Here's How Radically Different 65 Celebrities Looked At The "Old Age" Of 31

People are once again making baseless claims that people in their 30s are old.

Two elderly people, a woman and a man, sit at a table with a laptop; the woman points at the man's smartphone
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It all started when a picture of Miley Cyrus went viral, claiming the 31-year-old Grammy award-winning singer "aged like fine wine."

Miley Cyrus, age 31, sits smiling and relaxed in a business-casual outfit, as described in a tweet praising her

People were like, "Wait, what? 31 is old now?"

Cartoon of a skeleton sitting in a chair with a humorous caption: "How you must imagine 31 year olds look". Tweet by Austin with the handle @Flawsom

"She's 31, not 71," one person said.

Tweet by user @casey_payne999 that reads, "She's 31... not 71"

Another person said. "She's not geriatric, she looks normal for a 31-year-old."

Tweet from Carlie (@mynameiscarlie): "she’s 31, she’s not considered geriatric. she looks like a normal 31 y/o."

Sooo, because this seems to be a trend, let's look at what 31 has looked like in our *recent* history so we can determine once and for all if 31 is old now*.

*Dear God, it isn't.

1.Paul Rudd at the "ripe old age" of 31:

Paul Rudd at an event, wearing a casual dark shirt with a white undershirt, and a jacket

In 2000.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

2.Brad Pitt at 31:

Brad Pitt, wearing a casual sweater, with long blonde hair and a beard

In 1994.

Ron Davis / Getty Images

3.Prince William at 31:

Prince William in a formal coat and tie, looking ahead

In 2013.

Max Mumby / Getty Images

4.Keanu Reeves at 31:

Keanu Reeves waves while wearing a casual suit, standing outdoors during an event. Two other individuals are visible in the background

In 1995.

Ron Davis / Getty Images

5.Meryl Streep at 31:

Meryl Streep posing with a neutral expression, her hands resting on a surface, adorned with a flower. She is wearing a simple outfit and hoop earrings

In 1980.

Evening Standard / Getty Images

6.Tom Cruise at 31:

Tom Cruise kneeling with his hands raised, showing handprints on a Hollywood Walk of Fame star while smiling at a ceremony

In 1993.

Barry King / WireImage / Getty Images

7.Meghan Markle at 31:

Meghan Markle on the red carpet in a short, long-sleeved black dress with a gold design on the neckline, posing for photos with fans in the background

In 2013.

Andrew Cowie / AFP via Getty Images

8.Kim Kardashian at 31:

Kim Kardashian holding a plaque with a key to the city. She is in a stylish, light, ruffled dress, standing in front of a terrazzo wall; two people are behind her

In 2012.

Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

9.Betty White at 31:

Betty White in a classic portrait, wearing a plaid jacket and smiling at the camera

In 1954.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

10.JFK at 31:

President Harry S. Truman sits at a desk surrounded by seven men in suits, engaged in discussion

In 1948.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

11.Travis Kelce at 31:

Travis Kelce stands looking ahead, dressed in a football uniform during a game

In 2021.

Michael Owens / Getty Images

12.Dolly Parton at 31:

Dolly Parton with voluminous curly hair and detailed eye makeup, looking slightly to the side

In 1977.

Newsday Llc / Newsday RM via Getty Images

13.Elton John at 31:

Elton John wearing a New York Yankees cap and a graphic T-shirt

In 1978.

Sophia Morizet / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

14.Helen Mirren at 31:

Woman standing indoors wearing a layered outfit with a long necklace and floral skirt

In 1976.

Evening Standard / Getty Images

15.Seth Rogen at 31:

Seth Rogen sits on a talk show set, wearing a suit and smiling at the camera. The cityscape background suggests a night-time show setting

In 2013.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

16.Kim Cattrall at 31:

A woman on a red carpet, wearing a long sleeveless dress over a black long-sleeve top, standing next to a parking meter at night

In 1993.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

17.Suzanne Somers at 31:

Couple poses, with woman in a floral dress and man in a striped suit. Names of the individuals are unknown

In 1978.

