'F**ing angry': TV star Abbie Chatfield unleashes in powerful rant

Former Bachelor star and host of Its A Lot podcast Abbie Chatfield has weighed in on gendered violence in the wake of the murder of UK woman Sarah Everard's murder in London last week.

In an impassioned speech, a furious Abbey lambasted the current state of affairs saying she is 'sick of having to constantly be scared'.

Abbie Chatfield powerful speech
Abbie Chatfield unleashed in a powerful monologue on her podcast It's A Lot today. Photo: Instagram/ abbiechatfield

"Like how many f**king times?" the outspoken advocate for gender equality said today. "How many times does this have to happen and us to have the same conversations over and over again and it just keeps happening?”

“I’m really f**cking sick of having to constantly be scared."

She also pointed to the sexualisation and objectification of female bodies as intrinsically linked to the threat of murder, something that hits very close to home for Aussie women reckoning with accusations of rape in our parliament this week.

Abbey Chatfield in white dress, advocates for better safety for women
Body positive advocate Abbey drew a lien between objectifying women, and the rates of gendered violence. Photo: Instagram/ abbiechatfield

"I feel like once you get to a certain age as a woman you start to get cat-called, you learn that your body and the way you dress is taken as an invitation from some men to speak on your body and wolf whistle at you and intimidate you," she said.

Abbey says she doesn't ever take an Uber without notifying a loved one of where she is, never walks at night, reflecting that the burden of protection falls heavily on women.

"Men don’t have to think about the classic thing of putting your keys between your hands or wonder if it’s safer or more dangerous to have a weapon, there’s all these arguments about that," she pointed out.

The star was left emotionally shaken reflecting on the murder of Sarah, who was a 33-year-old marketing executive from South London, and drew comparisons to the murder of Eurydice Dixon who was killed in a Melbourne park in 2018.

Abbie Chatfield in white top, reflects on murder of Sarah Everard
Abbey was left emotional reflecting on Sarah Everard's death. Photo: Instagram/ abbiechatfield

“With the Eurydice Dixon murder I was very upset, I was crying for days about that," Abbey said.

"Sarah feels kind of similar, I was looking photos of Sarah and getting quite upset on my way here. Thinking about my sister who is in London on the way home just wanting to walk home.”

Concluding her shattering reflection on the matter, Abbey summed up what for many women is an all-too-familiar sentiment: "I'm just f****** angry and I'm scared".

Sarah Everard, 33, had been at a friend's house in Clapham, south London, on March 3 in the hours before she went missing while walking home.

An officer with the Metropolitan Police Department was charged with her murder and kidnapping.

Vigils were held across the world in light of the murder, though in London they descended into violent scenes after police shut down the gathering with force over its violation of coronavirus safety laws.

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