6 Beauty Products That'll Boost Your Mood

If walking into a beauty store stresses you out, I got you. Consider this your shopping list for the best new spring beauty buys.

A dreamy spring fragrance that's proven to boost your mood, a conditioner that won't weigh down baby fine hair (trust), contour made easy, and a drugstore serum that rivals fancy retinols—here are the best beauty buys on the market right now.

Sunshine in a Bottle

Made with 21 organic plant extracts that can help boost mood, this fragrance (featuring notes of orange blossom, white flowers, and vanilla that’s slightly salty) legit puts a long-lasting pep in my step.

To buy: DedCool Sunlit Blooms, $90; sephora.com

Helping Hand

Even after lots of handwashing, I feel soothed by this quick-to-absorb lotion. For a fun mini massage, rub the container’s rounded edges into your palms. Psst: Founder Selena Gomez said she wanted the scent to remind people of a warm hug.

To buy: Rare Beauty Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream, $18; sephora.com

A New Ball Game

Meet my go-to weapon against puffiness and redness: this serum with anti-inflammatory arnica! I roll it onto clean skin after a workout or night out for fast results.

To buy: The Depuffer, $38; dridriss.com

Cheeky Fun

Take the confusion out of contouring. Swipe the blush highlighter onto your cheekbones, apply the darker hue just below, blend, and done! I also love swiping it along my forehead, under my bottom lip, and under my jawline to add definition.

To buy: GlowTour Duo, $38 each; dibsbeauty.com

Cloud-Like Conditioner

This fluffy foam has the softening, strengthening effects I want from conditioner without leaving my fine hair as at as a pancake.

To buy: Biolage Bond Therapy Conditioning Foam, $28; ulta.com

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