5 Secrets About Five Guys, According to a Former Employee

So this is why they shake the fries 15 times.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Five Guys is known for its flavorful fries and tender, juicy burgers, all at super affordable prices. In a recent Reddit thread, former employee Heartthrobber shared tips and secrets about the popular fast food chain that most customers don’t know, but have perhaps wondered about—like why they’re told to flip the fries exactly 15 times, for example. To help people make the most of their experience and save money when possible, here are a few most notable nuggets of intel mentioned in the thread.

Get an Extra Slice of Cheese for Free

According to a Reddit user and customer by the handle of DJlettiejouch, it’s possible to request an extra slice of cheese for no additional cost when ordering at Five Guys. The user explains that “You can get a free extra slice of cheese if you ask,” meaning you can upgrade your cheeseburger by requesting a second layer of rich, gooey melted cheese if desired, all without a charge.

Make Your Own Off-Menu Loaded Fries

This secret menu hack comes courtesy of ex-employee Heartthrobber, who offers an easy "recipe" for making off-menu loaded fries. Place a Little Bacon Cheeseburger in a bowl with jalapeños, ketchup, and fries. Mix it up and you've got yourself delicious loaded French fries.

It’s a Rule to Shake Fries

Shaking helps “remove excess oil and so fries [don’t] stick together,” said the former employee, who adds that usually a “good 6-7 will do the trick.” Some users disagreed and replied sharing personal experiences working at Five Guys. Redditor danielrp00 wrote, “In my store we were forced to shake them 35 times.” Another user agreed that closer to 30 times was standard. So, while the number may vary, shaking is essential.

They Have Their Own Bun Recipe

The soft, delicious burger buns are impossible to get them anywhere else. That's because they aren’t generic, but branded by Five Guys and made fresh, which is why they’re unique in taste and so, so good. “Buns were made fresh for the five guys brand,” revealed the former employee. Buns are made with flour, eggs, milk, sugar, water, salt, yeast and sesame seed, and have a fluffy, eggy texture that actually resembles a light and airy cake.

Ask for Cajun Patties

Another former Five Guys employee and Redditor charlesmos2 mentioned this secret menu item: “Ask for 'Cajun Patties.' They will smash the Cajun fry seasoning into the burger on both sides while it cooks.” They say chances of being able to order cajun patties are higher in the evening than daytime. “Employees are more likely to do this for you if you request it towards the end of the evening because it means the grill has to be scraped,” the user advised in the thread. If you’re denied, Reddit user RedApple-Cigarettes gave a tip and wrote, “Alternate idea because as people have said technically we’re not allowed to do that, mix cajun into the mayo. Delicious.”

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