5 Closet Organizing Mistakes You're Probably Making, According to the Pros

You may want to revisit your hanger choices.

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The goal of an organized closet can be a lofty one and even with the best intentions you can still make missteps in your quest for closet peace. Sure, you can declutter all the clothing and accessories you no longer wear or need, but there could be other moves you’re making that are counter-productive when trying to attain a sustainable organization method. We’ve asked three organizing pros to fill us in on the biggest mistakes you could be making that can create more clutter and may reduce your available closet space. Here’s are the closet organization errors to avoid—and what you should do instead.

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Relying on generic organizational products

You may think rushing to a home discount-retailer or an organizational store to grab an assortment of plastic drawers, baskets, bins and other “holders” may be the way to go—but this could backfire in your closet. “Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake,” cautioned Sarit Weiss, lead organizer with Neat & Orderly which is based in New York, NY. “Everybody's closets are unique, each have their own dimensions with shelves and drawers of their own,” she says, explaining that those generic options aren't one-size-fits-all.

Weiss also recalled how she’s seen people buy bins for their closets which are too short for their long shelves, which can cause both aesthetic concerns and usability barriers. “Since the bin does not use all of the shelf's depth, the bin then gets pushed to the back which allows clutter to build in front of the bin,” she adds. To better plan, Weiss recommends measuring the length, width, and height of your shelves and drawers and then buying bins which match those dimensions best. “This will help you ensure that all of your items stay in those nice new bins you bought,” she says.

Using bulky hangers

Closet space is a hot commodity and some of us may have extremely limited space to hang clothes, so using the wrong hangers may be a drawback. “Many people like to reuse hangers to reduce waste; however, many times the hangers that you receive from the stores can be unnecessarily bulky,” explained Weiss. “The bulky hangers can cause you to lose valuable space in your closet, so rather, I recommend buying quality slim hangers, which will not only help maintain the shape of your clothes but will help you save valuable space in your closet.”

Maintaining bad habits

If you’re constantly searching for garments or accessories and trying on clothes, you may be lax in putting your clothes back in a neat fashion or tidying up each day to keep the space organized. Plus, a chair or even the floor may be the landing spot of such clothing, shoes, or other wardrobe essentials you aren't ready to put away. “It’s important to recognize bad habits you have when it comes to your closet space and figure out solutions that can help you avoid repeating them,” says Ria Safford, Command brand ambassador and a celebrity home organizer based in Frisco, TX.

For example, she cited if you’re getting dressed while rushed and cannot decide on what to wear--a great solution would be to preplan your outfit with ample time. “I love the new Command™ Folding Clothes Hanger to hang outfits for the next day the night before,” Safford suggests. Another tip: remove the clothes collector. “Say ‘bye-bye’ to the chair or bench,” she adds. “Your closet should be set up in a way that is routine-ready, and a reflection of your habits—but only the good ones.”

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Neglecting to declutter regularly

Holding on to items that are no longer needed or worn contributes to overcrowded closets, making it difficult to find what you need. “A better approach is to schedule regular decluttering sessions to assess your wardrobe and belongings,” said Elizabeth Grace, a New York-based interior designer, home expert, and founder of the blog dreamhomemaking.com. “Donate or discard items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy. Keeping only what you truly love and use will maximize space and streamline your closet.”

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Failing to utilize vertical space

Overlooking vertical space results in wasted storage potential. “Clothes and accessories often end up crammed onto rods and shelves leading to a disorganized mess, but a more useful strategy is to install additional shelving, hooks, or hanging organizers to fully utilize vertical space,” Grace says. “Utilizing stackable bins or clear storage containers can also help maximize space while keeping items visible and easily accessible.”

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