29 Photos Of Nostalgic Things That Older Millennials And Young Gen X'ers Will Immediately Remember

1.Cordless phones that came with the round shiny buttons that felt like you were pushing down on M&M's:

A cordless phone
Hemera Technologies / Getty Images

2.Nutri-Grain bars when they came in the very shiny wrapping with colors that matched the flavors:

A Nutri-Grain bar

3.Kinko's stores, which always smelled like printer ink and running computers. It was also a lifesaver because it was open 24 hours a day, so you could get something printed at the last minute:

Kinko's advert

4.Walt Disney Mini Classics VHS tapes, which were usually, like, 20-minute old short animated movies:

"Peter and the Wolf"

5.Blank VHS tapes that everyone kept extras of on hand so that they could tape a game, movie, or TV show:

Blank VHS tapes

6.The Crocodile Mile slip-and-slide toy that had the infectious "You run, you slide, you hit the bump, and take a dive" jingle in the commercial:

A kid using a slip-and-slide

7.Suncoast Motion Picture Company, which was a must-stop-in store whenever you went to the mall:

A Suncoast Motion Picture Company sign

8.Butterfinger's commercials that featured the Simpsons:

Screenshot of a Butterfingers commercial

9.The Jock Jams CD, which you heard at at least 10 birthday parties or family get-togethers:

Jock Jams

10.McDonald's McSalad Shakers salads, which, while convenient to carry, felt a lot like eating a salad out of a Frappuccino cup:

McSalad Shakers
Rewind Me / Via youtube.com

11.Jessica Simpson's Dessert Beauty line that you were tempted to taste more than actually use:

Jessica Simpson's beauty line
L. Cohen / WireImage for Musicland Group Inc.

12.Having to type WWW first before searching any website:


13.Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies VHS aerobics series, which the infomercials for played nonstop on the weekends:

Richard Simmons VHS tape

14.This exact People magazine coffee table book, which your mom or grandma had displayed on their coffee table (and still might):

People Magazine book

15.Disney Adventures magazines when they were pocket-sized and featured celebrities on the cover alongside Disney cartoon characters:

Disney Adventures magazine

16.Pottery Barn stores when all the furniture inside of them was beige or pale woods:

Pottery Barn
San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

17.And Restoration Hardware before it was rebranded RH and sold Americana and Craftsman style items — along with the walls being painted a soft minty green color:

A woman shopping
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18.Watching Entertainment Tonight until the end of the episode to see all celebrities celebrating birthdays that day:

"Entertainment Tonight"

19.Flintstones Push Up pops, which were the best treat you could have on a hot day:

A Flintstones Push Up pop

20.Steve Urkel doing crossover episodes on all the TGIF shows:

Steve Urkel on "Step by Step"
Abc Photo Archives / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

21.And the talking Steve Urkel doll, which was part of Urkel-mania:

A Steve Urkel doll

22.BMG Music, which was the competitor to Columbia House:

BMG music catalog

23.Kmart's KCafe, which was the spot to get a cherry Icee and a slice of Little Caesars pizza:


24.Subway's Sub Club cards, which you always seemed to forget to bring whenever you went to Subway:

Sub Club cards
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25.The RealPlayer, which was nearly impossible to watch even the smallest video clips with:


26.Using paper ballots to vote for things like class president, and then putting them in old wooden boxes that the school probably has had since they opened:

A person putting their vote in a box
Joel P. Lugavere / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

27.Having to look through a stack of photo envelopes to find which one had your name on it whenever you took your film to get developed:

Photos for pick-up

28.The bus driver in the Bubble Tape commercial:

Screenshot of a Bubble Tape commercial

29.And lastly, the Quik Drop box at Blockbuster Video stores that seriously saved you (or your parents) from having to pay the late fee:

Quik Drop
Joe Raedle / Getty Images