At 70, Christie Brinkley Shows Off Her Abs In Body-Positive Instagram—See The Photos

  • Christie Brinkley shared a positive message in honor of her 70th birthday.

  • The supermodel wrote that she's "finally happy with the person" in the mirror.

  • Christie showed off her toned abs in a mirror selfie.

Christie Brinkley is showing off her strength at 70. The supermodel, who hit the milestone birthday earlier this month, posted a series of three mirror selfies Tuesday morning, showing off her toned abs and wide smile.

In the snaps, Christie wore a white Alo sports bra alongside black leggings and a matching black sweater. She held her right arm up for the camera, showing off her muscled biceps.

The Sports Illustrated model paired the pictures with a sweet poem about learning to accept her body over the years.

“Looking in the mirror on my 70th Birthday and what do I see / I’m finally happy with the person looking back at me," she wrote. "I’m no longer critical and demanding / now I’m grateful and understanding."

Christie added that she's "put this body thru it"—even breaking "every bone"—but has "healed" via "tiny miracles."

"It’s taken 70 years to get here / in tears and joy I’ve found my happy," she concluded.

Fans loved to see Christie looking so strong and confident in her body, with one Instagram follower thanking her for "sharing all your great tips for us to live our best lives!"

"Now after seeing these pictures, I’m going to go jogging! 😂 Happy 70th birthday!!! The best is yet to come……🙏,” the commenter wrote.

“You look incredible!!! 🙌 and you exude confidence! ❤” another added.

To stay fit and healthy, Christie tends to switch up her workouts, telling NewBeauty earlier this month, “The best exercise routine is not to have a routine, to mix it up.” The model said she uses her Total Gym machine to warm up before going outside for swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or biking.

On the nutrition front, Christie eats mostly plant-based foods, and tries to make sure her plates are colorful so she’s getting all of her nutrients. Fittingly, she calls it her "rainbow diet."

The Michigan native celebrated her birthday in early February with a tropical vacation, posing in an oversized hat and swimsuit in a photo posted to Instagram.

“I must be entering my 'Golden Years' because suddenly everything looks gold! (I wonder if they added the “G” to be polite? Lol! ) anyway Here’s to living each day to the fullest!💛,” she wrote.

Keep inspiring us all, Christie!

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