Sagittarius: Today's horoscope

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February 18, 2019

The Full Moon is coming…

This Full Moon straddles your Home and Work Zones and asks you to find a balance between all that you do to make your mark on the world versus all you need to do for your own sense of inner peace. With Jupiter in your sign and crazy Uranus about to move into your Daily Life Zone, you really do need to carve out some downtime to balance out everything else going on your chart!

Why every strong woman and man needs to surrender…

When you first hear the word surrender, it can sound like giving up. But in fact, surrendering to the Universe, to the Divine, is less about giving up and more about getting out of your own way. It’s the best thing we can all do, especially now as we move towards the Full Moon. Reason being, it means we admit we are NOT in control of everything and the Universe/God/dess/Source often has a better idea. I do it every month. Do you? Work with the Full Moon via membership to our (free) Moon Lite Club.