The Absolute Best Hash Browns In The US, According To Customers

Plate of hash browns
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Humble hash browns are often overshadowed by more elaborate dishes like eggs Benedict and omelets. A simple hash browns recipe could consist of nothing more than grated potatoes seasoned with a little salt and pepper and fried in oil, however, some restaurant chefs see hash browns as more than just a plate filler. Some take extra care to ensure their hash browns are a memorable part of the meal, or the star of the show.

There are a few reasons why hash browns taste better at some restaurants. Oftentimes it comes down to using the right types of potatoes and cooking fats, resulting in perfectly crispy hash browns every time. Then there is the presentation. Some chefs serve grandiose versions of hash browns that are meals in themselves or add tasty ingredients like bacon, onions, or cheese to take the dish to the next level.

If you consider yourself somewhat of a hash brown connoisseur, this list is for you. We scoured hundreds of customer reviews to determine which restaurants serve the absolute best hash browns in the United States, and we'll explain more about how we chose them at the end. For now, these are the hash brown dishes that diners say put run-of-the-mill fast food hash browns to shame.

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Joseph Leonard, New York City, NY

Hash brown at Joseph Leonard
Hash brown at Joseph Leonard - allee1023 / Instagram

Located in Manhattan's trendy West Village, Joseph Leonard is a popular spot that offers contemporary American cuisine with European touches. Whether you're coming for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, many diners say you absolutely must try the hash brown. According to one Google reviewer, "If you don't get the hash browns you're doing it wrong." It's available as a side dish all day long or as part of the Sauccison a L'ail breakfast dish that also includes pork sausage and eggs.

Joseph Leonard's hash brown is made with russet potatoes, which are a common choice for hash browns because the low moisture content allows them to crisp up beautifully. The potatoes are shredded and seasoned, cooked to golden brown, and garnished with sliced scallions. One diner reported, "The hash browns are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, with an amazing texture." Fair warning though — the portion is huge. As one reviewer said, "The hash brown was the size of my face!" You may want to order one for the table to share, or go with a big appetite.

Art's Cafe, San Francisco, CA

Hash brown sandwich at Art's Cafe
Hash brown sandwich at Art's Cafe - daniellelaprise / Instagram

Art's Cafe has been a beloved San Francisco breakfast spot since 1989. It became famous for its Korean-American dishes and tasty hash brown sandwiches. Although the original owners have retired, new owners Chol and Young Lee are still keeping those traditions alive. The hash brown sandwiches are still hot ticket menu items with options like bulgogi beef, hot links, or veggies topped with cheese and encased in thin, crispy hash browns. You can also have hash browns as a side for breakfast dishes like omelets and scrambled eggs.

You won't find any sad, soggy hash browns at Art's Cafe. One of the things diners love about the hash brown sandwiches and sides is how crispy they are. One diner commented on Yelp, "Hash browns were the best I've ever had — crunchy, light and not greasy." Another diner left a Google review that said, "The hash browns here were really good! The owner said they prepare it fresh, instead of using frozen/pre-made, and it definitely makes a huge difference as the hash browns were very tasty and cooked perfectly!"

Sarkis Cafe, Evanston, IL

Hash browns and omelet at Sarki's Cafe
Hash browns and omelet at Sarki's Cafe - hemming_music / Instagram

Sarkis Cafe opened its doors in 1965, and has been satisfying diners with hearty breakfast dishes and sandwiches ever since. It has a huge base of regular customers, from older people who remember frequenting the spot as kids to young adults looking for a hangover-helper breakfast after a big night out. Many diners say the hash browns are a must-have side regardless of whether you're ordering eggs, pancakes, or a sandwich.

Sarkis offers a wide variety of hash browns including regular, cheesy, spicy, and spicy cheesy. If you want to go all out, try the special hash browns with cheese, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions. "All of the hash brown items on the menu are to die for," said one Google reviewer. That being said, most people have their go-to orders. The cheesy hash browns are frequently listed as a favorite with many people saying they're the perfect complement to the Loretta sandwich. For first-timers, the Loretta features crusty French bread filled with your choice of meat, cheese, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and mayo.

Lou's Diner, Las Vegas, NV

Steak and hash browns at Lou's Diner
Steak and hash browns at Lou's Diner - irenepiceats / Instagram

It may be just a 15-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip, but there's nothing glitzy or glamorous about Lou's Diner. This laid-back spot is a classic American diner that's been serving up comfort food dishes since 1969. Swing by for breakfast and you can tuck into a plate of eggs Benedict, a Denver omelet, or steak and eggs served with crispy hash browns on the side. The service is friendly, the prices are reasonable, and many customers say the food is perfectly on point.

The hash browns at Lou's Diner get rave reviews from diners, with some saying they're the best they've ever had. Customers love how the thinly shredded potato is cooked perfectly so that the tops are golden. One diner said on Yelp. "The hash browns were so crunchy on the outside and so soft and moist on the inside." Another reviewer said, "The hash browns had a terrific flavor and perfect combination of crispy and tender." Lou's Diner serves breakfast all day, so you don't have to worry about getting up early to get your hash brown fix.

