21 Times Celebrities Either Cried, Gushed, Or Were Completely Speechless Over Other Celebrities

1. Rihanna and Natalie Portman meeting each other for the first time, and learning that they're both equally obsessed with each other:

Twitter: @ViralContentz

2.Sophie Turner freaking out after sneaking a photo of Ryan Gosling at the 2016 SAG Awards:

3. Brie Larson bursting into tears on the Golden Globes red carpet after realizing Jennifer Lopez is behind her. Brie revealed J.Lo's portrayal of Selena inspired her to become an actor.

Entertainment Tonight / Twitter: @etnow

4.Adele winning album of the year in 2017, but dedicating the majority of her acceptance speech to Beyoncé and the way Bey's music has inspired her:

5. Jeffrey Wright explaining how he hopes to make a project that has the same impact as her music, while Kelly Clarkson revealed she'd watch anything he's in:

Twitter: @denbac

6. Chance the Rapper literally leaving in the middle of an interview because Beyoncé touched his shoulder:

MTV / Twitter: @beyoncegarden

7. Sam Smith and Lizzo seemed equally excited to meet each other backstage:

Sam Smith / Twitter: @samsmith

8.Jennifer Garner went through every emotion possible when she got to speak to Julie Andrews in 2019:

9.Emma Stone immediately bawling her eyes out when she received a video message from one of the Spice Girls — Mel B:

10.Shay Mitchell recalled one of the many highlights of her life included meeting Millie Bobby Brown:

11.Camila Cabello couldn't keep her cool when it came to meeting Khaleesi...I mean, Emilia Clarke:

12.Before sharing the stage at the 1996 Kids Choice Awards, a young Brandy got to meet her idol Whitney Houston and she could barely contain herself:

13. Julia Roberts doing her best to keep her cool when she spotted Gwen Stefani in 2001:

Access Hollywood / Twitter: @historyinmemes

14.Zendaya flipping out over Rihanna complimenting her 2017 Met Gala look:

15.Tiffany Haddish had an unforgettable reaction when she met Oprah for the first time:

16.Selena Gomez instantly became starstruck after meeting fellow Disney Channel alum Shia LaBeouf:

17.Billie Eilish was in pure shock when she finally got to meet Justin Bieber:

18.Anne Hathaway could barely get through her interview after noticing Mariah Carey showed up to her premiere of The Intern:

19. Anna Kendrick was feeling unworthy when it came to being in the presence of Queen Bey:

Anna Kendrick / Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

20.Emilia Clarke had her fair share of fangirling when she met Matt LeBlanc:

21.Lastly, Jennifer Lawrence couldn't keep her cool when she spotted Damian Lewis behind her on the 2014 SAG Awards: