20 DIY Valentine Decorations That Will Win Your Heart

DIY Valentine decoration of heart garland

Valentine's Day is not just a romantic holiday that we get to celebrate with our sweetheart—it's also another occasion where we get to decorate! Although some of us may not go all out like we do for Christmas or Easter, Valentine's Day is certainly a day to get festive and create some of our own decorations. It definitely sets the right ambiance when we fill the house with cupids, hearts and plenty of red and pink. How do we do that? By making one or more of these creative DIY Valentine decorations. You'll have the house simmering with sweet vibes in no time!

Whether you are looking for a general Valentine's Day ambiance for the whole house, a romantic dinner setting or something fun for the kids, there are plenty of craft ideas here. From wreaths and signs to placemats and table decor, there is something to make for everyone.

You might want to even get the whole family involved with DIY projects for the holiday. Here are some of the best DIY Valentine's decorations to try.

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20 Best DIY Valentine Decorations

1. "I Love You" Twig Heart

<p>Courtesy Renee Hanlon</p>

Courtesy Renee Hanlon

What better way to show your love than with a creative sign? It doesn't take a lot of materials for this DIY project. The heart is crafted with twigs that you can find right outside. With the addition of some letter tiles, you can easily create an "I love you" message for your special Valentine. Here is the step-by-step tutorial so you can whip one up yourself.

Supplies Needed

  • wooden craft board/plaque

  • antique white acrylic paint

  • small paint brush

  • several small twigs

  • tacky glue

  • game letter tiles

Twig Heart Instructions

<p>Courtesy Renee Hanlon</p>

Courtesy Renee Hanlon

1. Gather some twigs from outside and cut or break them into varying lengths to create a heart. Lay the pieces out on a table as you go so you know what sizes you will need. *Tip: If you don't find twigs, try using lengths of decorative ribbon.

2. Paint your board in a color that contrasts nicely with the twigs. I used antique white but pink or red would work great too. You could also use an art canvas, instead of a board, and skip the painting altogether.

3. Transfer your twig pieces onto the painted board and secure them with tacky glue. Add game letter tiles to create an "I love you" message.

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2. Romantic Book Stack

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

Create a stack of romantic books for a Valentine's Day decoration by giving some old books a new makeover. The simple tutorial from Rustic Crafts & DIY includes painting over old book covers and creating new titles with some craft sticks and a little wood burning. What a great way to recycle old books!

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3. DIY Cupid's Arrows

<p>Adorn the Table</p>

Adorn the Table

These Cupid arrows get right to the point. With an "I love you" message that shoots straight to the heart, these arrows make a fantastic Valentine's decoration. Check out the tutorial at Adorn the Table.

4. Felt Conversation Hearts

<p>Lia Griffith</p>

Lia Griffith

What better way to decorate for Valentine's Day than with some conversation hearts? These hearts by Lia Griffith aren't edible though. Instead, they are made from felt and when hung from delicate branches they make the most adorable Valentine decoration.

5. Love Arrow Sign

<p>A Crafty Mix</p>

A Crafty Mix

This adorable love arrow sign, by A Crafty Mix, is just the ticket for a unique Valentine decoration. The twine lettering of love between the dowel pieces makes this project extra special.

6. Paper Mache Love Letters

<p>Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life</p>

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

This Valentine's Day decoration is perfect for a mantel or shelf. The unique display of the word "love" includes an arrow that shoots straight through the paper mache letters. Adrienne Elizabeth at Home Style Life gives an easy tutorial for making your own.

7. Valentine Heart Banner

<p>The Makers Map</p>

The Makers Map

Set the right tone for Valentine's Day by making a pretty heart banner to hang on the wall. The fun fabrics really make this banner pop. Check out the tutorial at The Makers Map.

8. "You Mean the World to Me"

<p>Made in a Day</p>

Made in a Day

Show someone how much you mean to them with a decorated globe that shows just how much! See all of the details at Made In A Day.

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9. Valentine Water Bottles

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

Be ready to fill up your water glasses for your Valentine's dinner with these romantic water bottles by Rustic Crafts & DIY. Serve Perrier or your favorite sparkling water for an elegant treat.

10. Puzzle Piece Valentine Wreath

<p>The Soccer Mom Blog</p>

The Soccer Mom Blog

Here is a creative idea by Stacey at The Soccer Mom Blog, for a fun Valentine's wreath. The heart shape is made up of painted puzzle pieces that complement the "love you to pieces" message.

11. Valentine Mantel

<p>Heather Krout</p>

Heather Krout

This beautiful mantel by Heather Krout can be achieved with two DIY Valentine projects. One is for the heart branches in the vase and the other is for the large tissue paper hearts. Check out the details for both projects in her blog post.

12. Yarn Wrapped Hearts

<p>Home Made Lovely</p>

Home Made Lovely

Another great Valentine's decoration idea is to fill a bowl or tray with yarn-wrapped hearts. Home Made Lovely has an easy tutorial for whipping these up in no time.

13. Valentine Felt Ball Garland

<p>The Turquoise Home</p>

The Turquoise Home

Felted balls make the perfect Valentine's garland, especially in colors of pink, white and red. Check out the tutorial at The Turquoise Home for the easy details.

14. Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

<p>Twelve on Main</p>

Twelve on Main

This neutral white heart wreath by Twelve on Main is perfect for a delicate and subtle Valentine's decoration. Would you believe that this beauty is made up of coffee filters? Check out the details on her blog.

15. Valentine Clay Hearts

<p>Cali Girl In a Southern World</p>

Cali Girl In a Southern World

Love is in the air with these romantic clay hearts. Just hang the hearts throughout your house to create a loving atmosphere. Check out the easy tutorial on Cali Girl In a Southern World blog.

16. Hanging Valentine Heart Pocket

<p>Pretty DIY Home</p>

Pretty DIY Home

You don't always have to go with red or pink Valentine decorations. If you like a softer or more neutral color palette, you may enjoy this heart design in white and blue. See how to make your own in the color of your choice at Pretty DIY Home.

17. Valentine Felt Wall Banners

<p>Happiness Is Homemade</p>

Happiness Is Homemade

Decorate your walls with an assortment of Valentine's wall banners made with felt. You can find the easy tutorial over at Happiness Is Homemade.

18. Valentine Fortune Cookies

<p>Ruffles and Rain Boots</p>

Ruffles and Rain Boots

Here's a fun way to give some Valentine's messages! These felt fortune cookies are so cute and festive to include on your dinner table. Check out all of the details at Ruffles and Rain Boots.

19. Tassel Heart Door Hangers

<p>Studio DIY</p>

Studio DIY

Create a Valentine's message for everyone in the family with these adorable heart door hangers. Everyone will feel special when they see a heart hanging from their bedroom door knob. Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

20. Valentine Wine Label Printables

<p>Rustic Crafts & DIY</p>

Rustic Crafts & DIY

Transform a bottle of wine by covering up the original label with a Valentine's label. Choose from three label designs offered by Rustic Crafts & DIY. Simply download the label, print it and adhere it to your wine bottle.

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