6 crafts and games to celebrate Women’s History Month with kids

kids doing craft celebrate Women’s History Month
kids doing craft celebrate Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s achievements across various fields. From Harriet Tubman to Frida Kahlo, women have been breaking barriers and making strides for centuries.

While it’s important to recognize historical figures, don’t sell your self short. Moms do it all, in every way it can be done and at all times, despite mothering in a patriarchal system that does not support them.

Bring your kids along for the ride and commemorate women—historical figures, community influences and even family members. Check out these fun and simple activities to do with kids to celebrate Women’s History Month.

6 Women’s History Month crafts and games

1. Trivia game

Gather around for a trivia game. The theme is famous women in history. Create questions, riddles and pictionary cards based on the accomplishments, challenges and impact of famous women throughout history.

2. Painted portraits

Whether you opt to download free printables or free-draw, let your imagination and artsy side loose. Little ones love hands-on art projects and this will be no different. They can paint the pre-drawn portraits or choose to create their own masterpieces.

3. Charades

Research what some of the most influential women are best known for and include those things in your game of charades. Encourage kids to dress the part and act out scenes from specific time periods or important events. You don’t have to be limited to women in history, there are plenty of things that moms do everyday that go unnoticed. Challenge your kids to make a list of Mom’s responsibilities and include those in the game as well.

4. What would you ask…?

What would you ask Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks or Marie Curie? Tell the kiddos to imagine that they get an exclusive interview opportunity with any one of the pioneering women in history. They can research about their lives and come up with burning questions.

5. Heroine comics

If you’ve got a budding writer, encourage them to create their own heroine comic strips featuring main characters that are famous women in history. They can draw inspiration from their favorite books and include thought bubbles to depict key moments in their life.

6. Community service project

Teach the importance of giving back by volunteering at women’s shelters or organizing a donation drive for women’s charities. Celebrating Women’s History Month with kids doesn’t have to be all about the women who came before us—there are plenty of women in today’s society who are making strides. Kids can write (or draw) letters of appreciation to influential women in their community.

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to highlight the challenges women have faced and continue to face. By remembering important stories of great women, you can start a conversation with your little ones about rising above it all even when the odds are stacked against you. You can also use these Women’s History Month activities to encourage reflection on society’s progress and acknowledge the work towards equality that is still left.