39 People Who Are Riding The Struggle Bus So Hard, I Am Trying My Darndest To Send Them A Virtual Hug

39 People Who Are Riding The Struggle Bus So Hard, I Am Trying My Darndest To Send Them A Virtual Hug

1.I can't even imagine trying to explain this to a Chase support bot.

Bank account screenshot showing an overdraft attempt for $99 billion, leaving a balance of $3,625.00
u/Masterpnutz / Via reddit.com

2.I...have no words.

Wooden tissue box on a table with a multicolored cloth underneath
u/HugePizzaCat / Via reddit.com

3.Cool, cool, this is totally normal and fair.

Advertisement for Hobby Lobby's Christmas crafts with a call to action button
u/monkey_scandal / Via reddit.com

4.Imagine being robbed AND having your music taste insulted.

Hand holding a Smash Mouth "Astro Lounge" CD in a car's front interior with dashboard and radio visible
u/ZillyZonkers / Via reddit.com

5.Womp womp.

Damaged electronic components and burnt cardboard inside a box
u/tadamig / Via reddit.com

6.Honestly...it's still worth it to have a cat.

Car window covered with frost patterns, partially scraped clean. Tape visible on top
u/thebriss22 / Via reddit.com

7.The odds of this happening...

Digital kitchen scale displaying a weight, with a blurry background
u/MindfulWonderer_ / Via reddit.com

8.This just made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Person holding a blueberry waffle up close to the camera
u/RandyBoBandy___ / Via reddit.com

9.I can't even imagine the pain I would feel at discovering this.

Text from two open book pages with overlapping content from a novel, making it hard to read
u/Humble-Bag-1312 / Via reddit.com

10.What kind of monster does this???

  u/MrRabinowitz / Via reddit.com
u/MrRabinowitz / Via reddit.com

11.*Sad Kelly Kapoor face*

A parking citation from the City of Tampa next to a smartphone displaying a parking session with the "Zone 9927"
u/Blurpy69 / Via reddit.com

12.I guess you're not throwing a party tonight!

Two bottles of rum, Mount Gay Eclipse and Kopparberg Cherry, with upside-down pourers on a shelf with other bottles
u/Kirinto / Via reddit.com

13.Or giving your baby food!

Person's hand lifting a Similac Sensitive infant formula can from a container on a countertop
u/Ok-Influence1109 / Via reddit.com

14.Of all the strange and inconvenient things to randomly receive in the mail, 1500 ladybugs have got to be up there.

Mesh bag of live ladybugs with packaging above stating the species and quantity contained
u/cattlebeforehorses / Via reddit.com

15.This person gave Final Destination a run for their money.

A rock lodged in the windshield of a car, view from outside and inside
u/Working_Astronaut_90 / Via reddit.com

16.This person started off their vacation great.

Passenger's legroom with an open beverage can on the tray table aboard an airplane
u/TuckingFypoz / Via reddit.com


Raised garden beds with assorted plants, surrounded by brick edging, in an outdoor urban setting
u/Low-improvement_18 / Via reddit.com

18.New fear unlocked!

Person's lap with EpiPen trio and a card stating their alpha-gal allergy, cautioning against multiple foods
u/GlorifiedButthole / Via reddit.com

19.Aaaaand another one!

Hand holding a small metallic object, possibly a screw or pin
u/mattedak / Via reddit.com

20.There's nothing to say to this except, "That sucks, man."

A bright light shines through trees in a dark setting with a bucket hanging from one tree
u/hau5cat / Via reddit.com

21.THIS is why I don't like getting my hair cut!!!

Hair extensions laid on a desk next to a ruler and pen, showcasing their length
u/bluenighthawk / Via reddit.com

22.Eating alone is all good and fun...until this happens.

Car keys with a red lanyard on a wood table in a dimly lit room
u/AlloyComics / Via reddit.com

23.*This* is why all teachers deserve to be paid more.

A cluttered classroom with toys, books, and furniture scattered across the floor and tables
u/Luka-the-Pooka / Via reddit.com

24.I'd be stealing my sister's clothes for all eternity in revenge for this.

Close-up of a person's lower leg with multiple dark spots, possibly bruises or marks. The person is wearing a flip-flop
u/skaroids / Via reddit.com

25.Next time, better keep this under lock and key.

A weathered copy of Homer's Iliad on a shelf with other antique items and jars
u/sneksandshit / Via reddit.com

26.To this, I offer an emphatic, "That's rough, buddy."

Smashed rear window of a truck with a refrigerator that caused the damage after falling from a loading dock
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

27.These poor, unfortunate souls prove why over-the-ear headphones — sorry — are superior to AirPods.

A clear plastic bag filled with several pairs of used earbud headphones.
u/sachemo / Via reddit.com

28.I feel like in situations like this, you should be allowed to break their windshield with a golf club.

A white Toyota sedan parked on a residential street in front of houses
u/endureand_survive / Via reddit.com

29.I'm honestly wondering how badly this person pissed off a former manager to have this happen.

Email exchange about a job application not proceeding due to inability to verify references
u/Vultron- / Via reddit.com

30.As someone who cares deeply about my Wordle score, this might just break me.

Wordle game screen showing two attempted words, "MEANT" with one letter correct and "AUDIO" with three letters correct
u/PostComa / Via reddit.com

31.This is why living in rural places with snow is so fun! (Reader: She was being sarcastic. Living in rural places with snow is not at all fun beyond the first few snow days.)

A snow-covered landscape with a fence and a package stuck at its base
u/raleighs / Via reddit.com

32.How much do you want to bet that the landlord was just like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

A hallway with multiple closed doors on both sides, marked with numbers; the floor has a spilled liquid
u/LaurenWrightReddit / Via reddit.com

33.I think this iPhone might be a lost cause.

Screenshot of a map on an iPhone showing a location indicator in Kenya, with a pop-up for device options
u/Fakepoly / Via reddit.com

34.Good luck taking a bath after this.

A damaged bathtub with a broken faucet and exposed pipe
u/dead_meat101 / Via reddit.com

35.This has got to win some sort of bad luck award.

Car's back seat through an open door, with debris and a white towel on the seat
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

36.This is the kind of thing that makes me think people are inherently selfish.

Sunglasses, watch and a phone displaying an "Activation Lock" message on a stone surface
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

37.This might be the biggest waste of time I can possibly think of...but I also cannot imagine my sheer joy at guessing the right combination.

Close-up of a locked suitcase with combination lock and a retractable handle
u/anonnomel / Via reddit.com

38.Oh, you wanted dinner tonight? Too bad!

A person's hand holding a lid over a steaming pot on a kitchen stove with utensils and appliances in the background
u/TheGaleForce / Via reddit.com

39.And finally...I'm never trusting makeup packaging ever again.

Hand holding an open eyeshadow palette with floral design and six shimmery shades
u/Admirable-Employee-7 / Via reddit.com