23 TV Characters Who Got The Most Messed Up, Brutal, Unnecessary Deaths That Still Make Me Mad

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which brutally heartbreaking (or totally unnecessary) TV character deaths still hurt them to this day. Here's what they said:

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

Some submissions mention suicide. 

1.On The Last Of Us, when Henry killed himself immediately after he killed his younger brother Sam, who'd been infected.

Henry pointing the gun to his head after shooting his infected brother and the other characters in shock

2.On Killing Eve, when Villanelle was shot and killed during the series finale while protecting Eve, and only moments after she and Eve finally got together.

the gun wound and then the two underwater reaching for each other

3.On You, when Love was outsmarted by Joe (her seemingly perfect match) and then framed for several other murders that he committed.

taylor swift plays as joe moves love's body out of the kitchen

4.On Veronica Mars, when Logan was blown up right when he and Veronica were finally happy.

veronica shouting logan as he opens the car door and it explodes

5.On One Tree Hill, when Keith survives an active shooter situation and saves his nephew, only to be shot minutes later by his own brother.

keith helping a teen put the gun down, but then dan comes and aims the gun at keith

6.On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Tara was shot and killed by a bullet that was meant for Buffy.

buffy crying over tara

7.On Criminal Minds, when Hotch's ex-wife, Haley, was killed just as the FBI were on their way to save her, and the entire team listened to it happen over the phone.

over the phone she says that their kid needs to believe in love and then a gunshot is heard

"Not only was she absolutely innocent, her killer also forced her loved ones to listen to her death."



8.On 13 Reasons Why, when Justin had finally redeemed himself and had the best character arc on the show, only to then be diagnosed with AIDS and killed off.

teens in the hospital room with justin asking if his hand can be held

9.On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when Nairobi was shockingly shot and killed by Gandia.

man shouting at her, i told you i was going to kill you

10.On Lucifer, when Dan was kidnapped by French mercenaries, got killed trying to escape, and then ended up in hell because of the unresolved guilt he had during his life on Earth.

someone holding him as he bleeds out saying, it's not too late, breathe breathe

11.On Stranger Things, when Eddie gave his life to save a town that never respected him, and only thought he was a killer.

Eddie saying, "I think it's finally my year."

12.On The Walking Dead, when Carl survived years fighting against walkers only to get bit by one and die.

carl showing his bite wound on his stomach

13.Also, on The Walking Dead, when Beth was accidentally shot just seconds after she was released from Dawn's captivity.

they hear a gun shot and then she's carried out of a building while the others yell and cry

14.On Bones, when Sweets was beaten to death in a parking lot, and sadly, never got to see the birth of his son.

as he's bleeding he says, tell daisy not to worry she worries too much, i fought back, you'd be proud

15.On The Boys, when Ryan used his powers to save his mom and accidentally killed her in the process.

Ryan crying and asking for his mom's forgiveness while she tells Butcher to make sure he knows it's not his fault, and promise to take care of Ryan

16.On Orange Is the New Black, when Poussey tries to help calm Suzanne, but a guard attacks and kills her.

everyone yelling at the guard to let her go

17.On Sons of Anarchy, when Opie was beaten to death by a prison gang as his friends watched helplessly from the next room.

character saying, pope wants one of us dead

18.On The Haunting of Hill House, when Nell goes back to the house, thinking she was being greeted by her family, and actually falls to her death. Then, as she saw flashbacks she realized she was the Bent Neck Lady all along.

the mom saying, it's time to wake up sweetheart, as flashbacks of her as the bend neck lady happen

19.On Game of Thrones, when Talisa Stark was murdered during the Red Wedding, along with her unborn child.

someone stabbing her in her pregnant belly

20.On Breaking Bad, when Andrea finally made a life for herself and her son only to be killed by Todd, who was really just angry with Jesse.

him pointing to the truck where jesse is at and then telling andrea, this isn't personal, before shooting her in front of jesse

21.On The Resident, when Nic got into a car accident and was declared brain dead and so Conrad decided to take her off life support.

him at her side saying, what if we do this and it's the end and i can't ever talk to her again

22.On The Good Wife, when Will is shot and killed by his client in the middle of the courtroom.

the guy bleeding in the courtroom and the characters crying over him at the hospital

23.And finally, on Grey's Anatomy, when Lexie got crushed by plane debris and slowly suffered while Mark told her about the life they would have together.

mark telling lexie they're going to get married and have more kids and have the best life because they're supposed to end up together

Responses have been edited for length and clarity. 

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