The 22 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe's This June

It's that time again—Trader Joe's newest finds have dropped just in time for the start of summer. Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to the summer snacking and cooking season and every seasoned shopper knows that the very best chips, dips, poppable snacks and other fun summer party food is found at good old Trader Joe's. We scoured the internet to find the latest to bring to you (and your party guests, of course!).

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22 Best June Trader Joe's Finds

1.  Organic Chocolate Chip Baked Whole Grain Bar & Organic Iced Oatmeal Baked Whole Grain Bar

One bite of these new whole-grain bars will change the way you think about your snacks. The luscious, hearty combo of oats, sweet fig paste and rich chocolate chips all rolled up into a portable little package? Yes, please. Bonus points for it being kosher and gluten-free too. Fans are already lining up. "An employee today was handing them out to people and even called them “new z-bars.” I tried the oatmeal, it reminded me of the old gingerbread oat bars they used to have as a winter seasonal item. Very dessert-y," says one Redditor. Pick up a box of six bars for $4.69.

2. Mini Shrimp Bao

These are incredibly easy to prepare—either one minute in the microwave or steamer and you've got a flavorful little bao bun with shrimp, lemongrass and lime all ready for dipping. "These are amazing. I added some pickled vegetables they were super delish," says one fan. Check out a pack of eight for your next appetizer, hors d’oeuvre, or light lunch. They're just $4.99 for a pack of eight, so you might want to pick up two packs.

3. Seafood Boil

If you have ten bucks, one pot and 20 minutes you can have a Louisiana-style seafood boil at home. Each box contains a bag of shrimp, tilapia, clams and andouille sausage, plus corn on the cob and mini potatoes, all seasoned with a spicy garlic butter sauce. Find this fun summer shortcut in the freezer case for $9.99.

4. Burrata Filling

This limited-time buy is a first for TJ's. This tub of stracciatella (basically the creamy cheese shreds that are stuffed inside burrata) is delicious on its own, paired with fresh summer-ripe tomatoes or dolloped on your toast. "My brother put this on a pizza he made (along with arugula and cherry tomatoes). It was amazing. I'd probably eat the whole tub in one sitting," said one fan on Reddit. An 8-ounce tub is $4.49.

5. Slow Roasted Tomatoes

These bright jars of tomatoes are slow-roasted for eight hours and the result is magical—tender with a soft-dried texture that falls "somewhere between a fresh Roma and a classic sun-dried tomato," according to Trader Joe's. "Ooooh they look so good! I bet they would be good in a pasta salad!" says one excited Instagrammer. Pick up an 8.5-ounce jar for $3.99.

6. Peaches + Cream Cream Cheese Spread

"Oh my! This would be amazing for cream cheese frostings," said one instant IG fan already plotting their recipes with this fluffy, sweet and tangy cream cheese. Available for a limited time, this tub (which has chunks of peaches mixed in) is wonderful in a cheesecake, spread on toast or even used as a spread on a turkey sandwich. Find it for $2.79 in the dairy case.

7. Organic Freezer Pops

Containing 100% juice, these freezer pops are a more natural option than the bright popsicles many of us grew up with. They come in three flavors: Orange, Berry and Cherry Limeade, and are as easy as freeze, shake and eat! At $3.49 for 10 pops, you can have the freezer stocked all summer long.

8. Strawberry Yogurt Flavored Almonds

"They taste like OG Frankenberry cereal! One of those items I'll be buying in multiples," says one Instagram fan of these little yogurt-covered gems. At only $3.99 per bag, you get a tangy, sweet crunchy snack that's dusted in a strawberry powder made from crushed, freeze-dried strawberries. Grab 'em before they disappear!

9. Oven Dried Red & Yellow Bell Pepper Crisps

These aren't on shelves just yet, but TJ's fans are already dreaming up creative ways to use this bag of dried peppers. "I have so many ideas for these! Taco or taco salad topping, Greek salad topping, or, if they're big enough to scoop with, I want to try them w/the caramelized onion dip and the tzatziki!!" says one Instagrammer. Find them for $1.99 per bag on shelves soon.

10. Norwegian Sourdough Rye Chips

This bag of crispy chips is made from fresh sourdough rye bread made with rye berries, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. They aren't available yet, but be on the lookout because once they hit shelves, people will be clamouring to get them into their carts. "Will pair beautifully with many wines and charcuterie boards! I’m excited to try these 🙌," says one early fan. Find them for $3.29 per bag on shelves soon.

