55 Creative Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas to Say 'Thank You'

Teacher Appreciation Week

From Mr. Feeney and Ms. Frizzle to Professor Dumbledore, TV and movies are filled with iconic teachers. Ones who inspire their students with their profound words and lessons that end up going beyond the classroom and bring magic, guidance and inspiration into their lives that stay with them as they grow up. Luckily, you can find educators with those same qualities off-screen as well.

That’s why it’s important to never take them for granted. Instead, you should celebrate them, make them feel special and let them know just how much they mean to you. That’s where Teacher’s Appreciation Week comes in. It’s a time toward the end of each school year when kids have the chance to let their favorite teacher know how grateful they are for them by doing things like giving a sweet card, DIYing something special or buying a gift.

While deciding on what to give your teacher can be tricky, it’s important not to put too much pressure on it because, in the end, it’s the thought that counts. However, if you’re searching for some fun and creative presents to consider, check out our 55 Teacher Appreciation Week ideas, below. They range from simple and thoughtful gestures to out-of-the-box gifts from students and parents alike.

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When Is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Mark your calendars because Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here. It always takes place the first full week of May, which means that in 2024, it starts on Monday, May 6, and goes until Friday, May 10.

55 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas



1. Brighten a teacher’s day with flowers

You can never go wrong by giving your child’s teacher flowers. Add some school spirit by finding a beautiful bouquet in their school colors.

2. DIY a friendship bracelet

Thanks to Taylor Swift, friendship bracelets are more popular than ever. If your child has a favorite teacher or two at their school, encourage them to express their gratitude by making them friendship bracelets.

3. Buy a teacher a cozy new desk chair

Seeing how your child’s teacher spends most of their day at their desk, consider joining up with some other parents and getting them a stylish and comfy new chair. That way, they’ll be able to grade papers and work on their lesson plans in something comfortable.

4. Let them escape to the movies

Chances are, your child’s teacher is a film buff! Gifting them a movie pass or two so they can see an upcoming flick will make their day.



5. Give a Starbucks card

If there’s one thing a teacher will never get tired of, it’s Starbucks. That’s why giving them a gift card where they can grab coffee will be the ultimate gift.

6. Make a donation in your teacher’s name

Sometimes coming up with a unique, yet great gift is hard. One thoughtful thing you can do is to give back on behalf of your child’s teacher by making a donation to a charity or foundation in their honor.

7. Create a book corner

Partner up with some other parents and invest in a couple of bookshelves that can be delivered to your child’s classroom. That way, once they arrive, the students can create a book corner or mini library.

8. Find an apple charm bracelet

While apples may be an outdated gift, an apple charm bracelet isn’t. It gives a subtle nod to a teacher’s profession and allows them to keep adding on other charms on it through the years.

9. Have your child channel their inner poet

Sure, teachers may assign their students to write a poem at one point during the school year, but if your child writes one outside of the classroom for their teacher, it’ll mean so much to them—especially if it’s about how much they admire that specific teacher.

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10. DIY some bookmarks

If there’s one thing teachers do a lot of is read. That’s why it’ll be extra special for your child to make a couple of bookmarks for them. Don’t forget to laminate them once they finish, so they’ll be nice and sturdy.

11. Buy a mini fridge

Teachers spend so much of their time inside their classroom, so why not make it a little homier for them? Getting them an adorable mini fridge will do just that! They come in tons of colors and will keep their drinks and snacks cool during the day.

12. Search for a cute desk plant

A small potted succulent or a cute faux plant with a pretty pot makes for a great gift! Remember to have your child attach a kind note to it saying something like, “Thanks for helping me grow and learn this year!”

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13. Put together a stress relief basket

Give a teacher the gift of some R&R. Pack a basket with essential oils, a stress ball, a sleeping mask, some cute slippers, a bath bomb and other comfort items they can use at home to destress from their busy day.

14. Spoil a teacher with candy

Don’t just get candy bars for your child’s teacher, place fun notes with them too. Attach something saying, like “It’s been a JOY to be in your class” to an Almond Joy and “You’re O-FISH-ALLY my favorite teacher!” to Swedish Fish.

