“90 Day”'s Liz Says New Boyfriend Has Been a 'Blanket' and 'Allowed Me to Heal' from Her Break Up with Big Ed

Liz shares her new boyfriend has allowed her to "grow as a person without asking me to change one thing"

Edward Allen Brown/Instagram Elizabeth "Liz" Woods (right) and "Big" Ed Brown (left)
Edward Allen Brown/Instagram Elizabeth "Liz" Woods (right) and "Big" Ed Brown (left)

Elizabeth “Liz” Woods has moved on from “Big” Ed Brown after their on-and-off-again relationship.

The 90 Day Fiancé star revealed her new relationship with boyfriend Jason Zuniga is going well. Acknowledging that she used to be attracted to “red flags,” Liz, 30, said Jason is helping her understand how to be in a healthy relationship.

“He said, ‘If I ever speak to you the way Ed has spoken to you, you better go tell my family and walk away from me right away,’” Liz told Entertainment Tonight. “He said I don’t ever have to worry about feeling the way I did and that he’ll always grow with me as a person.”

She continued: “He’s actually been by my side and allowed me to heal and grow as a person without asking me to change one thing. He’s allowed me to go through every emotion.”

<p>Liz Woods/Instagram</p> Elizabeth "Liz" Woods (right) and "Big" Ed Brown (left)

Liz Woods/Instagram

Elizabeth "Liz" Woods (right) and "Big" Ed Brown (left)

Ed, 58, had previously told ET that he didn’t think Liz — who has been married twice before — could maintain a new relationship because she hasn’t faced the issues she caused in their engagement.

“My concern is we all have things we need to work on and deal with, and if we don’t, they’re going to rear their ugly heads,” Ed said.

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Ed and Liz had a tumultuous relationship before going their separate ways, as fans saw on the May 19 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. The pair had broken up 14 times before calling it quits for good.

“I don’t think Ed’s walked past a mirror,” Liz said. “Don’t give advice if you can’t take advice. I don’t appreciate those comments. I think he needs to take that self-reflection.”

<p>TLC</p> "Big" Ed Brown


"Big" Ed Brown

Liz said she has made changes in her life, noting that Jason has "been nothing but like a blanket" during her time of growth. As for what’s different in her current relationship compared to when she was with Ed, she said she is better at setting boundaries and communicating.

“I speak my mind all the time,” she said. “I don’t hold things in. I think the hardest part is addressing something that bothers me right then and there, instead of bottling it up.”

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She went on to say that her boyfriend has allowed her to cry over Ed and grieve their relationship. She explained that having someone in her life who she doesn’t “need permission” from to do something has been refreshing.

“I definitely feel like I’ve healed a lot,” she said. “I’m smiling. I’m glowing. I feel motivated every day to get up.”

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Liz also revealed that her daughter Riley — who viewers saw Ed say goodbye to on the show — has met Jason, and now she is focusing on her personal life before she decides if she wants to welcome cameras back in.

“I don’t want anything to ever come in the way of what’s healthy right now in my life and it took a long way to get here,” she admitted.

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