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11. Shrimp Scampi

Fans are eager to get their hands on this brand-new entree that will satisfy your craving for seafood pasta. "Got some after I saw this post, added parm and put it over some pasta. Really good!" says one Redditor. Another commenter offers a couple of tips: "There is a ton more butter sauce than you need. So anyone counting calories on this could cut them way down by leaving half of the melted goodness behind. It needs lemon flavor added. So a fresh wedge squeeze makes a big difference." Another idea for any extra butter: toast up some bread and sop it up. Pick up a 13-ounce pack for $8.99.

12. Jumeokbap Korean Rice Balls

For $4.99, you get three of these vegan rice balls stuffed with plant-based bulgogi beef and veggies that are perfect as an afternoon snack or dinner. "Just ate these for dinner, SO good! One of the best things I’ve eaten from TJs!! I only wish it came in at least 4, or preferably a pack of 6 lol," says one fan and "Exciting! I almost bought something almost exactly the same at Hmart but stopped bc it was $15.99, so this is a big improvement!!" says another.

13. Caramelized Onion & Bell Pepper Turkey Patties

These pre-seasoned turkey patties are ready to be tossed on the grill. For $5.99, you get one pound of patties. "Throw some EBTB cheese on top!" says one Instagrammer (see below for that one!). These burgers a limited-edition summer item, so they won't be around for long. Grab 'em while you can!

14. Sliced Basil & Garlic Monterey Jack Cheese

Grab a pack of this brand-new cheese for all your summer snacking and burger-making needs. With herby basil and spicy garlic, these new slices are already making a splash at summer pool parties. "Heck yeah on a turkey sandwich 🙌" says one fan and "perfect for burgers" says another. Find the 7.5-ounce packages for $4.99 with the rest of the cheese.

15. Japanese Soufflé Cheesecakes

Trader Joe's fans on Reddit were going crazy last week for this new fluffy dessert straight out of the TJ's test kitchen. "I've eaten countless amounts of Japanese cheesecake so I'm curious how it will compare. It's a great price point for 2 mini cakes," said one. "The texture was light as expected. My family enjoyed them as-is but I think you’d have to tip them with fruit/compote/whipped cream or something and just use them as a base to elevate them into something more," added another. Find them for $3.99 per box in the frozen desserts section.

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16. Lemon Ginger Cheesecake

Trader Joe's is quick to point out that their 30-ounce cheesecake in a cheery little box costs about the same as a slice at a fancy bakery ($7.99). But with a sweet cream cheese base, crumbly gingersnap crust and a middle that's a combo of tart lemon curd and tiny bits of lemon peel, it may be tough to find one this good at your local bakery. Look for it in the freezer case through the summer months.

17. Rainbow's End Trail Mix Bars

If you've ever had trouble deciding between a sweet and salty snack, we have good news: now you don't have to. These rainbow-hued granola bars combine the best of both worlds: peanuts, almonds, raisins and chocolate gems all mixed together in a bar that's coated with chocolate on the bottom. $4.99 per box, coming soon.

18.  Strawberries & Crème Pancake & Waffle Mix

This limited-time boxed baking mix will surely sweeten your mornings with sweet-tart dried strawberries and white chocolate chips. "OH MY GOSH!!! It’s so pretty!!!!!!" says an Instagrammer of the pale pink pancakes. "Will definitely buy and try!😍" says another. Find the mix for a short time for $3.99.

19. Everything but the Bagel Cheddar Cheese

Trader Joe's is finally combining two of their greats into one fantastic product: their EBTB sprinkle and their cheddar cheese. A round of this new cheese will only set you back $4.99 making it a super affordable option for your next cheese board. "Snagged this today. Very mild (which is perfect). Grilled cheese (like someone mentioned) would be great. Or any other sandwich, though slicing would be hard. I just enjoyed with salami & crackers," says one Redditor.

20. Yuzu Kosho Japanese Citrus Chili Pepper Paste

This limited-edition condiment is a mix of chili peppers, sea salt and the peel of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit that some people say tastes like a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. TJ's shoppers have already started grabbing jars and putting it to delicious use. "I just got this and it's so good in the hatch chili Mac and cheese!" says one instant fan of this citrusy-sweet-hot condiment. Others suggested mixing it with mayo or ranch for the ultimate dipping sauce. The condiment, which will land on shelves soon, is $3.99 per jar.

21. Chickpea Fusilli

One serving of this gluten-free pasta boasts 11 grams of protein and six grams of fiber making it a fast, filling meal that will satisfy the whole family. "Made it for my family last night and my kids devoured it." says one Redditor. Find it for $2.99 per box in the pasta section.

22. French Vinaigrette with Shallots

"Perfect for the summer season full of fresh salads and even drizzled on potatoes," says Instagram account @traderjoesaficionado. However, some TJ fans are not pleased with the ingredient list on this one. "This sounds delicious but ugh canola oil 😩" comments one Instagrammer. Find it on shelves now for $2.99.

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