31 Fun Second Date Ideas To Keep the Spark Going

Smiling couple on a fun second date

The dating scene right now may be rough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun planning ways to get to know a potential partner better. Now that you’re past the first date jitters, you can brainstorm what to do on a second date to keep the spark going. What's the best plan for this important 2nd date? Well, the options are endless, from cooking classes to something more budget-friendly, like a walk in the park. However, sometimes, coming up with a fun second date that fits within your and your date’s budget and preferences is more complicated than you might think. 

Remember, ultimately, the goal is to get to know the other person better. Regardless of the cute activity you choose, spend time asking questions to gauge your compatibility and interest. Here are 31 good second date ideas to get you started and to easily answer the question: "Where should we go on a date?"

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31 Fun Second Date Ideas To Keep the Spark Going

1. Cook a Meal Together

Cooking a meal might seem like you’re suggesting a chore for a date, but it’s actually a way to spend time together in a casually intimate setting—your home. Preparing your favorite dish is also a way for either of you to show off your favorite meal, a part of your culture or your amazing culinary skills.

2. Go to the Arcade

Get rid of the second-date nerves and have fun by going to an arcade. Playing classics like skeeball, air hockey and pinball gives you the space to let loose and be yourselves, maybe even showing off a different side of your personality than you portrayed during the first date.

3. Tackle a Baking Project

Another date idea that involves the kitchen is tackling a baking project. Whether one of you is a pie-making pro or neither of you has ever baked a cake, creating something sweet and delicious from scratch is a hands-on way to see how well you work together as a team. Even if there are challenges along the way, in the end, you’ll have a nice treat to enjoy together.

4. Try Out a Pub Crawl

Discover new pubs and bars in your area by going on a pub crawl with your date. Along with learning some new beer or cider flavors, you’ll learn new things about your potential partner.

Before choosing this option, ask your date if they’re comfortable with drinking on a date.

5. …Or a Food Tour

If a pub crawl isn’t your style, get adventurous and try a food tour. Some towns offer pre-scheduled tours, or you can create your own with new restaurants or old favorites you want your date to try. Finish with dessert, drinks and great conversation.

6. Attend a Sip and Paint Night

Sip and paint nights are perfect for creatives looking to dabble in the arts during date night. Even if you’re not artistic, working together (or separately) on a painting is fun, relaxing and a great bonding experience.

7. Netflix and Chill

Sometimes, a night at home is better than going out on the town. Sit back, relax and pick out a movie on Netflix to cozy up and watch. Plus, if you get their Netflix password on the second date, there’s a good chance you’ll have a third one.

8. Create Your Own Cocktail Night

Have a themed cocktail night where each of you creates a cocktail that reflects your favorite drink. Whether you prefer a bourbon on the rocks or a margarita, showing off your bartending skills is a fun way to bond with your date. Even better, add a twist to your favorite cocktail and come up with a new recipe together.

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9. Go to a Museum

Spend the afternoon in a museum learning about history, science or anything else your area has to offer on a second date. The artifacts and exhibits can be talking points if the conversation isn’t flowing. Another option is to learn more about your city’s history by going to your town museum if there is one.

10. Explore the Downtown, or One Nearby

Explore all your downtown has to offer for a low-key second date. Have a coffee at your local coffee shop, stop for brunch at the cafe, or browse the bookstores and antique shops for an afternoon of relaxing fun. This option also works for both small and large budgets since most downtown areas have a variety of activities to choose from. If you don’t have a thriving downtown, search for the nearest one to you and take a road trip.

11. Plan a Hike

One way to ensure your date doesn’t want to take a hike is to plan one. Enjoy a day in nature by taking a walk through nature. You can even plan a picnic once you reach your destination to make the date last a little longer.

12. Peruse the Farmer’s Market

Going to the farmer’s market is a favorite summer activity for most people. Not only can you support local businesses, but you also get the first pick at fresh fruits and vegetables. Hint: there are usually flowers for sale there, so you can surprise your date with a beautiful bouquet.

13. …and Make Lunch With Fresh Ingredients

Take your purchases from the farmer’s market and make lunch with your date. You’ll enjoy (hopefully) good company and a fresh, locally sourced meal.

14. Take a Walk

Exercise isn’t just good for your physical health; it’s also good for romance. Plan a walk in a scenic area or your local park to get some fresh air and spend time alone with your date.