Waffle House, Multiple Locations

Bacon and egg hash brown bowl, Waffle House
Bacon and egg hash brown bowl, Waffle House - wafflehouseofficial / Instagram

If you're in the South and a hash brown craving hits, Waffle House is there for you around the clock. The chain has more than 1,900 restaurants that pump out breakfast dishes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Waffles may be some of the most popular Waffle House menu items, but hash browns aren't far behind. What you should know before ordering hash browns at Waffle House though is there are specific terms you should use to indicate how you want them cooked.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives a great run-down of the various ways you can order your hash browns at Waffle House. For example, you can have them "covered" with a slice of American cheese, "chunked" with cubes of hickory smoked ham, or served "country" with sausage gravy poured on top. The chain also serves hash brown bowls. Regardless of how you like your hash browns done, many people agree that Waffle House does a bang-up job with its hash browns. As one Reddit user put it, "Waffle House hash browns are the best hash browns on the planet ... There is something magical and unreplicateable [sic] about them."

Central Provisions, Portland, ME

Okonomiyaki hash browns, Central Provisions
Okonomiyaki hash browns, Central Provisions - respectfullysnackin / Instagram

Housed in a historic building that used to be a storehouse for the East India Trading Company, Central Provisions is renowned for its innovative dishes made with local ingredients. Many of the dishes are globally inspired, like the Okonomiyaki Hashbrown. For those wondering what okonomiyaki is, it's a Japanese dish similar to a pancake that's usually topped with savory ingredients. Central Provisions puts a unique spin on it by using a hash brown as the base and topping it with suckling pig, bonito aioli, kabayaki (a sweet soy-based sauce), and bonito flakes.

The Okonomiyaki Hashbrown is only available on the brunch menu from Saturday to Monday between 11am and 2pm, and based on the reviews, it's worth planning ahead for. A reviewer on Yelp described it as, "Very crispy and packed with flavor, and incredibly filling." Another Yelp reviewer said, "Being Asian myself and having been to Kyoto — the birthplace of okonomiyaki — I was expecting to say 'I like it but I wouldn't order it again.' And I didn't. I just wanna order another one and introduce it to everyone I love. That's how good it was!"

Silver Grill Cafe, Fort Collins, CO

Corn bread and hash browns, Silver Grill Cafe
Corn bread and hash browns, Silver Grill Cafe - Silver Grill Cafe / Facebook

The Silver Grill Cafe opened in 1933 as a small, one-room diner serving simple meals to folks in Fort Collins, Colorado. Over the decades, the building and the menu expanded to include baked goods and a wide array of breakfast and lunch dishes. Today, the cafe is an iconic institution that Esquire Magazine listed as one of the 100 restaurants America can't afford to lose. The magazine put particular emphasis on how good the hash browns are, commenting on how the crunchy potatoes fall somewhere between home fries and hash browns.

There are a few things that Silver Grill Cafe does that sets its hash browns apart from other spots. For one, the restaurant steams the potatoes instead of boiling them so that they're cooked evenly, but still firm. The potatoes are also sliced instead of shredded and seasoned with salt, pepper, and paprika. What you get are chunky hash browns that one Google reviewer described as, "Crispy, tasty, and perfectly seasoned." Even better, the cafe offers bottomless hash browns with every breakfast dish.

The Pan, Multiple Locations

Loaded has browns at The Pan
Loaded has browns at The Pan - thepan_restaurants / Instagram

California chain The Pan specializes in indulgent breakfast dishes served all day long. Here hash browns aren't just a side dish, they can be a meal in themselves. The "Original" Loaded Hash Browns is a heaping plate of crispy shredded potatoes topped with bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, green onions, and two eggs cooked the way you like them. It's all drizzled with a tangy chili aioli, and is a dish that many customers come back for time after time.

Most people have nothing but good things to say about the loaded hash browns at The Pan, with diners praising everything from the crispy potatoes to the huge portion size. For many though it's the chili aioli that really makes the dish. As one Yelp reviewer said, "The chili aioli they put on the hash browns makes it amazing. It'll have you wanting to eat more, and come to think about [it], I could put it on almost anything." Diners say the creamy, smoky sauce ties everything together nicely and takes the dish to the next level.

Salem's Diner, Birmingham, AL

Trash can hash browns, Salem's Diner
Trash can hash browns, Salem's Diner - salemsdiner / Instagram

In our round-up of the best diners in every state, we chose Salem's Diner for Alabama because of its unpretentious vibes and delicious food. The diner is famous for two things: its Philly cheese steak sandwich and a massive hash browns dish called The Trashcan. You'll want to come ravenous if you plan on ordering this dish because it consists of an extra-large order of hash browns piled with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and spicy sausage. You can also top it with a "lid" of two eggs.

