Abbie Chatfield reveals devastating news in teary Instagram post

Edit: Since the time of publishing, Abbie Chatfield has revealed her dog underwent biopsies and he does not have cancer.

Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has revealed some devastating news in a teary video she posted to her Instagram Story.

The It's A Lot podcast host is seen patting her 11-year-old golden cocker spaniel Marco as she revealed a routine teeth clean at the vet led to a heartbreaking and unexpected cancer diagnosis.

Abbie and her boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens rescued the dog from a shelter earlier this year, with the star calling her canine her "best friend".

Abbie Chatfield wipes tears from her eyes (left) and poses with her dog Marco (right).
Abbie Chatfield tears up as she reveals her dog Marco has cancer. Source: Instagram

"The diagnosis is on his mouth and nose we think so we can't really cut it out, but he seemed, like, fine and he literally runs around, tail's always wagging, so I'm hoping that means we have a little bit of time with him," she said in her Instagram Story.

In the post Abbie tears up as she urges people to still consider adopting older dogs.

"Just was crying on the floor of the shower but I don't want anyone to see this story and feel like they can't adopt a senior dog because I'm so glad that we could take him out of the shelter even just for a little bit," she said through tears.

"He gets to have his chicken every day until he passes away and he gets to have all his favourite things and he's with me all the time, like, he's not been alone for even like a minute since we got him ... he's always with someone so I don't want anyone to not adopt a senior dog because they're scared this would happen.

"He made me so much happier and he's still in the other room.

"We're going to see how advanced it is, but I just don't want anyone to think they shouldn't adopt an older dog."


Abbie pans the camera to Konrad, who is also seen shedding a tear following the devastating diagnosis.

"We're just going to give him roast chicken everyday and it's fine, like, all dogs have to pass away eventually."

Abbie has previously posted several photos with her dog on Instagram. In one post she said they both had separation anxiety from each other and in another said he was "so perfect".

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