8 Best Perfume Scents for Summer, According to Fragrance Experts

Nothing screams summer like a hint of hibiscus.

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With summer right around the corner, what more perfect excuse to add to your perfume collection and pick a new signature scent of the season? If you love boat days and beach vacations, these scents are perfect for every summer occasion.

"Spring and summer are my favorite seasons for fragrance. I love to smell like a little garden fairy, a lemon tree, or a poolside cocktail," says Emelia O'Toole, fragrance expert and content creator. "Typically summer is where we have more fun with our lighter, fresher scents, and winter is where we have more fun with heavier, spicier scents."

In need of a perfume collection refresh? Check out below for fragrance experts' favorite scents and perfumes for summertime.

Best Fragrance Notes for Summer

From floral to citrus notes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to summer fragrance. We talked to fragrance experts to get the full rundown on the best scents for the summer season.

1. Citrus

From orange, lemon, grapefruit, and more, citrus fragrance notes all provide an uplifting scent. "Lightweight, bright fragrances tend to do well over the summer because they feature elements like the bright and energizing citrus notes of lemon, orange, and bergamot," says Joyce Barnes, chief operating officer at TOCCA. "I like a brighter scent for the day to keep me recharged."

A popular summer fragrance pairing is citrus and floral notes. "Bright notes like mandarin, lemon, or crisp apple are always a draw and are a great partner to light florals like white freesia, jasmine, or neroli," explains Barnes. TOCCA's Lucia scent ($86, tocca.com) is a blend of fresh floral and citrus, making this a captivating scent for summer.

2. Coconut

If your summer itinerary doesn't include the beach, you might as well smell like you've been laying by the beach all day. Coconut fragrance notes capture the tropical feel. This sweet and creamy scent is a match for florals, making it a light feminine feel.

With the hot days in summer, it can be challenging for your perfume to last. Banes recommends pairing your perfume with a lotion to extend the scent on your skin during the summer season. "If the perfume has a matching lotion, I would recommend wearing them both together on days you really want your perfume to last long," explains Banes.

3. Jasmine

According to Barnes, jasmine fragrance notes are energizing, fresh, and uplifting. This sweet, feminine, floral scent is a summer staple for Erin Banes, fragrance content creator. "I look for something that is fresh enough to wear in the heat, and I tend to gravitate towards anything with a creamy white floral like jasmine or tuberose," says Banes.

4. Gardenia

Summertime calls for blooming fresh flowers, so bring the fresh gardenia flower smell with you. Gardenia fragrance notes are comprised of strong, feminine, and floral scents. If you love the feeling of freshness on a hot summer day, opt for a perfume with a gardenia fragrance note.

5. Sandalwood

This fragrance note is very versatile and pairs well with many fragrance combinations. For summertime, a softer woody or watery sandalwood makes for a fresh, warm scent. Sandalwood provides either a masculine or feminine scent to fragrances.

If you want to feel like you've been at the beach all day, try Sydney Rock Pool by Arquiste ($205, arquiste.com) for a cool sea breeze feel. "It’s such a unique, watery sandalwood with a sea salt vibe and some light tropical florals," says Banes. "When I wear it, I can almost feel the warmth of the sand and a cool sea breeze on my skin."

6. Hibiscus

Bring the tropical island paradise to you with a hibiscus fragrance scent. Hibiscus has a sweet, tropical, and floral feel. If you want the tropical hibiscus perfume scent to last longer in the summer, Banes suggests spraying perfume on your clothes in addition to the skin because this can help make perfume last in heat, especially while perspiring. Pro-tip: Spray far away from your clothes, so you don't have a perfume stain.

7. Amber

Whether you have a date night or a summer wedding, opt for a fragrance with amber notes to spark a nighttime scent. "In the evening, I like to play with fragrances that are a little spicier with a woody and amber [scent]," says Barnes.

Dossier's Ambery Saffron scent ($48.95, dossier.co) includes bold and rich fragrance notes such as amber, saffron, jasmine, and more. This perfume has an elegant feel which is perfect for summer nights. If you love a woody amber and white floral scent combination, Versace's Bright Crystal scent ($99, scentbird.com) embodies femininity with its warm, sweet, and sensual fragrance notes.

8. Freesia

If you love the sweet smell of freesia flowers, it's no surprise freesia fragrance notes evoke an enchanting floral fragrance. Full of freshness and floral notes, freesia pairs perfectly with a bright citrus scent.

Belle Eau de Parfum by TOCCA ($86, tocca.com) is a vibrant floral scent. "It’s a bright, lightweight, joyful fragrance combining Italian bergamot and petitgrain with white freesia and magnolia. On a humid, hot day, I want a fragrance that is light and sparkling to keep me refreshed and this one does that for me," says Barnes.

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