50 Passover Trivia Questions to Quiz Your Friends and Family This Pesach

Passover trivia questions

Happy Pesach! Chances are you already know the four questions, but we have more for you this Passover. These Passover trivia questions and answers for all levels of knowledge will make for fun discussion at your Seder this year.

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Passover Trivia

Question: For how long is Passover observed?
Answer: Eight days

Question: What did Hebrews put on their doorposts to prevent the deaths of their firstborn sons?
Answer: Lamb's blood

Question: How do you say "Passover" in Hebrew?
Answer: Pesach

Question: Maot Chitim involves the gathering of what to give to the poor?
Answer: Wheat for matzo

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Question: The retelling of what Biblical story takes place at a Seder?
Answer: The Exodus

Question: The final day of Passover celebrates what?
Answer: The arrival to and parting of the Red Sea

Question: The retelling of the Exodus is called what?
Answer: Maggid

Question: All people must observe what tradition on Passover?
Answer: Eating matzoh

Question: Moses led the Hebrews to which "promised land?"
Answer: Canaan

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Question: Leavened foods are called what?
Answer: Chametz

Question: The last Sabbath before Passover is called what?
Answer: Shabbat HaGadol

Question: For whom is a seat typically saved at a seder?
Answer: Elijah

Question: Who is the most important figure in Passover history?
Answer: Moses

Question: Passover takes place on what date in the Hebrew calendar?
Answer: The 15th of Nisan

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Question: Where was the earliest record of The Four Questions found?
Answer: The Talmud

Question: If you can't celebrate Passover, when is Second Passover in the Hebrew calendar?
Answer: The 14th of Iyar

Question: What is commonly used as maror and served with meat?
Answer: Horseradish

Question: Who asks the questions at a Seder?
Answer: The youngest person present

Question: How many questions are asked at a Seder?
Answer: Four

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Question: The Tefillat Tal is a prayer for what?
Answer: Dew

Question: Which U.S. President was the first to host a Passover Seder at the White House?
Answer: Barack Obama

Question: Bitter herbs on a Seder plate represent what?
Answer: Life as a slave

Question: The sweet apple mixture on a Passover Seder plate is called what?
Answer: Charoset

Question: The middle days of Passover are called what?
Answer: Hol Hamoed

Question: Vegetarians often use what in place of a lamb bone on their Seder plate?
Answer: Beet

Question: A sandwich made of matzo, maror and charoset is called what?
Answer: Hillel sandwich

Question: How many ceremonial handwashings are there at a Seder?
Answer: Two

Question: The celebration held the night and day Passover ends is called what?
Answer: Maimouna

Question: Kids hunt for what after Seder?
Answer: Afikoman (dessert)

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Question: How many plagues were there in Egypt?
Answer: 10

Question: Some feminist and LGBTQ+ Seders place what on their Seder plates?
Answer: An orange

Question: What animals got sick during the Egyptian plagues?
Answer: Cattle

Question: What is customarily said at the end of a Seder?
Answer: "Next year in Jerusalem!"

Question: In 1970, Arthur Waskow introduced a Freedom Seder in honor of whom?
Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.

Question: What were the names of Moses' birth parents?
Answer: Amram and Yocheved

Question: How long does the counting of the Omer last?
Answer: 49 days

Question: "Seder" means what in Hebrew?
Answer: Order or ritual

Question: In what river was Moses found as a baby?
Answer: The Nile River

Question: God appeared to Moses as what for the first time?
Answer: A burning bush

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Question: What is the Hebrew name for Egypt?
Answer: Mitzraim

Question: What three items are used to search for chametz?
Answer: A feather, candle and spoon

Question: The Israelites are believed to have been enslaved for how long?
Answer: 400 years

Question: Which American President died during Passover?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question: In past times, which animal was sacrificed for Passover?
Answer: Lamb

Question: Those who can't drink wine sip what at a Seder?
Answer: Grape juice

Question: To date, the world's largest matzo ball was made where?
Answer: Tucson, Arizona

Question: Every year, which city hosts the largest Passover Seder?
Answer: Kathmandu

Question: How many glasses of wine are drunk at a Seder per adult?
Answer: Four

Question: Which of the four cups of wine symbolizes Kiddush?
Answer: The first

Question: What does Kiddush mean?
Answer: Sanctification

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