5 Mistakes That Are Attracting Snakes to Your Yard

You might be allowing snakes in your yard without even knowing.

Everyone wants a gorgeous yard to enjoy some fun outdoor living. While we can’t help some of the critters that may also want to soak up the sun in the grass, there are some things we can do to keep the snakes away. We spoke with a pest control expert to let us know what might attract snakes to the yard and how to deter them.

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Your grass may be too tall.

“Tall grass provides snakes cover from predators,” says Meg Pearson, a wildlife training manager with Critter Control. Grass that is too tall also allows snakes to sneak up on their prey. Be sure to mow your lawn often so that it remains short at all times. That way, snakes are not as inclined to hide there.

There are piles of debris for snakes to hide in.

Grass is not the only place snakes can hide. Your yard may have other easy hiding spaces for snakes to take shelter in, so it’s smart to keep it clean, declutter the area, and remove these potential spots. “Yards with woodpiles, loose debris, or anything lying around that would provide cover or shelter for a snake potentially could be an attractant,” Pearson says.

You have a rodent or pest infestation.

Pearson says, “Rodent and pest infestations also are attractive to snakes,” which means it’s important to take care of any situation right away. Take the steps necessary to get rid of mice, squirrels, or other rodents snakes might hunt for.

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Pets are getting fed outside.

Pet food can bring more rodents to your yard, which can—you guessed it—attract more snakes. It’s a good idea to feed your pets indoors if possible or to clean up any leftover food outside right away. You should also store pet food with a tight-fitting lid to ensure nothing can get inside the container.

You’re overwatering your lawn.

Watering your lawn is key to helping it grow green and lush, but overwatering it will not only cause it to get soggy, but can attract unwanted pests that can be prey to snakes. Keep the watering to a minimum to avoid having more worms pop up, and in return, more snakes slithering through the yard.

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

“Mow the yard regularly,” says Pearson. She adds it’s also important to remove potential sources for snakes to take shelter in. “Clear debris piles, trim shrubs, remove rock piles, and anything else lying around that would provide cover for a snake.”

When removing debris, it’s important to be cautious because snakes can already be hidden in there. Make sure to clean any potential shelter places because that’s where some snakes could be actively living, says Pearson.

However, you don’t have to do all of this on your own. Seeking professional help is also a good idea to help keep your yard snake-free. According to Pearson, “Having a recurring pest and rodent control provide preventative service will also help deter snakes from residing on your property.”

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What Should You Do If You See a Snake?

If you should see a snake in your yard, it’s best to leave it alone. “Don’t try to handle the snake yourself,” says Pearson. “Call a professional to humanely remove the snake from the property.”

Pearson adds if you can keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance while waiting for a professional to help, that can be “beneficial for the wildlife removal specialist as they will be able to quickly locate and remove the snake.”

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