The 5 Best Costco Deals Under $10 This Month

Hurry—some won't last long!



Starting to think summer? Don't worry, Costco is already ahead of you with savings on easy, no-cook meals and favorite summer drinks. Between these budget-friendly snacks, sweets, and seasonings, Costco is already helping you plan out your summer menu—and trust us, it's going to be a good one.

OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies



Deal: $9.99 (-$3.50 until 5/5)

For the first week of May only, you can score this 12-pack Oreo deal (that's 150 cookies!) for under $10.

Seems like too many cookies to handle in one month? That's not a problem we come across too often, but not to worry—the cookies' 'Stay Fresh' packaging will ensure they stay crisp and crave-worthy all summer long. So, pack a sleeve in your beach bag or travel backpack or use some to make any number of delicious Oreo desserts. As we've discovered, there's almost always an occasion for Oreos.

Pho-nomenal Vietnamese Noodle Soup Bowl



Deal: $8.99 (-$3.00 until 5/26)

For light and easy dinners, stock your cart with these microwave meals. Costco's new gluten-free noodle bowls are savory and satisfying with fresh Vietnamese flavor. And, at six bowls for under $9, this bundle couldn't be more of a deal.

Tajin, Clásico Seasoning



Deal: $8.99 (-$2.00 until 5/26)

This two-pack deal is here to spice up summer with a bit of tangy, salty heat. The Mexican seasoning makes fresh summer fruit like watermelon and mango even more irresistible, and this month, it's cheaper than ever.

Use Tajín to rim your favorite tequila cocktails, or sprinkle it on snacks like popcorn and nuts. If you're really feeling adventurous, you can even try it on your Pop-Tarts.

LaCroix Sparkling Water Variety Pack



Deal: $8.99 (-$2.50 until 5/5)

LaCroix is a regular in our Costco deal round-ups, but this month, the featured flavors are spiked with summer fun. This 24-can variety pack offers Hi-Biscus!, Limoncello, and Pasteque (Watermelon) flavors, perfect for sipping poolside or packing for a picnic.

This deal only lasts through the first week of May, so be sure to shop your favorite sparkling drinks soon.

Organic Coconut Bites



Deal: $8.69 (-$1.80 until 5/12)

Crafted by California's El Camino Real Bakery, these tasty baked bites are packed with sweet, coconutty flavor for the perfect spring treat. Put them out for easy entertaining, or save them for snacking throughout the day. According to fans on Reddit, try them once, and you'll never be leaving the store again without them.

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