70 Bread Puns & Jokes That'll Make You the Toast of the Town

Bread assortment

The best puns are incredibly cheesy—but what goes better with cheese than bread? Here are 70 hilarious bread puns, jokes and LOLs to share with your kneady friends. Whether you're a fan of sourdough, rye, or pumpernickel, these puns will have you and your buddies bready to tackle the day with a smile.

There are the 70 best bread puns we could bake up. And just remember—loaf conquers all!

The Best Bread Puns



1. In banana years, you’re bread.

2. I loaf you.

3. It's the yeast I could do.

4. Let's toast to good times!

5. You're the butter to my bread.

6. Sorry I focaccia birthday!

7. Rye don't we be friends?

8. All you knead is loaf.

9. Challah at me if you knead anything!

10. You're looking like a stud muffin today!

Dough Puns



11. You’re my favorite weird dough!

12. We’re a batch made in heaven.

13. I'm rolling in the dough.

14. Stop loafing around and let's make some dough.

15. I doughn't know what I'd do without you!

Sandwich Puns



16. Lettuce celebrate our love for sandwiches!

17. Let's not be mayo-dramatic about this.

18. There’s no SUBstitute for you!

19. May all of your birthday ‘wiches come true!

20. No matter how you slice it, I loaf sandwiches.

21. You’re the only bánh for mì.

22. Why did the sandwich go to the gym? To beef up!

23. What do you call a sandwich that's been grilled too long? A toast-trophe!

24. The pilot liked his sandwich plane.

Tasty Bread Puns



25. Bready or not, here I crumb!

26. This friendship is on the rise!

27. I'm so grained to know you.

28. You've got me feeling crumby.

29. I have a rye sense of humor.

30. Wheat love spending time together!

31. Don't be sourdough, be happy!

32. You're a crust above the rest.

33. I knead you in my life.

34. Flour you doing today?

Sweet Bread Puns



35. You're the bread to my butter.

36. I loaf the way you make me feel.

37. Dough not underestimate my love for you.

38. I'm ready to rise to any occasion with you.

39. Everything is better when we're baking together.

40. Rye don't we take this to the next level?

41. You're the best thing since sliced bread.

42. Wheat belong together.

43. I'm so grained-ful to have you in my life.

44. Loaf at first sight!

45. I dough not want to be without you.

Bun Puns



46. I'm on a roll today!

47. I never want this to end, I'm having too much bun!

48. You're the only bun for me.

49. Let's grow mold together.

50. Bun intended, but you're amazing.

Bread Jokes



51. Why does bread hate hot weather? It's too toasty.

52. What dance did the loaf of bread do? The twist!

53. How do you spot a radical baker? They're always going against the grain.

54. What did the bread say after getting a compliment? "Aw, you're just buttering me up."

55. What did the mama bread say to her kids? "It's way past your breadtime!"

56. What did the baker say when he won the lottery? "I'm on a roll!"

57. Why did the bread loaf go to the doctor? It was feeling crumby!

58. Why did the bread puns always fall flat? They were too stale!

59. What did the bread say when breaking up with his girlfriend? "You deserve butter!"

60. What did the tomato say to the lettuce in the sandwich? "Romaine calm!"

61. Why was the loaf of bread upset? His plans kept going a rye.

62. What's the most sophisticated kind of bread? The upper crust.

63. What do you call a bread that's been played by Shakespeare? Bard-bread!

64. How does bread win over friends? It says, "You can crust me!"

65. Wanna join my baking club? We knead new members!

66. Why did the bread go on a date with the butter? He wanted to butter her up!

67. What did the toast say to the psychic? "You bread my mind!"

68. Why did the baker go to art school? To learn how to make flour arrangements!

69. What does a loaf of bread say after doing a good deed? "It was the yeast I could do!"

70. What did one slice of bread say to the other? "I loaf you!"