23 "Forbidden Foods" You'll Immediately Want To Take A Bite Of, Then Quickly Realize How Terrible An Idea That Would Be

There is a section of Reddit that has photos of what I am calling "food impostors." In the subreddit, r/forbiddensnacks, people are sharing all the things that look like food but are not. Here are some recent ones:

1.These wax shavings are posing as shredded coconut:

The white shavings are held in a hand

2.These rubber bands are not being funny by trying to impersonate pasta:

A huge clump of very thin rubber bands

3.These paint rollers are straight-up rude for pretending to be sushi:

The rollers with colored stripes  in a tray

4.Peeps has no business making their marshmallow treats makeup sponges:

A display of Peeps-brand beauty sponges that are in the shape and color of bunnies, eggs, and rabbits

5.This dirt-and-perlite mix is rightfully in the trash, but wrongfully looking like a cake:

The dirt in a round lump looks like chocolate, and the white perlite looks like icing on top

6.This compacted snow emerging out of the drain pipe is cruel for looking like giant marshmallow squares I want to put on my s'more:

The snow looks like individual marshmallows on the ice

7.And this jar of "fat" is pure evil for impersonating orange juice:

Orange liquid in a 4-cup measuring pitcher

8.This goop that was compacted in a blender is NOT caramel:

Grease removed from a gear box with a spatula looks like caramel

9.And this is 100% not ramen:

Intestines from a dissected animal look like clumped noodles

10.These ice-melting beads are not to be confused with Dippin' Dots:

A jar of ice melt that looks like tiny beads

11.Today I learned that elemental iodine is NOT blueberries:

It looks like somewhat squashed blueberries

12.This lovely rock is not the juicy steak it appears to be:

Some VERY rare-looking meat with a weird coating

13.And these rocks are not cookies at all:

Rocks that look like chocolate chip cookie dough baking on a tray

14.The matchsticks in this tub are not those yummy shoestring potato sticks that were big in the '90s:

Matchsticks in a glass jar that look a bit like potato sticks

15.These Tesla parts are, in fact, metal — not chocolate squares:

They look like chocolate squares with "Tesla" and a code number on them

16.And this paint is not a freshly cooked egg with yolk:

A splotch of paint with some yellow highlights

17.These dirt daubers have made a disgusting nest that unfortunately looks like taquitos:

Cylindrical insect nests that look like round wafers or taquitos

18.This company has made a potion for removing hair that is definitely not ice cream or cotton candy:

Pink cream in a jar

19.These self-adhesive pads might trick little kids into thinking they're chocolate:

Brown, raised furniture bumpers that look like small chocolate squares

20.And apparently, some chocolate companies think makeup cookies 'n' cream is a good idea, as opposed to...IDK, actual chocolate (honestly, no shade, though — I would try LOL):

A package of Hershey's brand cookies 'n' creme 12-color palette

21.This wall paste is not marshmallow cream *tear*:

It looks like marshmallow cream in a jar

22.And this paint is not fresh pudding *double tear*:

Light brown paint in a can that looks like caramel pudding

23.Lastly, and just because this one threw me a bit: It IS a chicken strip, not a pen15. OK, BYE.

A fried chicken strip in the shape of a penis and scrotum