Tom Wargacki / WireImage / Getty Images

18.Cher at 31:

In 1977.

In 1977.

Fairchild Archive / Fairchild Archive via Getty Images

19.Joe Biden at 31:

A young man stands indoors wearing a suit and tie, looking directly at the camera

In 1973.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

20.Sir Ian McKellen at 31:

In 1970.

In 1970.

Mirrorpix / Getty Images

21.Barbra Streisand at 31:

Barbra Streisand poses with a hand to her temple, wearing a patterned jacket

In 1973.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

22.Al Pacino at 31:

Al Pacino in a casual denim outfit with an American flag patch on the sleeve, posing indoors

In 1971.

Screen Archives / Getty Images

23.Shakira at 31:

Shakira at an event, wearing a strapless black outfit with a gold-accented belt. She has wavy hair and is smiling at the camera

In 2008.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

24.Denzel Washington at 31:

Denzel Washington smiles, wearing a striped shirt and tie, in a professional studio portrait

In 1985.

Nbc / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

25.Andrew Garfield at 31:

Emma Stone in a sleeveless pink top and high-slit skirt, and Andrew Garfield in a suit with a bow tie, pose together on a red carpet

In 2014.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

26.Julia Louis-Dreyfus at 31:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a black gown, smiling on the red carpet at a formal event, surrounded by other attendees in formal attire

In 1992.

Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

27.Julie Andrews at 31:

Julie Andrews holds an Oscar statue in front of a curtain as a man in a tuxedo stands in the background

In 1966.

Express / Getty Images

28.Maggie Smith at 31:

A woman wearing a strapless polka-dot dress poses outdoors on a sunny day

In 1965.

Tv Times / TV Times/Future Publishing via Getty Images

29.Donald Trump at 31:

Donald Trump stands outdoors in front of a building, displaying a large architectural model and a rendering of a complex

In 1977.

New York Daily News Archive / NY Daily News via Getty Images

30.Bruce Springsteen at 31:

In 1980.

In 1980.

Aaron Rapoport / Corbis via Getty Images

31.Jessica Lange at 31:

Jessica Lange wearing a luxurious fur coat, captured in a thoughtful expression

In 1980.

Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

32.Courteney Cox at 31:

Jon Lovitz and Courteney Cox at a public event, Jon in a black outfit and Courteney in a floral cropped blouse and high-waisted pants

33.Nic Cage at 31:

Nicolas Cage poses in a stylish outfit featuring a large fur-lined jacket and a flat cap, with people in the background at an event

In 1995.

Ron Davis

34.Goldie Hawn at 31:

Young woman with long, wavy hair, wearing a lacy, Victorian-style blouse, standing in what looks like an old-fashioned bar

In 1976.

Screen Archives / Getty Images

35.Austin Butler at 31:

Austin Butler in a black blazer and satin shirt

In 2023.

Karwai Tang / WireImage / Getty Images

36.Glen Powell at 31:

Glen Powell on the red carpet, wearing a classic black tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie

In 2020.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for InStyle

37.Lenny Kravitz at 31:

Lenny Kravitz performs live on stage, passionately singing into a microphone. He wears a leather outfit and has long dreadlocks

In 1995.

Watal Asanuma / Getty Images

38.Zoë Kravitz at 31:

In 2020.

In 2020.

Kevork Djansezian / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images via Getty Images

39.Christina Aguilera at 31:

Christina Aguilera holding a fan with heart shapes, wearing a black hat and striped dress, posing on a red chair

In 2012.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

40.Sandra Bullock at 31:

Sandra Bullock, wearing a simple white t-shirt with her name tag, looks to the side in a candid photo

In 1995.

Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

41.Mick Jagger at 31:

Mick Jagger is sitting, wearing a patterned shirt with wide, dark stripes and a white vest. His hand rests on a surface, and he appears to be in a reflective mood

In 1974.

Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

42.Justin Timberlake at 31:

Justin Timberlake in a plaid shirt and hat, and Jessica Biel in a floral dress, standing closely together at an indoor event

In 2012.

