29 Things Literally Every Single Millennial Had In Their Parents' House Growing Up In The '90s

1.Jars of spices that were clearly from the '80s or possibly '70s:

A lineup of nine Spice Islands spice jars, including Caraway Seed, Ground Cumin Seed, Dill Weed, Ground Ginger, Italian Herb Seasoning, Orange Peel, Red Pepper, Thyme, and Thyme

2.The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, which stood out from the other cookbooks in the kitchen because of its red gingham cover:

Cover of "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book" with a red checkered pattern background

3.The colorful plastic sword cocktail picks, which you'd end up grabbing a few of from the kitchen so you could play with them:

Seven plastic cocktail swords are laid out side by side in a row against a black background
Wowagoga / Via amazon.com

4."Fat Italian chef" kitchen decor, like, cookie jars:

A ceramic cookie jar in the shape of a rotund chef wearing a tall hat, red scarf, and black-and-white checkered pants, holding a small item in one hand

5.And decorative plates:

Plates with illustrations of chefs holding various items such as a wine bottle, bread, and a dish, displayed against a dark background

6.Vinyl Disney placemats that would eventually, sadly, start fading from so much use:

Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid-themed placemats featuring Belle, the Beast, Simba, Nala, and Ariel in various scenes from their movies

7.The baskets with the built-in cloth linings that were a pain to clean if you used them as a breadbasket:

Four woven baskets with handles, each lined with different patterned cloth inserts, displayed on a table

8.Magnetic star and moon sculptures that were seriously entertaining to play with...well, at for 10 minutes, anyhow:

A black base holds a magnetic pile of metal stars and moons appearing to float and balance in various positions
Rhode Island Novelty / Via amazon.com

9.And the Newtons Cradle, which would get tangled if you pulled the balls back too far:

Newton's cradle with six metal spheres on a black base, used to demonstrate conservation of momentum and energy
QLKUNLA / Via amazon.com

10.Yankee Candles, which could overwhelm the room with its scent by just lifting the jar off it:

Yankee Candle "Lilac Blossoms" scented candle in a glass jar. Lid is on top. The label shows lilac flowers and reads "Lilac Blossoms, housewarmer."

11.The stacks of newspapers that lived in the garage or laundry room and were either waiting to be recycled or reused for something in the house:

A close-up of a stack of folded newspapers, possibly indicating a collection of recent or significant headlines. No text visible
Jill Ferry Photography / Getty Images

12.Decorative tins that either were used for display or used in cabinets to help store little knick-knacks:

Rectangular decorative tin box with a nostalgic market scene on its sides showcasing a storefront, pumpkins, and corn stalks. No text or people are depicted

13.Campell's Kids mugs that weren't just great for soup, but also for hot cocoa with marshmallows:

Four white mugs featuring retro Campbell's Soup ads with illustrated children enjoying soup, showing phrases "M'm! M'm! Good!"

14.Chunky serving plates that were handpainted (sometimes by a friend or loved one) and looked like a 8-year-old did it:

Heart-shaped ceramic plate with four quadrants, each with distinct patterns: green hearts on blue, red checkered, wavy green lines on pink, and yellow dots on purple

15.The Beatles Anthology double-disc CDs, which everyone's parents owned at least one volume of:

CD case with a collage of photos and text featuring The Beatles, titled "The Savage Young Beatles."

16.Wall-mounted telephones in the kitchen that usually had an extra-long coiled handset cord so whoever was talking on it could walk anywhere in the kitchen and beyond:

A hand holds a ConairPhone corded telephone with its receiver detached from the base, showing the number pad and buttons

17.This halogen desk lamp that gave off some seriously noticeable heat, and, also, that you knew better than to even touch the light bulb:

A sleek, modern black desk lamp with an adjustable arm and circular base
‎Lite Source Inc / Via amazon.com

18.Dried flowers, which were usually hung in kitchen or TV room:

Bouquet of dried flowers hanging upside down against a plain wall with a light shining from the right
Masoki / Getty Images/iStockphoto

19.The large entertainment center that was the focal point of the living room or TV room and housed all your family's media:

  sev1nk / Via reddit.com
sev1nk / Via reddit.com

20.This Tupperware pitcher that always smelled like lemonade (even when it was clean) and gave every drink your family made in it a slight plasticky flavor:

A clear plastic pitcher with a lid, placed on a table in front of a wooden fence

21.These metal trays that were either filled with peppermints or were used to catch keys:

A rectangular metal tray with a decorative design featuring spirals and zigzag patterns around a large central spiral

22.Picture frames that were also photo albums (usually featuring photos of just one wedding or a particular family member):

A silver and gold picture frame with an empty black interior, standing upright against a neutral background
A silver and gold picture frame with an empty black interior, standing upright against a neutral background
A black photo album with a metallic frame on the cover stands upright, partially open, revealing its page holders
A black photo album with a metallic frame on the cover stands upright, partially open, revealing its page holders

You need it, We got it, Just ask! / Via ebay.com

23.Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil, which you put on because it was supposed to repel mosquitos:

Bottle of Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil, 16 FL OZ, shown against a wooden and metal background

24.Suave strawberry shampoo, which made the entire bathroom smell like strawberries after you used it:

Suave strawberry shampoo bottle, 15 fl oz, with a graphic of a strawberry

25.Decorative seashell handsoaps in the guest bathroom that you weren't allowed to use and were covered in a layer of dust:

Three shell-shaped, perfumed guest soaps on a white tray with their packaging visible in the background

26.And bath products gift sets in a basket that was still wrapped in plastic it came in and was also used for decoration in the guest bathroom:

Gift basket with Sarah Michaels body products including a bath sponge, soap, and bath gel

27.A copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul on the bookshelf:

Book cover for "Chicken Soup for the Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit" by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, a #1 New York Times Bestseller

28.Vinyl bean bag chairs, which would get really flat after a few months of sitting on it:

Red leather bean bag chair in a relaxed and slightly wrinkled position, typical of 1990s home decor
Comstock / Getty Images

29.And lastly, a sepia, Old West-themed photo your family or your parents took at a theme park:

Three individuals in period Western attire are posing; two men with mustaches wearing wide-brimmed hats and gun belts, and a woman with curly hair in a dress and feathered hat
Fotosearch / Getty Images/Fotosearch RF