35 People Who Said Something Confidently And Then Learned That They Were So Wrong, It's Embarrassing

1.This person who should not be entering any spelling bees:

it's a shame when a person puts a ligament question on here and has to put up with a lot of bullshit
u/rrussotoo / Via

2.This person who was corrected on something wayyyy too late in life:

someone thought it was brown eye points instead of brownie points
u/SirDidymusAnusLover / Via

3.This person who was so wrong, but doubled downed anyway:

person thinks it's doggy dog instead of dog eat dog
u/Whattatheysellin / Via

4.This person who was trying to sell their couch on Facebook:

corner couch with abdomen
u/Shakenbakess / Via

5.This person who pointed out Sonic the Hedgehog's character flaws:

unlike sonic who likes to be super fast and ego testicle
u/OptimusDorito / Via

6.This person who aspired to be like a family they saw online:

living bi-curiously through you guys
u/DidYouEverHear / Via

7.This person who was comparing bananas and plantains:

plantains are basically an even starchier savior banana
u/Edit4Credit / Via

8.This person who wanted people to remember their worth:

looking for a man who know's a woman's worth and doesn't take it for granite
u/SchemeWorth6105 / Via

9.This parent who needed to get back to school themself:

i'm tired of our kids being used as ponds
u/whorsefly / Via

10.This person's answer to a Hinge prompt:

my most irrational fear: zombie a pack of lips lmao
u/Alcarinque88 / Via

11.This person who corrected someone and still made a mistake:

it's not hentai, it may have some sexual indue windows but it's not hentai
u/DarkFireType / Via

12.This person's passionate rant about cats' diets:

cats are coniferous they only eat meat that is unless they are starving then they'll eat whatever they can find
u/Lawliet1031 / Via

13.This person explaining a game:

that's up to the digression of the player, person responds, i think you mean discretion, digression means a veerance from the main topic, path
u/nbandqueerren / Via

14.This person who realized what "news" meant:

merriam webster twitter accounts reponds no to a person tweeting, it took me 19 years to find out what news meant, notable events, weather, and sports
u/brutalproduct / Via

15.This person's message about actors:

an actor is an actor plays characters, it's in the job prescription
u/Temporary_PE_Coach / Via

16.This person who was protecting their food:

if you don't have anything in this fridge raider you don't have no business taking something don't belongs to you
u/-BossHog- / Via

17.This person trying to find their son's glasses:

my son left his glasses at the park if anyone finds them please message me they are precipitation glasses
u/small_tits404 / Via

18.This person opening up about their insecurities:

i'm 5'9 and weigh 190 and it's hurting myself of steam a lot
u/Sorry-Series-3504 / Via

19.This person who left a review about how fresh a restaurant's food was:

everything is fresh and handmade no conservations of frozen food
u/musinginsomniac / Via

20.This person who had a hot take about certain wings:

garlic permission the worst flavor wings
u/RippyADMB / Via

21.This person who didn't know what the sun was:

i swear some people are so stupid, i was on the train and 2 nerds thought the sun was a star
u/therattywoman / Via

22.This person who gave financial advice:

person saying they'd rather make $6 every month of their life than one million right now
u/Hetalbot / Via

23.This person whose grammar rules made no sense:

on today's episode of people correcting other people incorrectly
u/OnePlayerReady / Via

24.This person who insisted that space was fake:

take a straw dip it in the ocan and suck you just defeated gravity
u/World_of_Warshipgirl / Via

25.This person who said blood was blue:

blood is blue before oxygen and the army says blood is purple
u/Mundane_Son4631 / Via

26.This person who found Washington very scenic:

washington is so urethral
u/Salazard260 / Via

27.This person who was trying to be sexy:

i am your damsel in this dress come save me
u/OmenLW / Via

28.This person who was describing someone's boyfriend:

he's very stand office with all of his girlfriends
u/chunkyyeti / Via

29.This person who told someone what they were having for breakfast:

person calls eggs benedict eggs-been-a-dick
u/supermav27 / Via

30.This person who didn't understand simple fractions:

someone explaining fractions and someone asks, what are those signs?
u/supercrazestar / Via

31.This person who stan'ed Big Dairy:

cow milk was literally made for humans
u/Jacked_Shrimp / Via

32.This person who just needed to sort out their stomach issues:

do you like your gastro astronomer
u/baba_oh_really / Via

33.This person who planned to travel outside of the US based on the election outcome:

if biden wins i am leaving the us and going to hawaii, vote red assholes
u/pigmons_balloon / Via

34.This person who thought someone misspelled a word:

you know breathe and breath are 2 different words right
u/pizzaintensifies / Via

35.And lastly, this person who will probably not get their wish:

when i graduate i wanna be my class's valid victorian
u/Miserable-Argument40 / Via