There's Still Time For These 25 Engaged Couples To Cancel Their Weddings, And God I Hope They Do

1.This bride-to-be ignored allll the signs telling her to call off her wedding — including the groom already having called it off.

"I am ready to have a mental breakdown right now and freaking out."

2.This is just a big yikes all around.

"At least that's what his google maps location has been saying."

3.If this entitled couple thinks this is okay, frankly, I don't think they're in a place to be ready for marriage.

"we've got everything ready, but we couldn't possibly afford the rings."

4.If this bride is this controlling with her bridesmaid, I wonder how she'll be with her partner and their potential children.

"I'm a blonde and she wants it to be a dark brown..."


"Girl calm down you literally just said if you can't adhere then let you know."

6.If you think your wedding is more important than a national tragedy, I think you really need to rethink your life.

"Any advice is so appreciated."

7.This husband just sounds absolutely terrible.

"My Husband to be wants everyone to know I'm not 'pure'"

8.This bride totally sounded calm and mature enough to deal with matrimony.

"It had to be said"

9.This greedy couple that wanted to steal tips from bartenders does not sound mature enough to get married, either.

"we are choosing to cancel because this was not something we were made aware of prior to signing the contract."

10.This bride-to-be should NOT be marrying a homophobe — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Call off the wedding now.

"Please help me."

11.This awful bride cared more about the wedding photos than her best friend — and was also marrying someone anti-LGBTQ.

"I'm grasping at straws at this point."

12.I'm pretty sure this person is marrying Meredith from the parent trap.

"AITA For not inviting my daughter to my wedding?"

13.Although, at least the last couple was on the same page about uninviting their own child.

"He knows I love his son, I just don't think I'm in the wrong with my feelings"

14.I have no words for this couple.

"Looking forward to the wedding, all!"

15.This bride sounded like a nightmare.

"Call me spoiled or needy but my husband knew what he was getting into..."

16.This bride wanted to go behind her partner's back for something important at their wedding, because that's a great way to start a marriage.

"Starting off marriage by secretly going against your fiance's wishes ... yikes"

17.This bride low-key seemed to be bragging about kicking bridesmaids out of her bridal party, so I wonder what'll happen when she has problems with her partner.

"Good thing I have better people to replace them with"

18.I hope this bride — who tricked a friend into planning her wedding for her then uninvited her — has pimples on her big day.

"when did you realise your supposed friend actually hated you ?"

19.This ungrateful bride complained about not getting $30k from her in-laws, which makes me wonder what other money she'll expect from them over time.

"Xox anxious bride"

20.I sincerely hope this awful vegan couple never has children.


21.This bride expected her fiancé to just buy her a house — and was considering breaking up with him over it. Girl, you should break up with him either way, because this is not a healthy expectation.

"is it a big deal to break up over not getting a house bore I get married?"

22.This potential bride (big emphasis on "potential") definitely needs to reassess her priorities before marriage.

"i knew she wanted to cry but she tried to hold it"

23.This woman who told her sister she couldn't be a bridesmaid because of her dress size doesn't even deserve to get married.

"It stung hard!"

24.This couple who completely brushed off COVID safety concerns didn't deserve a happy wedding day, either.


25.And finally, this person, who seemed to care more about their class ranking in law school than their actual wedding, should maybe reconsider the wedding part.

"Should I mention my class rank in my wedding vows?"