Dehydrated Blood, Corneal Implants, And 35 Other Wild Photos Of The Human Body That Prove Science Is Basically Magic

1.Here's what your eyes look like after crying:

Close-up of a human eye showing intricate details of the iris and blood vessels
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2.Here's what dehydrated blood looks like:

Small glass bottle with a cork, containing black granular substance, on a wooden surface
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3.Here's what a biker's legs look like after completing just one stage of the Tour de France:

Person's lower legs and feet standing on carpet, showing detailed muscle definition
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4.And this is what an Olympic rower's hands look like after rowing for 1,000 km:

Two hands soaked, showing the effect of prolonged water exposure, palms up
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5.Here's what an X-ray of a child's hand looks like:

X-ray image of a human left hand showing bones
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6.And here's how your hand changes over time:

X-ray images of a human hand at different ages showing bone development stages
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7.Here are the smallest bones in the body (they're in the ear):

Tiny figurine of bones on a fingertip
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8.This is what it looks like to have your index finger amputated and re-attached as a thumb (this person was born without a thumb, and it's more useful to have a thumb than an index finger):

A person's right hand making a three-fingered gesture against a plain wall
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9.Here's what a corneal implant looks like:

Close-up of a human eye with a medical ring device implanted for a surgical procedure
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10.Here's what an X-ray of a meat grinder injury looks like:

X-ray image showing mangled bones and flesh
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11.This is what it looks like if you get a skin graft on your hand (if it's from a part of your body that grows hair, it will still grow hair once transplanted):

A person's palm facing the camera with fingers spread apart
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12.This is how amazing surgery is:

Two images: left shows a baby's hand gripping an adult's finger; right shows an arm with surgical stitching
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13.This is what it looks like if you push a Q-tip too deep into your ear (let this be a lesson not to use Q-tips to clean your ears!!):

Endoscopic view of a medical condition within an ear
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14.This is what a cross-section of a bone looks like:

Cross-section of a human bone showing internal structure
QAI Publishing/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

15.Here's what an actual human brain looks like:

Gloved hands holding a human brain for demonstration
Paul Chinn/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

16.Here are all the different layers of the skin as a wound heals:

Close-up of a human thumb showing layers of skin
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17.Here's what it looks like to be born with two conjoined thumbs:

Conjoined thumbs on a hand
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18.Here's how much muscles atrophy after an injury forces you not to use them (seen on the left foot compared to the right):

comparing an atrophied foot to a normal one
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19.Here's what it looks like to get a tan when you have vitiligo:

Person's arm extended upwards with visible vitiligo patches
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20.And here's how vitiligo can affect hair:

Hair styled in an updo with strands wrapped around a bun
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21.Here's what it looks like to have Polycoria (aka multiple pupils):

Close-up of a human eye showing detailed iris and eyelashes
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22.Here's another example of Polycoria:

Close-up of a human eye with a reflection on the cornea
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23.This is how realistic a prosthetic eye can look:

Close-up of a person's eye with visible eyelashes and eyebrow
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24.Here's what strands of DNA look like:

Test tube with a precipitate against a blurred industrial background
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25.Here's what a hand with no middle knuckles looks like:

A hand without middle knuckles
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26.Here's what all of someone's baby teeth look like after losing them:

Several extracted human teeth of varying sizes are displayed in a row next to a penny for scale
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27.And here's a baby tooth next to a wisdom tooth:

a baby tooth next to a wisdom tooth
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28.Here's how breast milk changes in color from just a few days after giving birth to weeks after:

Two labeled breast milk storage bags with measurements, one partially filled
lfpod / Via

29.Here's what it looks like to have supernumerary (aka extra) teeth:

Close-up of upper and lower teeth with dental braces visible
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30.If you have melanin in your skin, this is how the color comes back into your skin after a burn — aka in spots:

Close-up of a person's foot with a healing wound and dotted skin pattern, possibly from a medical condition or treatment
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31.This is what a man without skin looks like, as seen in an anatomy museum:

Exhibit of a preserved human body in a standing position, with onlookers observing
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32.You can see the difference a prosthetic eye makes here:

Closeup of a person's eyes showing how prosthetics improve the eye
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33.And here:

Closeup of a person's eyes showing how prosthetics improve the eye
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34.Here's how a bruise develops 36 hours after an injury (in this case, from a softball):

Four-angle view of a person's bruised knee following an injury
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35.This is what "fire stains" or "toasted skin syndrome" looks like (it can occur from too much heat exposure — for example, from a heating pad):

Skin with a pattern of darker patches, possibly a skin condition or birthmark, on a person's back
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36.This is how much the brain changes from age 12 to 22:

MRI scans showing a side view of a human brain
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37.And this isn't really the human body, but it's so wild I had to include it...this is what a snake fang looks like after being pulled from your skin after getting bitten:

Close-up of a hand holding tweezers with a snake tooth
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