A profile of the Incredible Egg Man

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Howard Helmer knows a thing or two about eggs. The man holds the Guinness World Record for omelette flipping and for making the fastest omelettes in the world.

In 1990 he made 427 two-egg omelettes in 30 minutes. Known internationally as the Incredible Egg man, he recently came to Australia to show off his talents.

After breaking all the records, he has been touring the world conducting omelette workshops and educating people on how easy it is to transform a nutritious egg into a healthy omelette meal.

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Helmer grew up in Chicago and got his love for eggs from his grandmother.

“My family was quite poor and so my grandmother used to stretch food leftovers with a mix of eggs to make omelettes, so I really grew up on them! They’re really soul food for me,” he said.

His demonstrations generally include him educating people about using fresh, local ingredients as fillings for omelettes. A few of his favourite Aussie ingredients include prawns, smoked salmon, sautéd mushrooms, bacon, Aussie super sharp cheddar cheese, brie and mango chutney.

Helmer has been featured on Oprah a number of times and has appeared on several Australian morning shows.

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Apparently, even after 40 years of touring, Helmer still hasn’t lost his taste for eggs.

“My favourite omelette is in the French style,” he said, “and involves adding dry white wine to the eggs and a filling of gruyere cheese and bacon accompanied by a dollop of Dijon mustard.”

Helmer will finish touring Australia on the 30th of May in Hobart.

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