7 Ways To Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Small bathroom. Big ideas.

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These days, bathrooms truly hold it all. From extra towels to medicine and makeup, skincare, and hair products—it can be challenging to find a spot for everything, especially if you have a small bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean storage is impossible. You just need to know how to work with what you have. From taking advantage of every extra inch to storing things in ways you never thought possible, here are the best ways to maximize space in a small bathroom.

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But First...Declutter

It’s far easier to sort through and organize everything once you’ve decluttered the space. So, go through your products. First, toss anything that's expired, and then tackle those almost empty bottles.

Lastly, discard anything you aren’t using like that moisturizer you bought six months ago and didn’t like. Why are you keeping it? Once you have less inventory to work with, it will be far easier to maximize the space.

Get a Slim Bathroom Cart

Briana and Erica Spruille, professional organizers and founders of Just BE LLC tell me utilizing a small bathroom cart can be a game-changer. “Slim and narrow bathroom carts allow you to occupy space that might otherwise go unused. The narrow build, usually on wheels, fits alongside your sink and wall space.”

These carts typically have three to four shelves. Best of all, they're easy to clean. “The wheels make the ease of use simple, tidy, and convenient. These are often available in a variety of colors.”

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Go Vertical

If horizontal space is lacking, the organizers suggest taking advantage of any and all vertical space. “Wall real estate is valuable and often overlooked,” they explain. “Free up counter space with shelving. Available in L-shaped corner options too, these make for functional and attractive additions.”

One interesting way to use vertical space is by hanging plant baskets to stash slightly larger items like rolled towels and hair appliances.

Consider Acrylic Shower Storage

Remember those corner shower poles with shelves that used to be so popular? The Spruilles tell me those are no longer the only option out there. “There are corner bins and traditional oblong bins for those tight spaces. The bins allow for visibility and ease of cleaning those tight shower spaces. Instead of shifting around multiple items, you can lift the entire bin and clean quickly.”

Best of all, these acrylic shelves are aesthetic, giving even the smallest bathrooms a luxe hotel-like feel.

Invest in Adhesive Bins

Want to take advantage of the space inside your cabinet doors? The organizers advise investing in adhesive bins to fit inside the cabinet doors. “These provide a great way to store small items for facial care, oral care, or haircare. The possibilities are endless and the varying sizes make it easy to find one that suits your needs and fits your spaces perfectly. The peel-and-stick backing allows for easy setup and removal.”

Consider Over-the-Toilet Shelves

For really tight spaces, you may want to consider an over-the-toilet shelving unit. There are lots of options out there, even those with cabinet doors to keep things tidy-looking. These units are particularly useful for stashing those extra rolls of toilet paper right where you need them.

Use a Shoe Organizer Over the Door

Using a shoe organizer is a great way to store extra products in bathrooms with small vanities or no vanity. Just be sure to go with one that has clear pockets so you can easily see and inventory what you have.

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