The 20 Best Things to Buy at Costco This April

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Get your carts ready because spring is here and Costco has a ton of new items hitting stores this April. This haul is so good that you're going to want one of everything (and you have no excuse not to because face it, after your spring cleaning, you're going to have a ton of room, right?). There's no better time to stock up on bulk items from your favorite mega warehouse than right now. Read on to see the list of what we're most excited about this month.

20 Best April Costco Finds

1. Daily Harvest Strawberry + Peach Smoothies

Daily Harvest recently expanded its reach into 82 warehouses across 12 states in the Midwest, so folks in the middle of the country can get their hands on the brand's fan-favorite products. The brand, beloved for its nourishing, quick-to-prep smoothies, will launch its top-selling Strawberry + Peach Smoothie as a four-pack for $19.99 beginning in early March. Find them in the freezer aisle at select locations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin during its 13-week rotation.

Daily Harvest Strawberry+Peach Smoothies<p>Daily Harvest</p>
Daily Harvest Strawberry+Peach Smoothies

Daily Harvest

2. Columbus Craft Meats Turkey Burgers

Make burger night so much easier with Columbus Craft Meats' new Seasoned Turkey Burgers. These hearty 1/3 lb patties have 30 grams of protein per serving and are made without added hormones or antibiotics. Find them in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northwest, Texas, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and Bay Area Costcos for $11.99 per pack. "Try them with guacamole on the bun! Delicious!" says one Redditor and "My favorite way to eat these is grilled with a slice of fresh tomato, a leaf of romaine, and the Costco Crema Sauce," says another.

Columbus Seasoned Turkey Burgers<p>Columbus Meats</p>
Columbus Seasoned Turkey Burgers

Columbus Meats

3. Whisps Popped Cheese Snacks

In early April, popular Costco find Whisps is launching Popped: protein-packed poppable snacks made from 100% real cheese and seasoned with (you guessed it) even more cheese (what could be bad?). In addition to Very Cheddar, Whisps Popped also comes in rich and nutty Perfectly Parmesan and a spicy Jalapeno Popper flavor. Find them at Costco locations nationwide beginning April 8.

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4. Seven Sundays Real Cocoa Sunflower Cereal

Seven Sundays’ Real Cocoa Sunflower Cereal is now on shelves at Costcos nationwide. This cereal is made with zero artificial or “natural” flavors, dyes, preservatives, GMOs or glyphosate. We love the nostalgic flavor, the short ingredients list and the fact that the cereal only has 1 gram of added sugar. "I love that cereal! I’ve tried every flavor, and while the chocolate is my favorite, I still eat the other flavors too" says one fan on TikTok. A 16 oz bag is $9.99.

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5. MingsBings Cheeseburger Bings

Iron Chef Ming Tsai's frozen Chinese-inspired gluten-free flatbread wraps are rolling out in more than 50 Bay Area Costco locations. The combo of classic American flavors and the crunchy brown rice wrap have made MingsBings a fan favorite.

And for this new product, Tsai listened to the fans. Based on consumer demand and retail feedback, Tsai worked with the team at Costco to develop the brand's newest better-for-you line—a mix of both meat and veg, expanding beyond the brand's original plant-based recipe. The Cheeseburger Bing with cauliflower rice has hit shelves at California Costcos and made some instant fans. "OH MY GOD!!!!!! Gluten-free girlie over here🙋🏼‍♀️You made my cheeseburger dreams come true again! Those Bings are SOOOOO GOOD😋😋😋" says one excited TikToker. Find 6 packs for $13.99, with more nationwide availability in the coming months.

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6. Siete Foods

Fans of Siete will be glad to know that the line has recently expanded at Costco. The 15 oz Sea Salt Tortilla Chips (for $6.99) will be available nationwide with various other flavors (including Churro Strips, Jalapeño Lime and Fuego) available in certain regions. A 14-count variety pack of single-serve bags (including Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, Lime Tortilla Chips and Nacho Tortilla Chips) will be arriving on shelves at Costcos in Texas and the Southeast beginning this month too.

