8 Spiritual Reasons Why Your Nose Might Be Itching

Woman rubbing her itchy nose

Winter is here, which means it’s the season of snowy weather, chilly afternoons and itchy noses. While that can sometimes mean you need to stock up on medicine to try to stop a potential cold in its tracks, that’s not always the case. In fact, many believe that having an itchy nose doesn’t indicate that you’re getting sick at all.

Instead, some say it’s actually associated with the spiritual realm and when your nose has a tickling feeling, it can just be a subtle sign from above trying to give you some insight into your life. To learn more about what those signs can reveal and what some popular superstitions are, we spoke with numerologists and psychic mediums Kelly Brickel and Michelle Arbeau.

Brickel tells Parade that when you find yourself doing a strange mannerism subconsciously that isn’t normally something you do, like itching your nose over and over again, it can be an indicator you’re connecting with some sort of otherworldly energy.

“Psychically, you could be picking up on something going on within yourself, or within the environment around you,” she explains. “Mediumistically, you could be picking up on the energy of a spirit, whether it’s one from your own loved one, or one from someone else who is in proximity to you. So, don’t overlook your nose when it’s itching—it’s an energetic antenna of your physical body.”

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8 Spiritual Reasons Why Your Nose Might Be Itching

1. You Need To Be More Present

“The saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ is a perfect example of why you should see an itchy nose as a message to stop and pay attention,” Arbeau shares. “It’s a sign to take note of the present moment, be grateful for what you have in your life and take a moment to reflect on the goodness and positivity in your life right now.”

2. Angels Are Communicating

Seeing how the nose is the most prominent feature on a person’s face since it sits right between one’s eyes, Arbeau reveals it can be a common way for spirits of the deceased, angels, guides, etc., to communicate with you. “An itch on your nose could indicate that a loved one is trying to get your attention or let you know that they're around you.”

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3. Your Chakra Has Been Activated

Did you know that your nose is associated with your throat chakra? According to Brickle, that is the communication center of your chakra system. “Your throat chakra deals with the energy of listening, speaking, sharing truth and having healthy expression, so if you have been having difficulties within those areas of life, feeling your nose itch could be highlighting that and trying to get you to check in with yourself.”

4. Your Creative Juices Are Flowing

According to Arbeau, since a person’s nose symbolically represents the passageway between the soul and the heart, it also signifies breathing in life-force energy. “If your nose is itchy, there could be a ‘blockage’ in the flow of this energy,” she says. “Alternatively, it could mean you're about to receive a download of creative flow.”

5. It Could Be Your Aura

Brickle tells Parade that an itchy nose could be a sign that your body is feeling the energy of your aura. “Feelings wake us up to signs and signals, like an itchy nose, so you should always pay attention to all the subtleties,” she says.

6. Danger Is Near

Not all nose itching signs are good. In some instances, they could be warnings. “Your body is not just a body, it’s an extension and tool with the way it picks up information,” Brickle reveals.

Arbeau agrees, adding that everyone’s nose has built-in radar. “When your eyes miss something, your nose can detect less obvious signals and signs,” she says. “Like a dog's nose, people can also smell things like ‘fear’ and other non-visual hormones that can influence their thoughts, emotions and decision-making. Because of this, you can rely on your nose to warn you of dangers. If your nose itches in the presence of a particular person, place or thing, your nose may be trying to warn you about them.”

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7. Someone Is About To Enter Your Life

“Another meaning of an itchy nose is that an unexpected visitor or new acquaintance is poised to enter your life very soon,” Arbeau tells Parade. “Paying attention to your surroundings and being open to this opportunity is crucial, because they could be making a significant impact on your life in some way, either positively or negatively.”

8. Your Energy Field Is Lively

“Seeing how a person’s nose is a powerful gateway to their peace, a constant itchy nose might be a sign of the vitality of your energy field,” Brickle points out. “In spirituality, energy and how it interacts with the body is decoded and understood based on a case-by-case experience rather than passed down ponderings.”

9. Your Body Senses You’re Lying About Something

Believe it or not, Arbeau says there's actually some truth to the story of Pinocchio and his nose growing bigger when he lied. “When someone lies, their body releases chemicals which causes the inside of their nose to swell up,” she explains. “Due to this reaction, the increase in their blood pressure makes their nose tissue expand and the nerve endings tingle and twitch, making it itchy. This is called ‘The Pinocchio Effect’ and is a sign that your body knows you’re not telling the truth.”

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What Are Some Old Sayings About Your Nose Itching?

When it comes to old wives’ tales, there are plenty that have to deal with itchy noses. Of those, a couple stand out to Arbeau.

“There’s an old wives' tale saying if you have an itchy nose, it means someone is talking or gossiping about you,” she recalls. “This is a widely believed superstition across many cultures and beliefs. Another one I like isn't nearly as popular or well-known, but nevertheless, it says if your nose itches, ‘You are going to kiss a fool.’”

Does It Matter Which Side of Your Nose Is Itching?

If your nose does itch, try to remember which side actually itches, because Arbeau tells Parade it does actually matter. “The left side of the body is considered the feminine or ‘receiving’ side while the right side is the masculine or ‘giving’ side,” Arbeau clarifies. “If your nose is itching on the left side, this could be an indication you'll be soon receiving something (usually something positive as it is associated with the feminine). However, if your nose is itching on the right side, this could indicate you'll be giving something away or losing something, like something could be lost or taken from you.”

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5 Medical Reasons Behind Itchy Noses

While there are spiritual reasons and superstitions as to why your nose may itch, there are also several medical reasons. To find out what some of those are, we spoke to board-certified physician and anesthesiologist, Dr. Azza Halim. See what she says are a few of the most popular causes, below.

1. Rhinitis

If your nose itches and you have some nasal congestion, Dr. Halim tells Parade this may be the culprit behind it. She explains, saying, “This occurs when histamine is released from allergens, which may trigger runny nose and itching.”

2. Sinus Infections and Inflammation

Dr. Halim says another popular reason your nose may itch has to do with your sinuses. “Having a sinus infection and inflammation can cause itching as a result of dryness or congestion,” she states.

3. Cold, Flu or Respiratory Illness

When someone’s nose is really itchy, especially during the winter, Dr. Halim says it usually has to do with having a cold, the flu or some sort of respiratory illness. “When this happens, it leads to drainage and a runny nose, which thereby causes an itchy nose,” she explains.

4. Environmental Irritants

According to Dr. Halim, having an itchy nose might also be a result of the atmosphere you’re living in and how your body reacts to your surroundings. “An itchy nose can cause allergic and non-allergic reactions, which causes inflammation or histamine release,” she says.

5. Nasal Polyps

One other reason a person might experience an itchy nose can be from nasal polyp, which are painless growths that are inside your nose. “Having those may trigger itching if they’re irritating the internal nasal lining,” she tells Parade.

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