This $4 Trader Joe’s Find Sold Out in Less Than 10 Minutes At Some Stores

And are being resold on eBay for up to 10 times as much.

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We haven’t heard as much about Stanley tumblers recently. We’re not saying they’re done, but the $40+ water bottle frenzy seems to have died down. Some of that tumbler excitement may have transferred to Trader Joe’s to a much less expensive product—grocery totes.

Earlier this year, a $2.99 canvas mini tote—from the store that sells a fan favorite versatile spinach and artichoke dip and treats so tempting shoppers feel powerless to pass them by—became a TikTok sensation. Some stores sold out of the small bags, and many showed up on resale sites for more than $3...A lot more.

We don’t pretend to understand the fervor shoppers had for the Trader Joe’s tote (although we certainly get it for TJ’s Unexpected Cheddar Cheese), and now we’re a bit mystified by the excitement over its latest bag—a $3.99 mini insulated tote. The day they went on sale, shoppers lined up before the store opened for the colorful bags.

Trader Joe’s Mini Insulated Totes are Flying Off the Shelves

Instagram’s Trader Joe’s Obsessed posted a photo of shoppers lined up before Trader Joe’s opened on June 4, followed by a video of people snatching the insulated totes up. Although a sign on the totes says “Limit 3,” you can see shoppers grabbing more.

“Did you get one?” the caption on the post read. “We had a limit of 3 and they sold out by 810 am but I hear there are some boxes trickling in and in July a lot more will come in!”

“Like I get that they’re cute and all but reselling TJs totes is really lame,” commented one person. But resellers seem to be making a killing on these bags. Sites like eBay show $3.99 Trader Joe’s mini insulated totes sold for $20 to $40 a bag (plus shipping!).

On the Trader Jolene Instagram post about the totes, one commenter asked about the bags that are big enough to hold just eight cans of soda, “Can someone explain to me what’s the hype?” Madeline, the voice behind Trader Jolene, answered, “It’s a $3.99 [thrill]/treasure hunt!” and added, “It's honestly just a little lunchbox with no pockets inside.”

Whether these mini cooler bags are worth the hype or not, there are already dozens and dozens of TikTok videos, Instagram stories, and other social media posts of those who snagged a tote, showing off their haul.

Our favorite comment exchange may just be this one on Trader Joe’s Obsessed post: “Sheesh, I just don’t get it. Why does everyone need a TJs cooler bag all of a sudden?! And more than one at that.” Someone answered, “I guess to hold their Stanley cup...”

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