Can I just say yum? ... Everything was delicious! The vibe of the place is fun for sure!"

The Coffee Shack - Captain Cook, Hawaii

The Coffee Shack omelet toast and potatoes
The Coffee Shack omelet toast and potatoes - fantasmic_sorcerer / Instagram

The Coffee Shack


83-5799 Mamalahoa Hwy Box 510

Captain Cook, HI 96704

Is food improved by a good view? Possibly — and there's no better place to get a delicious breakfast complemented by an incredible view than at The Coffee Shack in Captain Cook, Hawaii. How cool is it? Let's put it this way: Not only does it have hundreds of reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Yelp (as of this writing), but many of the reviewers mention watching the geckos that hang out outside. Pretty cool, right?

Reviews on Tripadvisor mention the omelets pretty regularly, and they're always amazing. One called the ham and cheese omelet "one of the best I've ever had," while another said it was "perfect and there was a view off the back porch not to be believed." Another said, "Oh my, where do I begin... perfect eggs, ... enormous omelets, heavenly bread and baked goods... And geckos, lots and lots of delightful geckos." Clearly, the geckos are a high point!

Others say that there's really no way to go wrong with the omelets, and since they're all pretty perfect, there's no one that's the best here. Add in fresh local fruit, as well as fresh juice that one reviewer described as "liquid sunshine," and this is a must for locals and visitors alike.

Omelet Bar - Orlando, Florida

OMelet Bar omelet and toast
OMelet Bar omelet and toast - Omelet Bar / Facebook

Omelet Bar


12250 Strategy Blvd.

Orlando, FL 32817

Many of the reviews for Orlando's Omelet Bar mention the fact that it's not far from the University of Central Florida campus, which makes for an interesting dynamic. It's not only popular with young adults but with parents and their college-age kids. Servers get countless kudos for welcoming students to the campus, and that's the sort of kindness the world needs more of. If the reviews from Yelp are to be believed, the world needs more of its omelets, too. Star ratings just don't seem to cover it, with customers raving about not only the omelets but the s'mores pancakes, too. Because ... yes, please!

The Bostonian omelet is a clear favorite, with mushroom, cheese, tomatoes, and a lobster sauce. Is it too much to say "Yes, please!" again? (Other non-omelet related reviews celebrate its seasonal mimosas; turns out there is something better than regular mimosas after all!)

Reviewers say that it doesn't disappoint, while others write, "The food was wonderful, especially the omelet and breakfast potatoes," "By far the best omelet I've ever had. So good that I ended up coming back the next day," with another saying the restaurant's omelets are their twice-a-week go-to breakfast. Another said they ended up finding "[The] first omelet (Bostonian) I ever truly enjoyed," while one diner recommends sitting at the bar first. Why? To get a look at what comes out of the kitchen, and order that way.

The Delectable Egg - Denver, Colorado

The Delectable Egg omelet and potatoes
The Delectable Egg omelet and potatoes - The Delectable Egg / Facebook

The Delectable Egg

The Denver omelet is a staple of the omelet world, so going to Denver and looking for a really, really good omelet seems as though it would be setting the bar pretty high. It is, and customers agree pretty unanimously that The Delectable Egg delivers in a big way. How big? As of this writing, Tripadvisor has it ranked number 36 out of Denver's more than 1,600 restaurants.

And yes, Tripadvisor reviewers absolutely love the restaurant's omelets, stressing that it's not just about Denver omelets here. "The omelets were unique in flavor and delicious! They were some of the better omelets we have had, and we have had a lot of them," wrote one, while another volunteered, "the omelet was perfectly made." Others add that the omelets are "very tasty," "large and fluffy," "delicious and worth the wait," and good and nicely garnished," all coming together to make this "a great place to eat."

So, what about Denver omelets? This place has those, too, and reviewers say that it's a must-have. Writing that of course you should get a Denver omelet while in Denver, one stressed that this is the place to do it: "The omelet was fried perfectly... The serving size was pretty substantial... it might be hard to get up from the chair when you are done." And that? That's how breakfast should be done.

