5 Tips For Hosting The Ultimate Spanish Dinner Party

Because no one parties like the Spanish do!

There are few cultures that live life as vibrantly as the Spanish – from bright colours, to uplifting beats and of course mouthwatering food and wine, they live life to the absolute fullest. So this summer, when you’re planning your next dinner party, why not go all out and throw a Spanish fiesta to remember.

Here are 5 tips to help you host the ultimate Spanish dinner party.

1. Take your tastebuds on a trip

When you think of Spanish food you might think of tapas or paella and think that it’s way too hard to do yourself at home – let alone attempt it for a dinner party. But to throw a Spanish dinner party you can actually simplify things right down while not compromising on taste - or impact – with an epic grazing plate or Charcuterie board.

Grazing is the perfect way to bring your guests together and mingling rather than being restricted to a sit down dinner. You can really go anywhere you want to with a grazing plate and make it as big or as small as you like (and your guest list requires of course). But be sure to add a few Spanish touches to make it authentic with some cured meats such as Jamón (Spanish ham) and chorizo, cheeses such as Manchego and Iberico and marinated olives.

Then make sure you make your platter Insta-worthy by adding loads of colourful fresh fruit, edible flowers and herbs for colour and texture.

2. Keep the drinks are flowing

Just as important as the food at any Spanish fiesta are the drinks. Be ready with a bottle of Campo Viejo Cava brut Reserva on ice for when guests arrive and then move onto a classic Spanish Temperanillo such as Campo Viejo’s Riojo Temperanillo with tastes of red plum, cherries, berries, nuances of wood and cocoa, fresh with soft tannins. Both drops pair perfectly with a grazing board, tapas, and light cheeses.

Then when all tour guests have a drink in hand say, ‘Salud!’ which is Spanish for ‘cheers’.

3. Get the party started

Nothing gets people in the mood like good music, so get some Spanish music playing to set the tone, try Latin Hits to create an upbeat atmosphere or Bossa Nova for a more relaxed vibe.

4. A Spanish welcome


There’s no such thing as personal space or shaking hands hello, the Spanish are all about the warm embrace and a kiss on both cheeks “We have a way of welcoming people in Spain,” says Campo Viejo winemaker Irene Perez. “We open our doors and our arms to visitors, even those who drop in unexpectedly. We share our food and our wine generously, and we give our full attention and warmth to the people we are with now.”

5. Get colourful

No Spanish fiesta is complete without a whole lot of colour! Decorate with a string of coloured lights outside or paper lanterns. The think colourful napkins, mixed crockery and loads of fresh flowers that will bring vibrant life to the table. Then offset all that colour with dim lighting and plenty of candles for a related and intimate mood.

But the most important tip of all is to just stay relaxed, the Spanish don’t over think things, they live in the moment and enjoy every second. “Live uncorked,” says Campo Viejo‘s Chief Winemaker Elena Adell and always remember to be genuine. “Know yourself, be yourself an express yourself,” says Elena. “This is where the true freedom comes from.”