23 Really, Really, REALLY Wild Confessions People Made And Probably Immediately Regretted

Recently, we shared a post where members of the BuzzFeed Community told us about times someone confessed something to them that made them go, "I CANNOT believe you just told me that!"

Two women in conversation, one distressed with text "IT JUST CAME OUT, I DON'T KNOW WHY I SAID IT."

Well, the comments filled up with even more readers chiming in with wild confessions they've heard...and we've gathered them here for you (along with a few of the best entries from the original post):

Warning: This post includes mentions of murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and animal abuse.

1."My bio dad once confessed that he and my now stepdad had enjoyed threesomes with my mom when they were married. My dad and stepdad were (and still are) friends. I wanted to die. Any time they're together, it creeps into my head at least once."


2."A guy I've been friends with for 40 years recently told me that one night, when he was drunk and on drugs in his 20s, he beat a man with a fence post so severely that he's pretty sure he killed him. My friend left the guy bleeding and unconscious on the ground in the middle of winter in New England. If he wasn't beaten to death, there's a good chance he succumbed to hypothermia."


3."While on a family fishing trip in the mountains, my very conservative and proper mother-in-law told me that her husband, my father-in-law, once had a girlfriend in another town and planned to move out to be with her. (This was about 10 years before my husband was born.) He suggested she keep a kid and he'd take a kid (there were two sons, my husband's older brothers). My mother-in-law was very sleepy, and her guard was definitely down for a moment. It shocked me, and my husband doesn't believe the story (or even that she said this to me). They were a very close, multi-generational Southern family that all worked at the same family business and did literally everything together. No one ever knew that they were having problems at all. My mother-in-law never elaborated or brought it up again."


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4."I'm a hairstylist, and years ago, I did the hair of a nice family. The mom and kiddos would get their haircut during the day, and the dad would come in by himself after work or on the weekend. One day the dad comes in, and fairly soon after I start cutting his hair, he tells me about his penis implant. Apparently, he had a balloon or something implanted to help him get hard and stay hard. This was information I did not want to know. He was so proud of it that he would not shut up. All I could think was, how am I going to face his wife without cracking up? That was the fastest I ever did a haircut."


5."A stranger walked up to me and whispered, 'My husband's dick is really big, and it's honestly too much for me.' Then she walked away."


6."So my friends joke that my secret power is that once someone meets me, they divulge their secrets I never asked to know. Years ago, when I was working at a truck stop in my hometown, I met a woman named Bridget — she cleaned the showers. Bridget told me she was a good Catholic, so when she found out she was pregnant after menopause, she had to keep the baby...which ended up being a calcified fetus. THEN she told me she was Jeffrey Dahmer's prom date."


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7."Senior year in high school (30 years ago), my friend admits he is terrified to have sex with his girlfriend. Turns out, when he was 13 and living in another town, the (very religious) pastor's daughter, who was 17, had seduced him in the choir loft and gotten pregnant. She told her parents, and they all met to discuss the situation. The girl, her father (the pastor), and the pastor's wife wanted the kids to get married, ignoring my friend's young age of 13. My friend's parents noped out of there, moved to my town, and told him to pretend it never happened. He confessed to me that he felt terrible about abandoning his baby and was scared to have sex again."

"I told him he had been sexually assaulted, and some of his fear could be from not dealing with the assault. He looked like he was going to be sick and said that was the first time it occurred to him that it could have been assault. I asked him if it would be okay if I went over to the middle school and started having sex with a kid who was 13. He broke down crying. He talked his parents into letting him go to therapy after that."


8."I have a coworker who WAAAAY overshares. I've reported him so many times... The cringiest things he's confessed are how he plans to kill his ex-wife and details of an abscess on his taint."



9."A woman I worked retail with, who up until that point was the sweetest, gentlest middle-aged lady I'd ever met, told me the most disturbing story about her family. This was in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina; she and her family had lived there for generations. They were well-known and well-loved by basically everyone for being kind and generous neighbors. One casual Wednesday, as my coworker and I were restocking shelves, she told me that years ago, her sister-in-law's boyfriend was caught assaulting the SIL's very young child. She then witnessed the men of the family, including her husband, take the boyfriend deep into the mountains and return several hours later without him. He was never seen or heard from again."

"There was a bare-bones investigation, but nothing ever came of it. The especially shocking thing wasn't just that she had essentially confessed to being a witness — even an accomplice — to a possible murder. It's that she told me the story so calmly, so evenly, and so unapologetically. She never brought up anything like it again and knitted me a baby bonnet as a gift when I left on maternity leave a few months later. I still think about her."


