20 People Who Definitely Time Traveled From 3023 And Brought These Genius Things Back With Them

This ice cream shop that, in a genius move for us lactose intolerant folks, has Lactaid for sale right at the register:

jar of sealed tablets on the counter

1.The designer of this nail polish bottle that comes with a tester nail on its cap, so you can see how it'd look like on your own hand:

fake nail on the cap

2.The genius who made throwing out trash fun by letting trash-havers cast a vote for which of the Barbenheimer movie is their favorite:

digital counter for each movie over the trash

3.This restaurant that includes the meal's total split for two or three people right on the receipt, so you can Venmo your besties then and there and not, like, awkwardly five days later because you totally forgot:

division on the bottom of the receipt

4.The person who came up with this hourglass stop light so drivers know how long it'll be until the light turns green again:

  u/nonexisting-- / Reddit / Via reddit.com

5.This restaurant in the Netherlands that uses a light system to silently get a waiter's attention, aka heaven for my fellow socially anxious girlypops:

light stick that'll switch colors for service

6.The people who make these doggie bags that come with a little warning when the roll is almost out:

sticket that says 3 bags left

7.This grocery store that has sensory-friendly shopping hours every weekend because there truly are few places as overwhelming as the grocery store on a busy day:

sign that promotes the hours

8.The person who decided to add a built-in strainer to this instant noodle pack, somehow making it even more convenient than it already was:

corner of the package is a strainer

9.The designer of these polar bear-shaped license plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories that are obviously functional, but also cute and unique as heck:

  u/BigChuch1400 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.The person who came up with this sign that encourages lake enjoyers to keep it clean, because what goes around comes around:

evergreen lake is the source of drinking water, let's keep it clean, and the sign has a cut out of a cup with the lake in the back filling it in

11.This hotel that offers guests black towels for things (like makeup) that might leave a mark, so their other guests don't have to play the "is this an old stain or did they give me a dirty towel???" game with their white ones later on:

towel on the counter

12.The French designer who came up with these accessible raised garden beds, so older folks and people in wheelchairs can enjoy gardening, too:

person in a wheelchair rolled up to the raised garden

13.The designer behind these light switches that are labeled with the things they turn on and off, so you don't have to fiddle with three different switches just to turn one light on:

engraved switches

14.The designer of this carton who said, "Nope, no boring barcodes!" and meant it:

barcode looks like a waterfall

15.The mastermind behind this excellent and very convincing pressure washing ad:

sidewalk pressure-washed in one section to give out business phone number

16.The artist behind this book cover for The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction that 100% understood the assignment:

book cover looks like the spine of a book duplicated

17.The person who made this *chefs kiss* birthday cake serving tool which includes a slicer/server, a set of matches, and a built-in striking surface all in one:

  u/davidjschloss / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.The brilliant designer behind this logo for "Octopus Books" that turned its tentacles into letters:

tentacles spell out octopus

19.And finally, the designer of this bathroom stall lock that doubles as an accessories tray, so you don't accidentally forget your phone when you're in a rush:

  u/YourInfidelityInMe / Reddit / Via reddit.com

h/t r/DesignPorn, r/Design, and r/mildlyinteresting.