This $3.99 ALDI Find Is So Delicious, Reddit Raves About It

It's an indulgent treat you'll love.

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Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock

My stepdad is a big fan of Black Forest cake, a rich chocolate layer cake soaked with cherry syrup and liquor, layered with whipped cream and more cherries, and topped with even more whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Likely inspired by the same German dessert traditions, Black Forest cake was considered outdated and old-fashioned when I was a kid. So, although I also loved it, I felt I had to hide that love from my friends. (Oh, the pressures we put on ourselves as kids to fit in!)

Thankfully, I've grown into celebrating my individuality because those childhood cravings came rushing back when I heard that ALDI carries Donauwelle Indulgent Cakes.

The Donauwelle cakes are made by baking vanilla and chocolate batters together to create a distinctive marbled effect (similar to these). And in the same spirit as a Black Forest cake, it's layered with cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate glaze.

The name "Donauwelle" (German for Danube Wave) is a nod to the cake's design, with its uneven layers representing the Danube River. Not only does it look pretty, but the uneven grooves make the perfect pockets for juicy cherries and whipped cream to nuzzle into. This peak-and-valley texture also offers a more exciting bite that is slightly different each time.

Compared to other frozen cakes at ALDI, these cakes are a steal. For just $3.99, you get a 16.9-ounce box with four large slices.

<p>Simply Recipes / Instacart</p>

Simply Recipes / Instacart

ALDI Fans Love This Cake

As with most things in the world now, there’s a Reddit thread about these cakes. Earlier this week, Redditor u/Anon-567890 posted that "This indulgent cake was delicious!" and other fans raved about the vanilla and chocolate layers, juicy tart Morello cherries, creamy frosting, and glossy chocolate topping.

Many have even commented on the photo on the box, noting that it looks "exactly like" the actual cake—a testament to the quality of the cakes (and the photographer and food stylist). They're almost too pretty to eat. But trust me, you'll want to dig in as soon as the cakes finish thawing.

It’s Not Just Cake

As always, I love finding new and different ways to make store-bought faves my own. With the Donauwelle cakes, I've thought about crumbling up the layers to make a decadent trifle or parfait, using the cakes as a base for adult-only boozy Black Forest milkshakes or an affogato-style dessert with a scoop of ice cream drowned in hot espresso.

I'm sure my kids would also love to see them turned into cake pops for a special occasion. These imported German delights offer more possibilities than simply "cake for dessert." If you are also looking for a nostalgic cherry-chocolate fix, the moist cake, tart fruit, and luscious cream layers of the Donauwelle Indulgent Cakes might hit the spot.

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