35 Good Friday Wishes Reflecting on Christ’s Sacrifice and Love to Kick off Easter Weekend

35 Good Friday wishes

Good Friday is the Friday right before Easter and is a day to remember what Christ did for us on the cross. It's a time to reflect on the sacrifice that he made and the great love that God has for us. As we think about all that was done for us and the joy it gives, it becomes easy to pass the love forward with encouraging words to others. On this Good Friday, you may want to take the time to pass along wishes to another person. And if you are having a hard time thinking of Good Friday wishes and messages to share, we came up with a list of ideas for you.

It's easy to say "Happy Easter" and "He is risen/He is risen, indeed" when we are rejoicing on Resurrection Sunday. But on Good Friday, we are honoring Christ's sacrifice and death on the cross. As a day of somber gratitude, we almost don't feel right saying, "Happy Good Friday." So, how do we greet one another at church, post on social media or express wishes on a card? There's nothing wrong with "Happy Good Friday," but there are other wishes that provide some additional reflection and thought.

This day can bring up a lot of emotions. Whether you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude or an abundance of peace and clarity, you can wish those feelings on someone else as well. As you get ready to greet others on this Good Friday—whether online, at home or at your church's Good Friday service, here are 35 thoughtful and encouraging Good Friday wishes to share.  

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35 Good Friday Wishes and Messages



1. "May we remember what today is all about."

2. "Let's consider Christ's sacrifice as we put others first today."

3. "May the sacrifice that Jesus made fill you with gratitude and peace."

4. "Wishing you a peaceful Good Friday."

5. "May we reflect on God's great love on this Good Friday."

6. "Let this Good Friday remind us of how much love God has for us."

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7. "Praying that you will find comfort and joy on this Good Friday."

8. "May this Good Friday bring new meaning to your life."

9. "May the message of the cross be a source of comfort for you."

10. "Let's rejoice in God's saving grace."

11. "Hope you are feeling blessed this Good Friday."

12. "We give thanks to God for everything he has done for us."

13. "May contemplating Good Friday deepen your faith and closeness to God."

14. "Wishing you a blessed Good Friday."

15. "Hoping you find strength as you look to what was done on the cross." 

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16. "Let's leave our burdens at the cross and praise our heavenly Father."



17. "We rejoice in God's love as we reflect on the day."

18. "Let's humbly give thanks for the sacrifice Christ made."

19. "Let the joy in your heart overflow to others."

20. "On this day, I hope you are filled with peace and love." 

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21. "Let God's mercy and grace spill over to the relationships you have with others."

22. "Hoping this Good Friday is joyous and meaningful to you."

23. "Wishing you a day filled with reflection and gratitude."

24. "May this Good Friday bring you hope and healing."

25. "Blessings to you on this special day of gratitude."

26. "May the love of Jesus give you hope and faith."

27. "Let's consider how undeserving we are as we give mercy to others."

28. "Hoping you feel how special you are in God's eyes."

29. "Let's give thanks to Jesus for taking on our sins."

30. "Wishing you peace and joy on this Good Friday."

31. "May we never forget the sacrifice Christ made."

32. "Hoping you find peace in knowing your sins are forgiven."

33. "Hoping you receive God's incredible gift on this Good Friday."

34. "Let's do all we can to give glory to God on this Good Friday."

35. "May your day feel a little lighter knowing your debt has been paid."

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