20 People Who I Know For A Fact — Like, An Indisputable FACT — Regret Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

If you just had the absolute worst week, just remember...

1.The person whose lasagna is in and of itself a testament to man's folly:

A pan of lasagna spills all over the kitchen floor, with caption "Made a delicious lasagna and this happened three minutes later"

2.The person who gave their car a new sleek, modern look:

A car with white paint all over it and on the garage floor, with caption "I ran over a can of paint in my garage"

3.The person who was nice enough to give their phone a little snack:

A cellphone with chocolate and candy wrappers stuck on it, with caption "I put my phone in the wrong pocket"

4.The person who enjoyed a fresh bowl of Oop! All Ants:

A bowl of cereal with small dark specks in it with the caption, "Ate half the bowl before I realized that's not chocolate"

5.The person who was breathing in the cleanest air in the world:

An extremely dirty air conditioner filter, with caption "Found out why my AC wasn't working!"

6.The person whose soup opened a portal to the netherworld:

Soup that's spilled all over and into a stove top burner with caption "I just wanted some soup"

7.The person whose finger looks like it's seen some...well, you know what:

Close-up of a person's fingers, one of which is stained dark, with caption "My glove broke while I was dyeing my purse"

8.The person whose soda had a little extra sting to it:

Close-up of a soaked wasp with caption "Took a swig of my soda and spit this out"

9.The person who let the entire world know what was going on with their body:

Close-up of an arm wearing a hospital wrist band that says "Surgical site: Scrotum," with caption: "I had to have surgery — guess where?"

10.The person whose cheese was evidently tampered with by some dark-sided stuff:

A hand holding a bloated package of cheese with caption "Something terrible happened to my cheese"

11.The person who got that roach squeaky clean:

A large roach in a dishwasher with caption "Just washed my dishes — and a roach"

12.The person who might now be resistant to every disease known to humankind:

The moldy interior of a water bottle with caption, "I've been drinking mold out of my water bottle for months"

13.The person whose college diploma got di-folda'd:

A bent large envelope, with caption "Maybe next time I should put 'PLEASE FOLD'"

14.The person who shall not eat soup:

A flat spoon over a cup of soup with caption "My spoon is FLAT"

15.The person who found something super fun while eating toast:

Close-up of some mold on toast, with caption "I was almost finished with my toast when I realized"

16.The person who got betrayed by the slurp:

Person who slurped their udon bowl of noodles with chile pepper powder and got the broth in their eye

17.The person who got, well, fleas:

A bare hairy leg with fleas

18.The person who got the world's hardest soft tortilla:

A person holds up a broken tooth above two flour tortillas

19.The person who had quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen happen to them:

Close-up of a fingernail with a large splinter deep in it, with the caption "I got a splinter under my fingernail"

20.And Curt:

Close-up of a work jacket with a name that's supposed to be "Curt" but looks like the c-word, with caption "I think I should've chosen a different font for my work jacket"