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7. Kodiak Chewy Bars

Kodiak's whole grain, protein-packed product line has large and enthusiastic fan base. Shoppers love the brand's pancake and waffle mix, oatmeal packets, no-bake protein balls, frozen waffles, cookies and crackers. And now there's a new product to love: granola bars. Their new Chewy Bars, made with 100% whole grain rolled oats, are available in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, S’mores and Chocolate Chip flavors. They are currently available at Costcos in the Southeast region for $12.99 per box, with more locations rolling out soon.

Kodiak's Chewy Granola Bars<p>Courtesy of Jessica Wrubel</p>
Kodiak's Chewy Granola Bars

Courtesy of Jessica Wrubel

8. Guava Cheesecake

IYKYK. Costco shoppers in Puerto Rico have been bragging on the guava cheesecake from the bakery department forever and it's finally available in Hawaii warehouses. "I threw my phone in anger and jealousy. I absolutely love guava. Guava and cheese is also an amazing snack," says one jealous Redditor on the mainland. "I've tried others around the island, but I found this to be not too sweet and not too tart, it has just enough of a punch," says another.

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9. The Only Bean Wasabi Soy Sauce

The Only Bean, the crunchy edamame snack, is rolling out a brand new flavor: wasabi. Fans already love the brand's buffalo, sea salt and sriracha flavors, but this spicy addition gives snackers another tasty option. These edamame beans are better for you and better for the planet too, as beans are one of the most sustainable crops. Packed with protein and fiber, they're a healthy alternative for chips or nuts and Costco fans can't get enough. "These are great on salads too," suggests one TikToker and "Soooo good. It’s like eating roasted peanuts," says another. Find them for around $8 per bag.

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10. Arla Sliced Havarti

This best-selling cheese sparked its very own Reddit post from one user with the title "I know I’m not the only havarti lover here." The post garnered almost two dozen comments with fans singing the praises of this mild sliced cheese. "Yesss I love to combine with cheddar or American, it’s soooo creamy melted," says one Redditor and "My family loves a good turkey and havarti! It’s also great melted into scrambled eggs, hell sometimes my kids just eat it on its own or with some fruit for a snack," says another. Unlike other domestically produced Havarti products, Arla Havarti is produced using traditional Danish methods and is aged up to six weeks to achieve the signature creamy texture and slightly acidic finish. Find it nationwide for $8.99.

Arla Havarti Cheese<p>Arla</p>
Arla Havarti Cheese


11. Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine and Tropical Fruit

Waterloo Sparkling Water is announcing the newest addition to its Costco lineup, Raspberry Nectarine. This new-flavor launch coincides with the return of two fan favorite flavors, Tropical Fruit and Summer Berry, which were previously limited-time-only. Perfect for mocktails, cocktails or sipped straight out of the can, these fizzy drinks have people talking. "I tried it...and found the flavors to be deeper than La Croix. It's a better purchase," says one Redditor. Find it starting this month at select Costcos.

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12. Amylu Sesame Ginger Chicken Crumbles

When you're stuck without anything to cook for dinner, you'll be happy that you have a package of the new Amylu’s Sesame Ginger Chicken Crumbles on hand. Available in the Midwest, Bay Area and Los Angeles area Costos for $5.99 per package, they'll help you get dinner on the table in no time. You can use them for burritos or tacos, spoon them on top of salads or use them as a filling for lettuce wraps. "Okay I MUST find these!" says one TikToker. According to one Costco fan, locating them depends on your warehouse. "At ours, they're either in the deli section with the sausages and cheeses or they're in the ready-made packaged section near the carnitas and pastas."