Stone Park Cafe - Brooklyn, New York

ouside the Stone Park Cafe tables
ouside the Stone Park Cafe tables - Stone Park Cafe / Instagram

Stone Park Cafe


324 5th Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Brooklyn's Stone Park Cafe does a lot of things really well, and that includes the omelets. This restaurant has been doing it well for a long time, too, with its hangtown fry. That, for the uninitiated, is a classic San Francisco dish that's essentially an omelet with oysters.

More recently, customers have continued to sing the praises of this hotspot, with one reviewer on FourSquare saying, "The starter of 1-egg omelet with shrimp and mushrooms r o c k s," while another describes that hangtown fry as "an omelette [that] makes you want to lick your plate clean."

While the hangman's fry doesn't seem to be on the menu anymore, there are other delicious-sounding omelets there — including one with the house-smoked salmon. Win? For sure, as another reviewer on Tripadvisor observed. While they admitted to being leery of spending money on a breakfast dish they could theoretically make at home, they wrote it "might be the best omelette I have ever eaten... I only wish Stone Park Cafe was closer to where I lived. Then I could have their omelettes whenever I wanted."

Buttercup Pantry - Placerville, California

hangtown fry on a skillet
hangtown fry on a skillet - buttercup_pantry / Instagram

Buttercup Pantry


222 Main St.

Placerville, CA 95667

The Buttercup Pantry has a unique place on our list, as it's one of the places still serving up a classic American dish in the very place it originated. That's the Hangtown Fry. There's a warning on the menu saying that anyone who eats it is doing so at their own risk. When the omelet and the restaurant was profiled in the Los Angeles Times, they acknowledged that, while some people loved it, the menu item wasn't a universal thing. As restaurant owner Robert Huston said, "Oh, it's disgusting," and it was kind of created out of spite.

Placerville was once called Old Hangtown, and in true historic fashion the origins of the dish are debated. They're alternatively ascribed to a man condemned to death attempting to order rare ingredients to prolong his sentence, a newly-wealthy prospector who wanted to eat the most expensive thing he could imagine, or another prospector who tried to make a meal in the dark and ended up with a monstrosity of an omelet that included oysters, eggs, and bacon.

Questionable history aside, the Buttercup Pantry gets consistently good reviews for omelets. Reviewers on Tripadvisor laud its omelets as "The best I had on our trip to California," and one even celebrated the hangtown fry: "They have an oyster omelet! Who does that? Delicious!" Those over on Yelp agree, with some customers even thrilled that they were able to order omelets off the menu but made only with egg whites.

Two Chicks Cafe - New Orleans, Louisiana

omelet toast and strawberries
omelet toast and strawberries - Two Chicks Cafe -- CBD / Facebook

Two Chicks Cafe

New Orleans is another one of the nation's great foodie cities, so when restaurants sit at the top of Tripadvisor's ranking, you know it's serious. In addition to getting the Travelers' Choice award in 2023, Two Chicks Cafe is — at the time of this writing — ranked 15 out of 1,107 New Orleans restaurants.

Reviewers give shout-outs to several of the restaurant's omelets, handing out kudos to its seafood and brie omelet and celebrating the fresh taste and generous portions. One Yelp reviewer wrote, "I enjoyed my under the sea omelet so much the next day my friends went back to order it. ... I had to close my eyes and meditate on this omelet." Another also opted for going back a second day and swapping out the cheese: "It was soooooo good."

Also in the running for a favorite? Multiple reviews mention the Kickin' Chicken Omelet. One customer wrote, "Loved this omelette! Something with some flair and flavor. It has bite. But perfectly proportioned." Plenty of others rave: "the best omelet I've had in a while," "all amazing," and "Their omelet is just on point!"