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10."I'm 52 and just found out that my brother and I have different mothers. I mean, we grew up in the same home. Had pics together as young kids. I just thought we were full brothers and ignored it when folks said I looked nothing like my brother. When I was finally told, the story was that my dad was dating my mom and 'another woman' at the same time 'casually.' The other woman did not want to raise a child, so dad and my mom agreed to raise him as if they were both his parents. It made sense after the fact. My mom and I both had kidney failure, and we needed transplants. So did two of her siblings. It was solely from my mom's side. My dad and my brother never had those issues at all. So, it made sense — except for the fact that I was lied to my whole life."


11."At my first real job (accounting), I asked a coworker who was maybe 5–10 years older than me if he was thinking about getting his CPA (certified public accountant) license. He sheepishly told me that he couldn't. I asked why not. He said, 'Because I'm a felon; you can't have almost any professional license in this state when you're a felon.' He told me a few days later that when he was 18, he had fallen in with a hardcore fundamentalist church and was involved in an attempted bombing of an abortion clinic. Fortunately, the bomb malfunctioned, and he and his accomplices were caught and sent to prison for attempted murder and arson. He decided to renounce his beliefs and go to college when he got out, and he did."


12."I worked in a gift shop in a swanky neighborhood. One time, a woman came in looking around, and obviously, I asked her if she needed help. So we started chatting, first about the products, but then she told me that she has no family because her dad killed her mom and siblings. So now she's left with all the money. It was very creepy. I was 18 and alone in that shop."


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13."My mom got dinner with a high school friend, his brother, and his father. She sent me a picture of all of them, and they looked like they were having a great time. She later told me that she had a five-year-long affair with the father that spanned multiple cities, and the friend still doesn't know."


14."I’m an intervention preschool teacher for a federal program (this is important because all my notes and paperwork from families are considered real legal documents, so I would record meetings and upload them for better record-keeping). During a parent-teacher conference, a parent interrupted me while I tried to explain that her disabled daughter was struggling to tell me that it was probably because she and the child’s father were having terrible problems because he caught her sexting other men and he was just mad that as soon as she got approved for her weight loss surgery and lost 250 lbs, she was going to leave him for the first man she saw. I had to delete those records."

"The same child announced during circle time that her daddy punched her mommy in the stomach while she was recovering from said weight loss surgery, and I had to report the incident to CPS because of the child witnessing violence and showing up with bruises. The mom found out there was a report and burst into my classroom, saying that if she ever found out who had reported her, she was going to beat that person to death. That was all my first year teaching."


15."I am very open-minded and interested when it comes to alternative lifestyles and hobbies. But when my friend told me she wanted to diddle a dog, then went out and bought a massive male German shepherd, we stopped talking. No lie. I'm still mind-blown 20 years later."


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16."This lady I'd met a couple of times at a coffee shop told me her secret to attracting men. She said she sticks a finger in her vagina and dabs the secretion on her neck like perfume! She says it works like crazy! It was hard to keep a straight face when I saw her after that."


17."I was in a cab once (long before the days of Uber), and the driver nonchalantly told me about how when he was stationed overseas, a brothel owner tried to pay him to 'deflower' a minor. He claimed that he refused and sounded a bit traumatized by the incident."


18."When I was a teacher, several teachers disclosed, unprompted, that they had incurable STDs. Mostly, cancer-causing strains of HPV or warts. Get your HPV vaccine, y'all!"


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19."I accidentally found out that my uncle was not my uncle by blood. My paternal grandparents got married and had my dad, but then she got sick, and they didn’t think she would be able to get pregnant again. So she and my grandfather decided to adopt a boy. Then, she ended up having another son after this. They never told anyone, apparently, but my mom let it slip when she was drunk one night, and I’ve never forgotten. I don’t know if my other uncle (the youngest brother) knows. But I’ve been sworn to secrecy."


20."My dad told me a couple of years ago that the dog they 'gave away' when I was a child was, in actuality, shot by my uncle. And it took a couple of tries to kill her."


21."After I had my son, we didn't get him circumcised. While on our way to our new home (military), we stopped in to see the in-laws so they could meet the baby. My mother-in-law was changing his diaper and said to me: 'Oh, you didn't get his little hoo-ha cut. When I had [my husband], they told me to leave it like his father's, so he'd know how to take care of it, but I still got [my husband]'s done, even though [her husband] didn't.' AND THAT IS HOW I LEARNED MY FATHER-IN-LAW WAS NOT CIRCUMCISED, AND NOW YOU KNOW MY HUSBAND IS."


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22."My Spanish teacher told us that her husband was an accessory to murder, and she frequently scared children by laughing scarily."


23."At my first job, a new coworker started who kind of struck me as a partier. This was reinforced when they told me ever-so casually VERY early into their time there that they were arrested for a DUI in college, had their license suspended, and had to go to a remedial driving class to get it back. They said it so casually and actually said it was an 'overreaction.' This same person sent an email to my boss a year later calling me 'completely unprofessional' when I accidentally sent a different coworker a link to a movie trailer instead of a form they needed (which I fixed less than five minutes later). Sure, I'm the unprofessional one."