15. Chase the Sunset

There’s nothing more romantic than watching a sunset with someone you like. Find a good spot, open up your trunk, and cozy up to watch the sunset and the stars appear. If the spark keeps going, you can even make chasing sunsets a tradition for years to come.

16. Check out the Latest Locally Owned Restaurant

New restaurants pop up in towns all the time. Try out the latest locally-owned restaurant in your town. You never know; it might be your favorite spot to eat together! If there’s more than one place you want to eat at, look at the menus beforehand and pick a few small dishes to try at each—making your own restaurant crawl.

17. Take a Day Trip

Getting out of town is another option for a second date, especially if the first date went well. Feed your sense of adventure by taking a short day trip an hour or two away to discover new restaurants, shops, museums or anything else you want to explore. If the weather’s warm, roll down the windows and create a playlist for your adventure for some added fun.

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18. Schedule a Distillery Tour

Schedule a distillery tour for a date filled with fun facts about its history and participate in specialty liquor tastings. Some distilleries offer free tours, while others need to be scheduled in advance and have a cost. This second date is in a group setting, so grab a bottle of whatever they’re selling and close the day with a nightcap for intimate time with your date.

19. Plan a Thrift Store Date

Thrift stores aren’t your typical second date location, but they can be a unique way to have some cheap fun with your potential partner. Each of you gets an allotted amount of money (usually $10 or $20) and 30 minutes to pick out an outfit for the other person. Once you’re done, hand your date the bag with your purchases, change, and have a good laugh at what you’re wearing. If you’re feeling brave, go out for ice cream or dinner in your new clothes!

20. Play the Latest Video Game

Gaming is a way to see how well your date handles competition, which is important to look for before committing to a relationship. Hook up your Nintendo Switch or Xbox and play a few rounds of the latest video game in your collection. If the newer technologies aren’t up your alley, stick to the classic games like Mario Kart or Sonic the Hedgehog.

21. Chill Out at a Coffee Shop

Looking for something more laid back? Visit a coffee shop for a low-cost second date that allows for easy conversation. Bonus points if it’s a local shop! Some coffee shops have board and card games on site, so you have options if the conversation or coffee runs out.

22. Enjoy the Weather

Seasonal dates are some of the most fun to plan. Spring and summer are perfect for strolling through botanical gardens or hanging out at a winery, while the onset of colder weather means taking hay rides through the apple orchard and pumpkin picking are likely on your schedule. Regardless of the weather, enjoying the seasons is always a good second date idea.

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23. Drive Through the Country

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a scenic drive through the countryside with your date. Catch up on the conversations you didn’t get to have on the first date, listen to each other’s favorite music and look at the beautiful scenery along the way.

24. Listen to Live Music

While a loud rock concert is a good fit for some couples, a calmer, cozier atmosphere is usually best for a second date idea. Bond over shared interests and support local artists while getting to know your date a little better. Jazz bars, beer gardens or a cocktail cabaret lounge are all ideas for date locations.

25. Have a Dessert Date

Dessert dates are a cheap, easy date idea for anyone, no matter what type of sweet tooth you have. Whether you grab a milkshake from Sonic or gelato from a specialty shop, you’ll undoubtedly make sweet memories while you’re there.

26. Go on a Mural Scavenger Hunt

Arrange a scavenger hunt of all the murals in your town. Make it a goal to take a picture at each stop to appreciate the art and snag a few cute selfies with your date.

27. Take a Cookie Decorating Class

Show off your icing skills or learn a new trade during a cookie decorating class date. Since these classes usually require a lot of attention to detail, it’s an activity fit for those who are a little nervous to initiate a conversation after the first date.

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28. Go on a Double Date

In some cases, going on a first date isn’t enough to settle your nerves. Schedule a group date with mutual friends or in a familiar place to ease the tension between you and your date. It’s also an opportunity to hang out with friends you may not see often since they are in a relationship.

29. Have a Pet Playdate

Are you a dog dad or a cat mom? If so, you know your pets are like your children, so introducing them to your date is essential. Have a playdate to see if your precious pets get along as well as their parents do.

30. Take Dance Lessons

Sign up for dance lessons if you want to add some pizzazz to your second date. There are tons of options, from beginner line dancing classes to complex ballroom dancing ensembles. Be sure to match the class with your and your date’s dancing ability to avoid stepping on each other’s toes.

31. See a Play

Even if you’re not a fan of the arts, seeing a play is always a safe choice for a second date. Find a show that you’re both interested in, whether it’s a large Broadway play or a smaller-scale play, and talk about your reviews afterward with a nightcap.

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