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23-year-old ‘Pretty Girl Trucker’ is breaking stereotypes as a truck driver

When you think of a truck driver, a 23-year-old woman is probably not who comes to mind. Yet Kodi (@whitegirl.kodi) defies convention as the “Pretty Girl Trucker.”

“Truck drivers typically, to society, are men, but women have been trucking for years, and we’re just as good as men are,” Kodi says.

Following the tragic loss of Kodi’s brother, she sought a change that could help channel her negative feelings into something positive. So her father introduced her to trucking, which Kodi saw as a great way to make a career. “Once I got into it, I was like, ‘This is for me. I love the trucking life,’” she says with a smile.


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The first time Kodi got into a truck, she remembers feeling scared and asking her mom to stay on the phone with her for support. But her fears dissipated after the first few days in her new job.

“It made me nervous at first,” Kodi’s mom, Shandra, shares, “But Kodi has always been her own person, and she’s definitely one of those people that conquers her dreams, and she lives up to her aspirations. She does anything that she puts her mind to.”

Despite Kodi’s confidence in her line of work, she says she’s always met with confusion — especially when walking into a truck stop with fellow truck drivers. “They always say, ‘You don’t look like you drive a truck,’” she says.

“A lot of people try to put a particular person and attach it to a truck driver,” Kodi says. “Anybody could be a truck driver. I’m working, but I still want to look good. I shouldn’t have to look ‘manly,’ or I shouldn’t have to be dirty.”

Kodi likes having a career that puts her on the road because it gives her a sense of peace. She gets to travel the country and has the opportunity just to sit back and meditate. Being on the road gives Kodi her best ideas and best business plans because it clears her mind.

“I just love this life. It has changed me to be a better person overall,” Kodi says. “I do believe my life is unconventional, but I’m going to keep doing me. I’m going to continue to live how I live.”

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