I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At These 60 Extremely Hilarious And Specific Online Shopping Fails

Imagine ordering something online, waiting days for it to arrive, and receiving...

1.An HD television for ants:

A small TV

2.A dust pan that is simply unreasonably large:

a giant dust pan

3.The world's tiniest cheese grater:

A tiny cheese grater

4.A monitor for ANTS:

A tiny monitor next to a full-size keyboard
u/weakestperson / Via reddit.com

5.Some very gently ripped jeans:

Side-by-side of white jeans

6.The world's biggest spoon:

a ridiculously big wooden spoon
u/purelyforlolla / Via reddit.com

7.A rug that's about one foot long:

A tiny rug

8.A giant's AirPod:

A giant AirPod

9.An ottoman for ANTS:

A tiny ottoman
u/nach_steel84 / Via reddit.com

10.A backpack that might be able to fit one or two pens:

A tiny backpack

11.A fan...also for ANTS:

A tiny fan

12.A mask that will strike fear into the heart of Gotham's worst:

crumpled batman mask
u/candroid_man / Via reddit.com

13.A fridge that's just a taaaad too tiny:

A small fridge
u/kplicious / Via reddit.com

14.Twice as many left shoes as you should normally receive:

Two left shoes
u/ohgod-whyamilikethis / Via reddit.com

15.A big ol' hunka junka clay:

Clay instead of a new Macbook
u/violinfiddleman / Via reddit.com

16.A record fit for a (very, very, very, very tiny) king:

A tiny vinyl record
u/larrydavid1987 / Via reddit.com

17.Cat socks that show you what true panic looks like:

Cat socks
u/blocktimer46 / Via reddit.com

18.A sweater fit for a finger puppet:

A tiny sweater

19.A huge tree let-down:

A small tree

20.The best senior shirt ever:

"Class of 2022 or something."
u/daafiidii / Via reddit.com

21.An inconsistent amount of weight:

5-pound weights that are only 3 1/3 pounds
u/atticusaesop / Via reddit.com

22.A teeny tiny eeny meeny phone:

A small phone

23.A desk...for hardworking ANTS:

A tiny desk

24.The scariest scarecrow:

A small wolf
u/kaltastic84 / Via reddit.com

25.A gigantic bucket of cheese:

A bucket of cheese

26.The most powerful Spider-Man mask in existence:

A Spider-Man mask

27.A futon that juuuuust misses covering the entire couch:

A tiny cushion on a futon

28.This year's hottest film:

u/wrong_lane99 / Via reddit.com

29.A cute little shoe:

A tiny shoe

30.A storage box...for hoarder ANTS:

A small box

31.José Altuve's cleats:

A tiny shoe
u/no-u-m8 / Via reddit.com

32.A doggie pool that can fit precisely 1/16 of a dog in it:

A tiny dog pool

33.[Alanis Morissette voice] 75 pounds of lubricant when all you want is some soup:

Lubricating jelly
u/stevie0321 / Via reddit.com

34.A scale...for ANTS trying to make wrestling weight:

A tiny scale

35.The mask of Batman's most ambivalent villain:

"My scary mask isn't that scary at all"
u/youngbuck- / Via reddit.com

36.A cutting board...NOT for ants:

A cutting board higher than the stove
u/gwackr / Via reddit.com

37.And the exact opposite of a lawnmower:

An oven mitt

Yes, an oven mitt is now the opposite of a lawnmower.

Twitter: @jimmbabwe

38.The world's scariest mask:

A scary mask

39.A stylish pair of boots for your index and middle finger:

Tiny boots

40.Baby Yoda's beloved relative, Cousin Yooba:

A Baby Yoda knock-off
u/tewakjr / Via reddit.com

41.The biblical Goliath's new AirPod pros:

Giant AirPods
u/roast_dinner30 / Via reddit.com

42.A Pickle Rick who's seen some things...terrible things:

Pickle Rick

43.A Christmas branch:

A tiny Christmas tree
u/brodins_biceps / Via reddit.com

44.A beautifully crafted candle holder delicately made by someone riding the Wicked Cyclone rollercoaster at Six Flags New England:

A candle holder
u/domesticviking / Via reddit.com

45.A beautiful nightstand to store mayhaps a single grain of rice:

A tiny storage unit

46.The perfect work glove for all sorts of manual labor:

A leather glove

47.What just might be the world's biggest ladle:

A giant ladle
u/calebwerm / Via reddit.com

48.This absolutely spot-on bear mask:

A bear mask
u/brewkake / Via reddit.com

49.AirPods with a very tender message:

"Leave in back garden if I am not there"
u/raisedincali / Via reddit.com

50.The most polite jersey there ever was:

"Kane Please"
u/black_Coffee_in_Bed / Via reddit.com

51.The world's longest pair of shorts:

Long shorts
u/badgurlkiki / Via reddit.com

52.Thanos's infinity heel:

A bedazzled high heel
u/ihazone / Via reddit.com

53.The hoylest of bibles:

book reading hoyl bible

54.The perfect reading lamp for one single word of text:

A lamp smaller than someone's phone

55.A big ol' stinkin' container of goop:

"I ordered gummy vitamins and I live in Arizona"
u/djharris1 / Via reddit.com

56.A rug for YOUR feet and YOUR feet ONLY:

A tiny rug
u/roraverse / Via reddit.com

57.A great pen if you work at a company called "Please Use Uploaded Logo," but not so much if you work anywhere else:

A pen in someone's hand
u/mtkeepsrolling / Via reddit.com

58.A simply stunning banner:

"Linked image not found"
u/heymanitsdan / Via reddit.com

59.An absolutely fantastic logo:

A spoon

60.And a wonderful name for a baby:

"no name"