Michael Kovac / WireImage / Getty Images

43.Paris Hilton at 31:

Paris Hilton poses in an elegant white gown with jeweled embellishments and drop earrings

In 2012.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

44.Jake Gyllenhaal at 31:

Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet, wearing a classic black suit with a dark shirt, posing for photos at an event

In 2012.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

45.Snoop Dogg at 31:

In 2002.

In 2002.

James Devaney / WireImage / Getty Images

46.Frank Sinatra at 31:

Frank Sinatra in a formal portrait, wearing a checkered suit and a bow tie

In 1946.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

47.Catherine O'Hara at 31:

A woman with curly hair, wearing an elegant, sequined black dress and a leather jacket, steps out of a car at a nighttime event

In 1985.

Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

48.Sarah Jessica Parker at 31:

Sarah Jessica Parker smiling at the camera, sitting in a white chair, wearing a white outfit with curly hair down

In 1996.

Pool Arnal / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

49.Aaron Paul at 31:

Aaron Paul at a GQ event, in a tuxedo with a bow tie

In 2011.

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

50.Jennifer Aniston at 31:

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt walk the red carpet, with Jennifer in a casual chic outfit and Brad donning a leather jacket and relaxed attire

In 2000.

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

51.Dwayne Johnson at 31:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson smiling, dressed in a suit with a striped shirt and red tie at a formal event. Several people visible in the background

In 2003.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

52.Jessica Simpson at 31:

Jessica Simpson in a patterned mini dress shaking hands with Kathy Griffin in a teal dress at a Us Weekly event. The backdrop features branding from sponsors

In 2011.

Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic / Getty Images

53.Jennifer Lopez at 31:

Jennifer Lopez wearing a deep-V, tropical-themed dress at an event, standing in front of a backdrop with CBS and Grammy logos

In 2000.

Bob Riha Jr / Getty Images

54.John Travolta at 31:

John Travolta in a black tuxedo and polka dot bow tie, smiling at an event

In 1985.

John Shelley Collection / Getty Images

55.Gwyneth Paltrow at 31:

Gwyneth Paltrow on the red carpet, wearing a black dress with a fur shawl and statement earrings, against a backdrop featuring 'Hasbro' and 'Beth Abraham Family of Health Services'

In 2003.

M. Von Holden / FilmMagic

56.Idris Elba at 31:

Idris Elba standing outdoors wearing a casual button-up shirt

In 2003.

Djamilla Rosa Cochran / WireImage / Getty Images

57.Ashton Kutcher at 31:

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at a Harper's Bazaar event, with Ashton wearing a sweater over a collared shirt and Demi in a sleeveless dress

In 2009.

Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic / Getty Images

58.Ryan Reynolds at 31:

Ryan Reynolds wearing a white shirt and dark sweater, speaking into a microphone

In 2008.

G. Gershoff / WireImage / Getty Images

59.Blake Lively at 31:

Blake Lively posing on the red carpet in a shimmering, sleeveless metallic gown with a high neckline and side cutouts, accessorized with large statement earrings

In 2018.

Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

60.Nicole Kidman at 31:

Nicole Kidman in a chic sleeveless dress and Tom Cruise in a casual shirt and pants pose together on a red carpet at a movie premiere

61.Tyra Banks at 31:

Tyra Banks wearing an elegant black dress with intricate details, posing at an event

In 2004.

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

62.Madonna at 31:

Madonna sitting on a chair, wearing a sleeveless black top and holding a piece of paper

In 1989.

L. Busacca / WireImage / Getty Images

63.Pharrell at 31:

Pharrell Williams wearing a graphic T-shirt with ice cream cone design and an olive green jacket at a public event

In 2004.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc

64.Britney Spears at 31:

Britney Spears sits on a talk show set wearing a patterned V-neck dress, smiling and looking at the camera

In 2012.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

65.And lastly, Taylor Swift at 31:

Taylor Swift poses with her Grammy award, wearing a floral-embroidered dress at the Grammys

In 2021.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Recording Academy