"Abandon Ship Immediately": People Are Sharing The Number One Sign It's Time To Quit Your Job

Even a dream job isn't fun all the time, but how can you tell when it's time to move on and start looking for new opportunities? Recently, u/toxicferal95 asked people on Reddit to share the one sign that lets them know it's time to quit, and people had a lot to say. Here are some of the top replies:

1."When you notice all the good employees are leaving."

People in business attire, smiling and holding cardboard boxes after quitting en masse

2."When your work environment is hostile or discriminatory, it's time to quit."


3."If your stomach turns when thinking about anything work-related, it’s time to leave."


"I used to dread going to sleep because I knew that when I woke up, I would have to go back to that place."


4."You’re angry at everyone."

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5."When your side hustle starts making more money than your job."


6."No growth in any form anymore."


"This! Don’t do a disservice to yourself, your brain, or your career."


7."When you're not being paid what you're worth, it's a clear sign to leave."

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8."Your paycheck bounces. I had three checks in a row bounce before I left. The boss always had excuses, blaming the bank. A month later, the business was closed."


"I had that happen once. I started looking for a new job immediately. I was training at the new job two or three weeks later when I heard that the company had closed up."


9."When another company offers you more money."


10."When it affects your life outside of work."

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11."Panic attacks."


"This, or mysterious ailments that clear up half an hour after you call out. I've left two jobs because I would legit feel like I was going to vomit every morning. Peed on a stick — nope, not pregnant. I went to the doctor, had a battery of tests, and everything came back clean. Nope, it was anxiety. Once I called out and curled up in the fetal position in bed for half an hour to an hour I was right as rain. What really cinched it was being scheduled for a night shift. Felt fine all day, but at about an hour before I had to go in — mystery nausea."


12."They don’t appreciate you any longer and just expect you to do the job because nobody else knows how to do it."


"If no one else knows how to do your job, they should appreciate you..."


13."If you find yourself constantly complaining about your job, it's a sign to look for something new."

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14."When you start dreaming about work, they're all nightmares. That's a clear sign it's time to move on!"


"I still dream about horrible jobs I used to have years ago."


15."I guess I'm putting in a novel answer: when you get a bad performance review. That may not get you fired, but it gives you a hole to dig out of. None of your current managers will comment negatively on you when you apply elsewhere. In fact, they may happily give you a good reference so they can get you out the door. Maybe they're unappreciative assholes; maybe you needed to learn a lesson. Either way, start over."


"Ehh, I had multiple poor performance reviews while going through some personal health stuff.

There is a bit of a hole to dig out of, but if it was all done in good faith, it’s not an issue.

It was not a PIP [Performance Improvement Plan], to be clear."


16."Anytime they start policing restroom breaks."

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17."Here's an early sign of trouble: You get conflicting directions from different members of leadership who are not communicating with each other. That's how you suddenly end up the subject of a petty power play custody battle. Abandon ship immediately."


"Yeah, that was me at my last job. Two bosses telling me to do things two different ways, then calling me out in front of everyone in the office when the 'job wasn’t done correctly.' Fuck that."


18."Years ago, I was so stressed out at work that I would cry on the way home. Then, I started to cry on the way to work in the morning. Then one day I felt like I was going to start crying while I was at work so I went to the bathroom to cry in private, but one of my coworkers was already in there crying. That’s when I realized I had to get the fuck out of there."


19."When you’re asked to train someone to do your job without explanation. Especially if this person is obviously much less experienced than you."

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20."When you start wondering if they're going to hire more people."


21."No salary increase despite increasing workloads."


"This one right here. My boss kicked the machines up to 11, and everyone is complaining about needing help (we don't want extra pay, just more hires), but he's saying there's no money for more hires or extra pay. Meanwhile, he's getting more equipment, cameras, and making renovations to the factory."


22."When 'seniority' comes before good workers. 'We had to give the extra hours to the lazy, incompetent worker because they've been here longer than you, but you're a good asset to this company. We just don't have any more hours to give you the full-time you originally applied for.' I understand if the other person senior to you really is a good worker, but when it's a worker that even management complains about, that really ticks me off."

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23."Pretty much anything that I call 'bad faith' by an employer. Breaking a promise, changing some aspect of my job that I don't like, anything really. I'm totally disloyal, and you should be too."


"Feeling this now. Been promised a promotion and management opportunity, the opportunity to train others for years. Never happened. Now they're talking about making me salary (with no title change) when I've had a huge chunk of overtime pay every year. And they say it's going to be a pay raise? Yeah, smells like bullshit."


24."When new hires with 1/10th the experience make $20k more than you do…"


25."When the company stops the 401(k) match."

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26.And finally: "When the good manager leaves. The one that actually has your back and wants you to make as much money as possible."


Do you agree with these signs? Is there anything you would add? Tell me what you think in the comments!