65 "Who Knows Me Better" Questions to Ask Your Nearest and Dearest

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If you’ve ever been curious about who really knows you (or at least, who's actually paying attention when you go on a rant about your least-favorite co-worker or can't stop gushing over your latest Netflix fixation) here’s the game for you: who knows me better questions. You can play this with your friends, romantic partner, family members, or anyone else in your life who you feel like (playfully!) quizzing about the details of your life.

Here’s how it works: Gather two or more people who are willing to participate. Then, using notepads, spare paper, their phones, or lil’ white boards, they’ll have 30 seconds to write down their private answers to the questions you ask them about your life. Whoever gets the question right gets a point! Keep track of the points, because when you’re done asking questions, the person with the most points wins. To keep it interesting, after you’ve finished asking your who knows me better questions and declared a winner, you can switch roles and put someone else in the spotlight. (Up the stakes by giving the winner a fun prize.)

Need a little inspo on what kinds of questions to ask your players? We've got you covered. Behold: a comprehensive list of 66 questions to ask your friends and family about you, ranging from light and easy, to deep, to maybe even a little embarrassing (in a good way, promise). Let the games begin!

Cute “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

  1. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?

  2. How much hair did I have when I was born?

  3. Who is my celebrity crush?

  4. What’s my favorite color to wear?

  5. What style of shoes do I wear most often?

  6. What’s my favorite recipe to bake for people?

  7. What’s my love language?

  8. What’s my favorite date spot?

  9. What was my first word?

  10. What was my childhood stuffed animal?

  11. Where is my biggest birthmark?

Easy “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

  1. When is my birthday?

  2. What is my zodiac sign?

  3. What’s my comfort TV show?

  4. What’s my favorite store to shop at?

  5. What’s my pet’s name?

  6. What’s the name of the street I live on?

  7. What are my siblings' names?

  8. What’s my favorite sport to watch?

  9. What’s my favorite movie?

  10. What color are my eyes?

  11. What color is my natural hair?

Deep “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

  1. Who is the most important person in my life?

  2. What gives me purpose in life?

  3. What's my favorite place in the world?

  4. What’s the most impactful book I’ve ever read?

  5. What music do I listen to when I’m sad?

  6. Who is the first person I tell when I have good news?

  7. What is my proudest accomplishment?

  8. What are my spiritual beliefs?

  9. What's my most prized possession?

  10. What piece of art has meaningfully changed my life?

  11. What is my biggest fear?

Hard “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

  1. What was my first adult job?

  2. Where’s my favorite place to sit and think?

  3. What time do I normally go to bed and wake up?

  4. Who was my most listened to artist on my last Spotify wrapped?

  5. What grocery store do I like to go shopping at?

  6. What’s my first memory?

  7. What kind of slippers do I wear around the house?

  8. What are my parents’ first and last names?

  9. What city was I born in?

  10. What was the name of my elementary school?

  11. What was my college thesis about?

Funny “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

  1. Which reality TV show do I think I could win, if given the chance?

  2. Who is my favorite Real Housewife?

  3. Who was my middle school crush?

  4. What’s my coffee order?

  5. What did I get detention for in school?

  6. How many cavities have I had?

  7. What did I dress up as for Halloween last year?

  8. Do I prefer green grapes or red?

  9. What’s my nickname for my pet?

  10. Am I more likely to be late or early?

Embarrassing “Who Knows Me Better” Questions

  1. When did I grow my first armpit hair?

  2. What’s the worst case of razor burn I’ve ever gotten?

  3. What’s the most embarrassing thing that the TSA has found in my travel luggage?

  4. What’s worse: my morning breath or my gas?

  5. What kind of food gives me the biggest stomach ache?

  6. Which celebrity did I used to write fan fiction about?

  7. When was the last time I had a meltdown over a bad haircut?

  8. When was the last time I had a fashion emergency?

  9. Where is the most embarrassing place I’ve gotten dumped at?

  10. Where was the worst date I’ve ever been on? (Bonus points if you can say who it was with.)

  11. What did I name my first childhood goldfish?

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