15. Surprise them with a scented candle

Help a teacher freshen up their classroom or home with a lovely candle. Who doesn’t love a warm and soothing scent?

16. Whip up some cookies

Find out what your child’s teacher’s favorite cookies are and channel your inner baker. You can even use school-themed cookie cutters to make them look extra cute.

17. Order a custom rubber stamp

Any teacher would cherish this gift! You can find ones in a variety of designs, ink colors and stamping options on Etsy. Depending on which one you choose, they can use it on papers in class or to stamp their books.

18. Film a thank you video

This gift is priceless! Have your child say a few nice things they love about their teacher and why they are thankful for them on camera. Then email the short clip to their teacher as a sweet surprise.

19. Create a sidewalk chalk pathway

This gift isn’t expensive, but it’ll leave a lasting impression. Bring your child and some of their friends to school on Sunday and have them write kind messages for their teachers on the sidewalk leading to the front doors of the school. It’ll be the most unexpected gift for everyone to see on Monday morning when they arrive.

20. Make a snack box

Sometimes teachers are so busy grading papers and planning their lessons during their lunch hour that they skip their meals. Making them a snack box with all kinds of foods that they can munch on when they don’t have time for a full lunch, will be something they’ll be so grateful for.

21. Keep them caffeinated

Being a teacher takes lots of energy! Help keep them feeling their best with an assortment of coffees. You can put them in a basket or use ribbon to tie a big bow around them.



21. Become the school supplies fairy

From sticky notes, and glue, to pencils, paper, Clorox wipes and notebooks, there are so many things teachers buy for their classrooms. Help them out this Teacher’s Appreciation Week by gifting them with essentials.

23. Donate books

Teachers usually buy their own supplies, including fun books for their students to read in their classrooms. That’s why they’ll treasure this gift. You can buy brand new ones, or you can go to a local thrift store or yard sale and grab a bunch.

24. Get a cute water bottle

Seeing how stylish water bottles are all the rage, one can be a great gift! You can even personalize it with a teacher’s name or an inspirational quote.

25. Craft a customized tote bag

Get a large canvas tote bag and add custom letter patches to the front! Then fill it up with school supplies that a teacher could use in their classroom.

26. Find novelty teacher socks

There’s no such thing as having too many socks, which is why they are good presents. Make sure you get some in your school colors or with teacher-inspired patterns on them.

27. Treat a teacher to a manicure

Who wouldn’t love this gift? It’s the perfect way to pamper a teacher and make them feel appreciated.

28. Give them a massage gift certificate

If you want to make your child’s teacher feel extra special, give them a gift certificate to get a massage. It’ll be an unexpected gift that’ll help them unwind after a hard day’s work.

29. Buy a “World’s Best Teacher” mug

Chances are your child’s teacher likes to drink tea or coffee during the day. Finding them an adorable mug that says something like “World’s Best Teacher” will make them smile whenever they sip from it.

30. Go the artsy route

Teachers have a special place in their hearts for their students, which is why they’ll adore any handmade gift from them. If your child is young, it’s especially cute if they draw or paint a picture for their teacher to give them during Teacher’s Appreciation Week. You can even frame it to make it look legit.

31. Give them fuzzy slippers

Since teachers are on their feet all day long, a nice pair of slippers they can put on after a long day is ideal. Receiving some as a present will make their day.

32. Help keep their drinks warm

Not sure what to get your child’s teacher? Consider a drink warmer that they can keep on their desk and use throughout their day. Thanks to you, their coffee will never go cold.

33. Invest in a classroom accessory

A stylish mini desk fan is a great gift idea! You can find one in pink or even gold nowadays that will not only help keep their classroom cool, but add some flair to it as well. Don’t forget to add a fun note to it saying something like, “I’m your biggest fan!”

34. Add to their jewelry collection

If your son or daughter’s teacher has really impacted them, give them a necklace. You can find ones that say “#1 Teacher” or you can go with a heart-shaped one. Either way, it’ll be a nice way to show your appreciation for them.