Green Eggs Cafe - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

oatmeal and an omelet Green Eggs Cafe
oatmeal and an omelet Green Eggs Cafe - Green Eggs Cafe / Facebook

Green Eggs Cafe


212 S 13th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107

"We try to eat here every time we visit Philly," explained one Tripadvisor reviewer. "We have the omelets and they are huge and chock full of ingredients." Others agreed, with many calling out its three-egg omelet as a winner: "Nice and tasty... If you visit Philly do go there. You don't regret," one customer wrote, while another simply said, "The meal was delicious." Those who opted to create their own omelet also say that it's pretty unconditionally good, and honestly? That's the real trick, isn't it? Regular ingredients and off-the-menu omelets might become second nature, but getting creative with a build-your-own omelet and the ability to turn out consistently good food? That's the real deal.

Green Eggs Cafe also gets kudos for the egg white omelets, which is always something good to see as an option. And reviewers over on Yelp agree, stepping up in a big way to make it clear that this is one of Philly's favorite places.

Customers on Tripadvisor rave about the menu item: "Best egg white omelet... hands down," "Three egg omelet was more like a five egg omelet," "the egg white omelette, simple but entirely delicious." And as a bonus, customers also rave about their lattes — which is exactly what you want to make a delicious omelet even better.

Big Bad Breakfast - Multiple Locations

BLT omelet with lettuce
BLT omelet with lettuce - Big Bad Breakfast - Homewood / Facebook

Big Bad Breakfast

Love a BLT? Who doesn't? It can't get any better than an amazing BLT ... unless it's a BLT for breakfast, and that's exactly what's pictured here. Customers agree that Big Bad Breakfast lives up to the name, and yes, that's a BLT omelet. They also agree that this Alabama hotspot knows what breakfast can be, should be, and then? Then, those in the kitchen make it so.

They're also a winner of Tripadvisor's Traveler's Choice award, so it's not surprising that reviews of its omelets are almost singularly stellar... although it does come with one warning: "Prepare yourself by ensuring that you are hungry," wrote one customer. Others wrote, "The Big Bad BLT add avocado, and the Creole Omelet... were both hits," "I had a shrimp andouille omelet that you would die for," and some confirmed that yes, they took some home for later.

And over on Yelp? Big Bad Breakfast sits at a comfortable 4.3 / 5 stars with hundreds of reviews, with many giving the Creole omelet a shout-out for some serious Southern food cred.

Buttermilk Kitchen - Atlanta, Georgia

pimento cheese omelet biscuit and bacon
pimento cheese omelet biscuit and bacon - buterrmilkkitchen / Instagram

Buttermilk Kitchen


4225 Roswell Rd. NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Some restaurants set high standards right from choosing a name, and that's definitely the case with Buttermilk Kitchen. With a name like that, you know you're going to get breakfast done right, and customers pretty unanimously say that's exactly what's going on at this Atlanta hotspot specializing in local ingredients. And the winner here? Pimento cheese omelets.

Right? Let that sink in for a second, and while that's going on, let's all just agree that pimento cheese is amazing. (What's pimento cheese made of, anyway? Goodness.) One customer took to Tripadvisor to write, "The pimento cheese omelet and grits were totally amazing," and it's also worth mentioning that they had a blueberry mimosa as well. "Sweet, smoky, cheesy, and creative," raved another about the omelets, while another lauded the deliciousness of its lobster omelets.

With more than 2,000 reviews on Yelp, customers are wildly thrilled with what they find when they walk through the doors. The biggest complaint is that the spot can get crowded, but what do people expect when there are pimento cheese omelets on the menu?


omelet on a plate
omelet on a plate - Irina Taskova/Getty Images

Recommending the best omelets in the U.S. brought a unique challenge. Omelets, after all, are something that you can easily make at home. (Sure, everyone makes mistakes when cooking omelets, but they're easily overcome.) So, we decided to go not to chefs or food critics, but customers. Why? We wanted to know exactly what omelets they felt were worth the dining-out price. What omelets were customers happy to buy at a restaurant, when they could just as easily make one at home?

We looked at Tripadvisor and Yelp reviews and did some hunting through social media to find places that not only offered consistently delicious omelets, but amazing food for dining companions that might be less interested in eggs and more interested in something else. We looked for unique omelet options, and U.S. brunch places didn't disappoint.

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