4 Home Decor Items You're Better Off Buying Used, Designers Say

These used goods can show off your personality for less while helping the environment, too.

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Your home decor says a lot about who you are, but it doesn’t always have to be brand new to do it. Many home designers say used items can work just as well, if not even better, to add personality to your space. We spoke with two design experts to hear their recommendations on the best home items to buy used, and what to look out for when shopping secondhand.

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Why Shop Secondhand?

Decorating your space can be fun, but can also be expensive. And it can often be challenging to find the right decor to show off your personality and fit your budget. Big-name retailers may sometimes offer fair-priced items, but they're not the most special finds.

“I am a big fan of thrifting home decor whenever possible,” says Marisa Bettencourt, founder and principal designer at North + Fair Interior Design. “It's not only cost-effective but also an environmentally conscious way to beautify your home with truly unique and one-of-kind pieces.”

Jessica Vegliacich of J Layne Designs agrees, saying, “Not only are you keeping items out of the landfills and giving them another life, antiques and vintage are always wonderful to mix into any interior furnishing decor.”

Here are a few of the best items to consider buying used, according to Bettencourt and Vegliacich.

Flower Vases

“Thrifted flower vases are a great way to add color and texture to a space,” says Bettencourt. “Buying them used also means you can spray paint them and customize them in several different ways to create a piece that looks expensive and stylish.”

Potted Plants

“For plant lovers, ‘used’ plants are an affordable way to freshen up your space,” says Bettencourt. “Scope out your local secondhand sites like Facebook Marketplace and you'll discover tons of beautiful potted plants for sale, both real and fake.”

Bettencourt also states those who are gifted with a green thumb might even enjoy the fun challenge of finding low-cost plants for sale and help give them a little extra love to thrive. “If you're not as gifted with greenery, however, swapping out your dead plant won't be as devastating to your decor budget if you buy them secondhand.”

If you have the time, you could also consider taking clippings from your friends' and family's plants and propagate them to grow entirely new plants for yourself. It's easier than you think, and you'll get a ton of new plants basically for free.

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Picture Frames and Artwork

If you’re in the market to buy new art for your home, but aren’t looking to spend the retail price, buying used can be a great solution. “For my own projects and home,” says Vegliacich, “I like to source picture frames and even original art from secondhand stores or thrift shops.”

Tabletop Decor

“I’ve found exquisite pottery and other tabletop decor like busts and figurines that personalize vignettes and add character to bookshelves and credenzas,” says Vegliacich. “You can also use unique vessels that you purchased as accent pieces for flowers and potting houseplants.”

You can also make your own low-cost DIY centerpieces to put in any bowls, vases, or tabletop baskets you find while thrifting.

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