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13. Vitamix Venturist Pro

Vitamix just announced a brand new blender, only available at Costco: the Venturist Pro, which combines Vitamix’s high-performance blending, durability and smart technology with Costco’s value and exclusivity. The blender has variable speed control and pulse features that lets cooks easily adjust the texture of every dish, making it simple to create everything from smooth purees to chunky salsas. "I bought mine fully expecting to return it b/c I already had a pretty good blender. Nope, not just smoothies, but sauces, soups, grinding some things—gave my cheaper one away and kept the vitamix :)" says one satisfied Costco shopper on Reddit. It's available for $399.99 at Costco locations nationwide.

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14. DeeBee’s Classic SuperFruit Freezie

DeeBee’s Organics freezer pops are now available nationwide beginning this month at Costco. The cool thing (get it?) about these frozen treats is that they don't come frozen. A few hours before you want a treat, just shake the pops, lay them flat in the freezer and let them freeze solid. Available in three flavors—Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Pomegranate and Mango Orange—these are sure to be a hit with your family on the next warm day. They're made with 100% organic fruit juice and puree with no added sweeteners and are also kosher, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and free of the top nine allergens (except coconut). Find them for $10.92 per pack through June.

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15. Lemon Perfect

Costco members who are craving a new thirst-quenching drink will be thrilled that Lemon Perfect, a flavored lemon water brand made with zero sugar and no artificial flavors or sweeteners, has released their 4 Flavor Variety Pack at nationwide Costcos. The 15-bottle pack includes Original Lemon, Peach Raspberry, Watermelon and Dragon Fruit Mango flavors. The waters have quite the fan following on TikTok as well. "We LOVE Lemon Perfect! So refreshing ❤️💙💜" says one TikToker. "Drinkable magic! 🪄🍋" adds another. This is a limited-time buy, though, so head to your warehouse now and find them for $13.49 while supplies last.

Lemon Perfect Flavored Water<p>Lemon Perfect</p>
Lemon Perfect Flavored Water

Lemon Perfect

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16. Nutribullet Ultra Deluxe

If a Vitamix isn't in your budget (or you're looking for a great single-serve blender) head further down the aisle to find the newest nutribullet, the nutribullet Ultra Deluxe, available starting this month at Costcos nationwide. Available both online and in stores, this blender features a 1200W motor base, rapid extractor blades and two blending modes, making it their most powerful single-serve blender to date (and it's only at Costco). Find it for $119.

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17. Chomps Sea Salt Beef Chomplings

Fan-favorite snack Chomps has expanded its line of beef sticks to little guys, called Chomplings, which are appearing in Costcos in the Northwest (73 total clubs!) now. The 24-count pack joins other flavors like Jalapeño Beef and Original Beef and has four grams of protein per mini stick, for the perfect protein bite on the go. "My husband and daughter love these!! I'm not sure if I do because I never even get any they eat em so fast 😭😭😭" says one online fan.

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18. Del Real Foods Chicken Fajitas

Redditors love Del Real Foods' birria, tamales and carnitas—and now their newest creation, Chicken Fajitas, are hitting Costco shelves. The fajitas are made with white meat chicken breast and classic veggies like bell peppers and onions, along with seasonings and spices, making for a protein-packed meal that’s ready in just a few minutes. Look for them at Northeast and Southeast Costco locations for $15.99.

19. Red's Burritos

Red's Burritos are expanding their delicious footprint once again at Costco locations. This time, Southeast Costco members will be able to pick up their Steak Cilantro Lime Burritos; Texas Costcos are getting Meat Lovers + Steak Cilantro Lime, and the Bay Area will see the return of Egg’Wiches. Redditors say these are great to have on hand for a quick lunch or dinner and throwing them in the air fryer makes the outside crispy and delicious. "For a frozen burrito they’re upper tier," says one loyal fan.

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20. Sugared Cinnamon Buns

Head to the bakery section to find your new favorite springtime breakfast treat: sugared cinnamon buns. "I got them. I wasn’t sure of the orange flavor at first but they are surprisingly good," says one Redditor. "My family likes them. Gotta microwave them for 15-20 seconds. They're not sickly sweet, which is a welcome change. The hint of orange zest is just right. We liked them so much we bought another box," says another. Grab a 9-pack now for $8.99 nationwide.

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