According to, The Trashcan is one of the most ordered breakfast dishes at Salem Diner. People love it, but not everyone can finish the entire thing. One Yelp reviewer said, "When my husband asked about the Trashcan plate, he was concerned it would be too much food. They offered to make him a half portion. Yeah, uh ... if that was half the whole entrée must be monstrous! If you have a big appetite, definitely order this!" At just $12.95 or $13.95 with a "lid," The Trashcan offers great bang for your buck.

Middle Child Clubhouse, Philadelphia, PA

Latke style hash browns, Middle Child Clubhouse
Latke style hash browns, Middle Child Clubhouse - kpfoodadventures / Instagram

Middle Child Clubhouse is best known for its super-stacked breakfast sandwiches and giant pancakes that come with a pat of butter formed into a smiley face. The hash browns may seem like they're just a side note on the menu, but many diners say they're a must to round out your breakfast. These aren't your usual hash browns though. They're served "latka'd" style, which one Reddit user described as, "like layered potato deep fried." The crispy hash brown logs are served with dill cream on the side.

Despite straying from the usual thin layer of hash browns that so many other breakfast spots do, Middle Child Clubhouse gets great reviews for its take on the dish. A happy customer on Yelp said, "The latka'd hash browns were both perfectly crunchy and soft somehow. The dill cream it was served with tasted unique. Great blend of savory and sour. I loved it." A Google reviewer said, "If 'normal' hash browns and potato kugel had a baby, this would be it."

Two Friends Patio, Key West, FL

Eggs benny and hash browns, Two Friends Patio
Eggs benny and hash browns, Two Friends Patio - twofriendskeywest / Instagram

Two Friends Patio Restaurant has a long and colorful history on the island of Key West. The bar was the first spot on the island to hire a female bartender and the first to serve draft beer. It was also a favorite watering hole of Mel Fisher, who famously discovered the Atocha shipwreck and its treasures. Today the restaurant is a lively spot to grab some breakfast and down a few Bloody Marys on the patio. All of the egg dishes come with potato bites, but you can — and many say should — upgrade to Stella's famous hash browns for an extra $1.95.

Stella's hash browns are extra creamy thanks to the addition of cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream. They're a great accompaniment to the egg dishes, but some say the best way to enjoy them is in the Smoked Salmon Hash Browns dish. Diners say the flavors and textures of the salmon and hash browns blend beautifully. As one Google reviewer said, "The Smoked Salmon Hash Browns has the salty flavor of the smoked salmon and the creamy flavor of the cream cheese, sour cream, potatoes and chives."

Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis, MN

Hash browns, eggs, and toast at Al's Breakfast
Hash browns, eggs, and toast at Al's Breakfast - rintaro521 / Instagram

With just one long counter lined with 14 stools, Al's Breakfast is very no-frills. However, that's exactly why so many people love this Dinkytown diner -- that and the fact that the cooks put out some seriously delicious food. So good, in fact, that the spot earned a James Beard Award in 2004. You'll find a slew of classic breakfast dishes on the menu, all of which can be accompanied by hash browns made with hand-shredded red potatoes. The hash browns come either plain or with cheese.

If you want to get creative with your hash browns at Al's, try the corned beef hash. It's made with the same shredded potatoes as the hash browns, but with the addition of corned beef, onions, green peppers, and a hint of horseradish. When Guy Fieri tried the dish on an episode of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," he said, "That hash is money man." The José is another dish that uses hash browns as a base for toppings like cheddar cheese, poached eggs, and homemade salsa. Just be sure to bring cash for your hash dishes because Al's doesn't take cards.

The Publican, Chicago, IL

Hash browns at The Publican
Hash browns at The Publican - dietcokedave / Instagram

Step into The Publican and you feel like you're in an old-timey beer hall. The space has soaring ceilings and a huge communal table that encourages banter over good food and drinks. It's best known as a popular dinner spot, but the restaurant also does a stellar brunch on the weekends. The hash brown has earned somewhat of a legendary status for its massive portion size and crispy golden perfection. Food Republic even listed the dish as one of the best potato dishes in the U.S. You can have it as a side dish or as a main with smoked salmon dip, fried capers, and fresh dill.

The Publican's hash brown is pretty straightforward — it consists of shredded potatoes fried until crispy. Where it differs from other versions is that it's served in a giant plate-sized portion that's perfect for sharing. Diners have commented on the rich, buttery taste and the fact that the outside is ultra crispy, while the inside is soft and smooth. "The crunch from the perfectly toasted hash browns was divine," said one satisfied customer on Yelp.


Shredded hash browns
Shredded hash browns - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Hash browns are pretty standard breakfast and brunch fare at restaurants across the country, so narrowing down the best versions was no easy task. To determine which spots create the most delicious hash browns in America, we did some online sleuthing to find out what diners were saying. We pored over restaurant reviews on platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and OpenTable, as well as food blogs and online magazine articles. We looked for a few key indicators of greatness including whether the hash browns are made in-house, how crispy they are, and how well they're seasoned. These are the hash browns that diners rank the highest and highly recommend.

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