32 Brides And Grooms Who Took Tacky To A Whooooole New Level

1.This couple had their child wear this weird, misogynistic sign while walking down the aisle at their wedding.

"Last chance to run, daddy. Here comes...mummy"
u/odette-loves-cookies / Via reddit.com

2.This couple themed their wedding hashtags around 9/11.

u/miscbuchanan / Via reddit.com

3.This bride thought it'd be funny to have her mom wear a dildo while walking her daughter down the aisle(???).

"So my mom and step mom will be walking me down the aisle..."
u/sedegispeilet / Via reddit.com

4.This couple not only had the groom wear a literal ball and chain, but the bride also kissed every single male guest at the wedding.

"I went to a wedding that had a ball and chain."
u/kaioone / Via reddit.com

5.This couple somehow thought this wedding cake topper was charming.

A wedding cake topper of a bride pulling her groom from a game of "Fortnite"
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

6.Why is this such a thing?

A cake topper with a groom running away
u/shakybagels / Via reddit.com

7.I'm not making this up. There's a million cake toppers like this.

A cake topper where a groom is being held captive by the bride
u/nonsenseword37 / Via reddit.com

8.This groom thought it'd be funny to write the word "help" on his shoes during the ceremony.

A groom's shoes saying "help"
u/thewanderingdisaster / Via reddit.com

9.This sign was just distasteful.

"Men to the left because women are always right!"
u/Biacon_9687 / Via reddit.com

10.Though this one — outside a small tent for the bride and groom — managed to be far, far, far worse.

"If the tent's a rockin, don't come a knockin!"
u/weird_turtles / Via reddit.com

11.And this sign was just majorly insensitive.

"Brides Lives Matter"
u/funnygal1224 / Via reddit.com

12.This decor was pretty shitty (see what I did there?).

Toilet paper decorations
u/Ortant / Via reddit.com

13.And this plan for bathrooms at a wedding was...concerning, to say the least.

  u/morning1022 / Via reddit.com
u/morning1022 / Via reddit.com

14.This "bathroom" wasn't much better — but apparently, the couple thought it was good enough to sell.

Men's outdoor bathrooms
u/ajlk24 / Via reddit.com

15.This cake was just...disturbing.

Cake toppers that look like the groom killed the bride
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

16.This condom corsage is making me want to go back to 30 seconds ago, when I didn't know it existed.

A condom corsage
u/frabelle / Via reddit.com

17.Shotgun shell boutonnieres are (I guess) better than condom corsages, but not by much.

"when country meets classy"
u/Mustachefleas / Via reddit.com

18.This couple had a Confederate flag cake.

A cake with a Confederate flag on it
u/fu2020fu / Via reddit.com

19.Like, why is this a thing???

Groomsmen in the Confederate flag
u/koyay706 / Via reddit.com

20.The caption to this reads: "Went to a wedding where the ordained minister dressed up in a rabbi costume and made antisemitic jokes."

A man dressed as a rabbi
u/thatmeddlingkid7 / Via reddit.com

21.Literally, why would anyone think this is a good idea?

"we are having a ww2 themed wedding in a history museum"
u/RaysAreBaes / Via reddit.com

22.This couple decided to brag about the bride's first hit as a married woman.

A bride hitting the bong
u/southAfRknCraka / Via reddit.com

23.This wedding also apparently gave out gun-shaped soaps as favors.

signs on a wedding table

The signs read:

"You are the:

criminal to my activity

lights to my siren

ammo in my gun

keys to my cuffs

glaze on my donut

pepper in my spray

shock in my taser

Kevlar in my vest

Love of my life"

u/bad-rowboat / Via reddit.com

24.This bride didn't seem to care about the groom at all.

"Welcome to Becca's wedding, featuring Jack"
u/Drprim83 / Via reddit.com

25.And this groom called his bride-to-be a "hoe" in his groomsmen invitations.

"Stand with me, bro, when I marry my hoe"
u/mdnnnsph / Via reddit.com

26.And this groom wore *this* at his bachelor party.

"Last day of freedom, I'm marrying a psychopath...save me"
u/goodbutterballz / Via reddit.com

27.This couple sent "invites" telling people they weren't invited, but that they should "contribute to [their] trip fund" anyways.

"Or if you'd prefer to do it the old-fashioned way"
u/JelizaEB / Via reddit.com

28.These invitations were...well, not exactly formal.

"Shit you need to know"
u/sarahnicole2828 / Via reddit.com

29.This couple had some ideas for their wedding that were in reallyyyy poor taste.

"it seems hugely inappropriate to make jokes about 'stop resisting' when Black people are being killed by cops."
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

30.And this couple actually went through with their weird, insensitive, police-themed wedding decor.

Police-themed wedding
u/HolyShonks / Via reddit.com

31.This groom tried to pay a wedding singer in bridesmaids.

"Then you should probably pay for me and not just with food and thirsty bridesmaids."
u/megabollockchops / Via reddit.com

32.And finally, this couple wanted to put tombstones of their dead relatives in their Halloween-themed wedding.

"Tombs for dead relatives at Halloween wedding"

If you can't read the above, it says:

"We are planning a Hallowedding this year in October and are looking for ways to memorialized loved ones who have passed. Our decorator has put together a faux cemetery, and we thought doing custom headstones for our loved ones would be a wonderful idea! We are a bit torn, though, on if we want to include dates or just their names. We thought it would be nice to put their wedding anniversary on the stone and also include a framed photo of them on their wedding day next to it. Or perhaps we do their birth-death year. Our concern is trying to fit too much information as the headstones are only 18 x 24 inches. Also, there is one grandparent who is still alive, and his wife has recently passed earlier this year. Our concern is possibly triggering him seeing his wife's name memorized this way. What do you think?"

u/wickedkittylitter / Via reddit.com