35. Bring in a picnic basket full of snacks

With summer approaching, get creative and give a teacher a cute picnic basket filled with snacks, school supplies and a kind note. Trust us, they’ll be so surprised when they see everything inside.

36. Show them the world

If your child’s classroom doesn’t have a globe, this makes such a great gift. The best part is that nowadays, they come in such pretty colors and styles.

37. Paint a one-of-a-kind ornament

Even though December is nowhere near, having your child paint a teacher a custom Christmas ornament is such a thoughtful idea. You can go to a local craft store and pick up everything you need in one stop, including ribbon to hang it up with.

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38. Find a teacher-approved organizer

Show you care by giving a teacher a cute organizer that is packed with all kinds of school supplies. It’ll be a creative way to give them some items that they can use every day at work so they won’t have to spend their own money on it.

39. Embrace a comfy gift

Everyone likes fuzzy blankets. A cozy one in your school colors or a handmade one would make an amazing gift.

40. Go with a monogrammed journal

It’s no secret that teachers have their share of journals and notebooks. However, if you customize one with their initials, it’ll show how much thought you put into it and make it stand out from others.

41. Introduce them to aromatherapy

Sweet smelling reed diffusers are a great desk accessory for a teacher. You can find them in all kinds of calming scents, including lavender.

42. Award them with a “Best Teacher” trophy

Everyone likes getting rewarded and teachers are no exception. Having a trophy engraved with a teacher’s name and something like “World’s Best Teacher” will be an unexpected and fun gift for them to receive.

43. Give an Amazon gift card

If you’re thinking about giving a teacher a present, you can’t go wrong with a one-size-fits-all gift card from Amazon. It’s a one-stop shop for anything they may need for their classroom or want in their personal life.

44. Bake cupcakes

There’s something so special about knowing someone baked a treat just for you, which is why any teacher would love getting this sweet gift from one of their students. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even find teacher-themed sprinkles to top them off with.

45. Create a words of encouragement jar

Have your child cut out strands of colored paper and then write different encouraging phrases and inspirational quotes on them. Once finished, they can fold them up and place them in a glass jar so their teacher can pull one out and read it when they’re having a bad day.

46. Get a fun vase

Think about what class a teacher teaches and then find a whimsical character vase that fits the subject. For example, a book vase would be great for an English teacher and an astronaut vase would be very fitting for a science teacher.

47. Bring in doughnuts

Treat your child’s class and teacher to breakfast one day by buying doughnuts for everyone. Make sure you add in a note saying something like, “We doughnut what we’d do without you!” (Remember to ask the school if there are any rules about bringing in food for the whole classroom.)

48. Make an “I’m bananas about you” basket

If you like puns, you’ll love this gift idea. Grab a bunch of bananas, as well as some other banana- or monkey-themed items and then have your child make a handmade card saying “I’m bananas about you!”

49. Encourage them to pursue their talents

Consider giving a teacher a Master Class gift certificate. It’ll encourage them to learn something new or to learn something taught by someone who inspires them.

50. Honor a teacher with a gold medal

Let a teacher know they're a winner by giving them a gold medal. It’ll be a cute keepsake they’ll always cherish and remind them that they are doing a great job.

51. Gift them a nice dinner on you

Treat your son or daughter’s teacher to a meal on you. It’ll be a kind gesture that lets them know you appreciate all they do for your child.

52. Go with a picture-worthy present

Looking for a sentimental gift idea? Find a picture of your child and teacher that you can frame. If you don’t have a picture of them together, you can always go on Etsy and get a cute portrait sketched of the two of them that you can use instead.

53. Venmo them

A simple gift that will make a big impact is Venmoing a teacher. Doing so will give them the chance to use your gift in whatever way they need to in that moment, from buying school supplies, to putting it toward their rent, to buying food.

54. Write a sentimental card

Not all gifts have to be things you buy. What’s sweeter than a handwritten note expressing your gratitude? It’ll mean the world to any teacher who receives it.

55. Bring them a “favorite teacher” cake

Think of Teacher Appreciation Week like your child’s favorite teacher’s birthday and buy them a cake. Make sure you include a sweet message on it to make it extra special.

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