This $3 Aldi Frozen Find Is So Good, Fans Have Written Poems About It

Stock up while you can!



At Allrecipes, we're constantly scrolling the Aldi weekly Finds page. Why? Because real Aldi fans know that it's where you can not only discover new products, but also returning fan favorites and plenty more hidden gems. It's the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest items you'll see wandering the Aldi aisles. The latest Aldi Find to catch our eyes is a $3 potato product that has a devoted following—one so passionate, some fans have even written poems about it.



Why We're Adding Mydibel My'Tiny Taters to Our Aldi Cart

Look, I'm not going to lie—I saw "Tiny Taters" on the list of weekly Aldi Finds and was immediately sold. Upon further investigation, I discovered the Mydibel My'Tiny Taters are, in fact, tater tots, but great ones at that. Mydibel is a brand that specializes in potato products and is based in Belgium (where French fries were likely invented).

Belgium is still regarded as one of the countries that does fried potatoes best, so it's no surprise these imported tater tots are top quality. They're also certified gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. Mydibel recommends baking at 400 degrees F (210 degrees C) for 15-18 minutes or better yet, air frying for 12-14 minutes at 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). And did I mention they will run you just $3.49 a bag?

When searching for product reviews or feedback on the tots, I stumbled upon one of the greatest Reddit posts I've ever seen. Behold:

If you scroll down in the post, shared by Reddit user u/Letho_Logica, you'll find a poetic declaration of love for the Mydibel tater tots:

Oh, My'Tiny Taters, from Aldi's aisle so bright, You bring a burst of flavor, a culinary delight. In your petite form, a golden, crispy treat, Air-fried to perfection, you really can't be beat.

Though seasonal, you grace our plates with glee, A crispy, savory joy for all to see. With sweet chili sauce and sour cream so divine, We savor each crunchy bite, a taste so fine.

As autumn leaves fall and winds start to blow, My heart aches with the knowledge that you must go. But fear not, My'Tiny Taters, for you'll return someday, And until then, in my dreams, your flavors will stay.

Oh, Mydibel's creation, so small and packed with flavor, In the world of snacks, you’re my favorite to savor. My'Tiny Taters, you'll forever hold a special place, In my heart and palate, your memory I'll embrace.

If these tots are tasty enough to inspire poetic odes, they've got to be pretty darn good. But here's why I'm particularly excited about them.

Last year, I wrote about a brilliant idea I saw pastry chef Zoë Kanan share on social media: a hack to turn frozen tater tots into latkes. Her technique helps bypass the worst part of making latkes for Hanukkah—prepping the potatoes. Instead of shredding the potatoes, wringing out all the water, making the batter, then portioning it out, you can make "totkes" by simply baking frozen tater tots, smashing them to flatten, then frying (or air-frying) until extra crispy.

So this year, I'll be stocking up on a few bags of Mydibel My'Tiny Taters to make extra crisp (and extra easy) "totkes." And if they're good—which I know they will be—I may even have to write a poem or two about them. But, even if you don't celebrate Hanukkah, there's plenty more fun to be had with these tater tots.

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