This $3.65 ALDI Ice Cream Is Better (and Cheaper) Than Ben & Jerry’s

My family can’t get enough.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images</p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

Ice cream is a big thing in my house. Most evenings, my husband and son eat ice cream as their dessert of choice, so we go through the stuff. While we like buying ice cream and frozen custard from local shops, most of the time our ice cream comes from ALDI. It's a lot more affordable, so we can feed our ice cream-loving habits on a budget.

We like their gelatos as well as their ice cream sandwiches and bars, but perhaps our favorite ALDI ice cream product is The Sundae Shoppe Super Premium Ice Cream. This line is basically a dupe of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. While Ben & Jerry’s encompasses close to 100 flavors (and most regular grocery stores carry more than a dozen at any time), The Sundae Shoppe only features three flavors.

Like Ben & Jerry’s, the flavor names are kind of cheeky, with Thank You Cherry Much, Brookie Dough, and Make Fudge Not War. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s, they cost only $3.65 per pint instead of roughly $6.59 per pint—nearly half the price.

Why I Love ALDI’s Sundae Shoppe Super Premium Ice Creams

These ice creams really are a super premium product. Creamy and packed with rich ingredients like fudge, the Sundae Shoppe ice creams are decadent, sweet, and worth a treat. Unless you are tasting them right next to Ben & Jerry’s, you wouldn’t taste any discernible difference.

They’re so rich that, for me, one scoop is enough. My teenage son and husband can polish off a pint in one sitting, and forget it if my son is having friends over. Then I need to plan on half a pint to a pint per teenage boy.

<p>Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Retailers above</p>

Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Retailers above

If I buy all three flavors, Thank You Cherry Much disappears first, followed by Make Fudge Not War and then Brookie Dough. My husband said he prefers Thank You Cherry Much to Cherry Garcia because it’s actually cherry pink colored. The flavor is quite similar when tasted next to the Ben & Jerry’s, with slightly larger cherry pieces in the original, but the chocolate pieces were equally gigantic in both versions.

My son said the cherry is his favorite because he loves fruit and chocolate together. I like the brookie flavor as I love the combo of brownies and cookies, and I really enjoy Make Fudge Not War, with deep swirls of frozen fudge mixed with chocolate ice cream. My husband, who loves any kind of chocolate, also loves it and said it tastes great with hot fudge on top.

Speaking of hot fudge, Sundae Shoppe premium ice creams are great for (as the name implies) sundaes, shakes, and ice cream sodas. They’re also a great base for showstopping ice cream cakes. No matter how you serve them, Sundae Shoppe Super Premium Ice Creams are an affordable indulgence worth snagging the next time you’re at ALDI.

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