22 Amateur Chefs Who Made Terrible Substitutions And Then Blamed The Recipe

My new favorite subreddit is r/ididnthaveeggs, where people share recipe reviews from clueless amateur chefs who make bad substitutions and generally don't follow instructions, and who then complain about their failures as if it's the recipe's fault. Let's all point and laugh at them together, shall we?

1.This person's brain just added "sau-" in front of "sage" and messed everything up:

"It calls for sage, not sausage."

2.This one was on a recipe for peach ice cream. I just need you to know that this person put carrots...in ice cream...and then was surprised when it wasn't very sweet:

"It needs more sweetness"

3.This person put four cups of vinegar in a mulled wine recipe and didn't think twice about it:

"NOT apple cider vinegar"

4.This person actually made an entirely different dish, but at least they still "highly recommend" it:

"I highly recommend this recipe."

5.Does this person know that you don't HAVE to put eggs in everything? Like...what:

"I noticed there were NO eggs in this recipe, so I added one."

6."I don't recommend using cheese in this brownie recipe" is the best way to say "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" that I've ever heard:

"no I don't recommend using cheese in this brownie recipe."

7.I won't spoil for you the reason why this dog treat recipe got one star:

"I just wanted others to be aware that these treats may be too good!"

8.The Betty Crocker community moderator is hanging on by a thread here, you can tell:

"We'd definitely recommend preparing this recipe as written..."

9."I added a bunch of moisture, why is my cake soggy?":

"Will not try this again.."

10."Maybe mention that you can't make icing with mayonnaise":

"but other than that it was delicious."

11.Don't have Coke, is Pepsi ok?

"There isn't any Coke or Pepsi in this recipe."

12.I can't even figure out how this person got here:

"This recipe is for crema mexicana."

13.Bless the recipe creator for being this kind and patient:

"I'm guessing it's probably because you subbed applesauce for milk."

14."How dare you not consider my specific dietary needs in every single one of your recipes! One star!":

"I never states this dish was for an oxalate diet"

15."Sometimes one just has to acknowledge that a banana isn't an egg" is the most profound thing I've ever heard:

"sometimes one just has to acknowledge that a banana isn't an egg, you know?"

16."I burnt these through my own neglect. One star.":

"But the first time I made them they wre amazing."

17.Funny thing about taking all the leavening out of a cake...it will, in fact, make it dense and rubbery:

"this cake does not have a fine crumb"


"But everyone in the family enjoyed them."

19.You keep using the word "exactly" here:

"I followed the recipe exactly."

20.Yeah, generally when you don't include flour while baking, you end up with salty or sugary eggs:

"Amazing recipe!"

21."Something is missing." Yeah, I wonder what it could be:

"but something is missing from this recipe."

22.And finally, here's a commenter who knew exactly how to make fun of all these other ones:

"Never again!!"